Get SMS Notifications with Google Calendar

Google’s Gmail happens to remain a top visited website, and those who rely on Gmail rarely closes it. Gmail Labs comes with an option to Keep Google Calendar Gadget open all the times – with what you can easily add/edit your schedule, meetings, reminders and so on with Google Calendar. Go into Gmail’s settings-> Labs and enable Calendar Gadget


For first time, here is the URL:

You may need to setup your Google Calendar account once and that’s it. Moreover, you can synchronize Google Calender with various devices, including OutLook, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia phones and so on. Once setup, you can share your calendar with your colleagues, friends and so on. So there are plenty of options that are so rich to make Google Calender one of best online tool for managing your time.


On next page – go to setting (button available on top right) and change your preferences as per your requirements. Enable SMS alerts via going into Mobile Settings..


Save settings and exit. Now you are ready to add items to your calendar.

Good thing about Google Calendar is that it can send you notifications on your email and on phone via SMS (all Pakistani networks supported).

Tweak around – and for sure you will have fun

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  • Jibran

    A very old thing but i think it doesnt support all pakistani network.

  • Umair

    What are the charges of this services.

  • omerfarooq

    It was already covered by Pro some months ago.

    • Goldenshakehand

      Omer Do u work in Wateen ???

  • Goldenshakehand

    The bad thing which i come to know after using this calender is that we missed 5 holiday which were coming 25 to 29… :( I configure Hijri caleder on google.

  • Tariq

    It works i have verified and i think it’s really good service from google.come

  • raheel

    Well i configured it today. No sms alerts so far .

    • Asif

      set any event first

  • anila aslam

    does this works on Warid??
    how much they charge for it?

    • Goldenshakehand

      I configured on warid… I think so it is free but the main thing beyond money is service unfortunately i am still of SMS

    • Asif

      yes it also works for warid and its free

  • Goldenshakehand

    I am still waiting sms alerts

  • Atif Tahir

    I configure on ufone and got reply.

  • zubiar

    i got it on zong and take reply but nice service for me it work with me like my secretary

  • malik

    well i also subscribed to this service one week ago, so far recieved only one sms from google which was confrimation code, after that all alerts are send only via email even i selected to send me updated via sms, will u plz explain how to get sms alerts on mobiles, i tried already which u posted above but no luck

  • Ahmedij

    Thanks, I never noticed it.
    It will help a lot :)

  • Rehan

    The service is good. I have configured to remind me two times. One before 2 hours and one before 30 mins of the reminder. It reminds exactly at correct time…..

  • Hammad Memon

    tried with telenor but no verification code yet !

    • Asif

      write your number with country code

  • محمداسد

    Successfully configure with WARID.
    It will really helpful for all of us.
    Thanks to ProPakistani.

  • eAhmadNawaz


  • Good Shered. Google Is Best Serices.

  • Irfan

    It’s realy very good service..
    it will help for life time..

  • Adil Yaseen

    Really it very helpful. Thanks it works on UFONE

  • Azhar

    Thats really gr8…….. really very good ….

  • jawad

    its very good i m getting daily notification via sms ok its is very good service