Broadband Rates in AJK Vs Rest of Pakistan

Broadband rates in Pakistan have dropped down enormously – even we compared Pakistan as one of most inexpensive broadband providers in the world. We also reported about 1 MB link in Rs. 300 for certain areas of the country.

Unfortunately, there is a divide that we are going through. Very low broadband rates throughout Pakistan are yet to reach Azad Jammu and Kashmir. SCO, the only internet service provider is offering pretty high rates that go beyond the affordability level of a common person.

We won’t talk about 1 MB link, which is as high as Rs. 50,000, let’s discuss this 512 KB broadband and that too the shared one is being offered for Rs. 3,999.

Rest can be seen through following chart.


Deregulation is maybe the answer to this? What you say?

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