Telenor Pakistan inaugurates Day Care facility


Telenor Pakistan, in an effort to provide a productive environment for its female employees, recently inaugurated Day Care facilities in its Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad offices.

Telenor Pakistan has always been a great place as it has improved lives of its employees and the people of Pakistan. In such an endeavor an inauguration ceremony of a Day Care Center took place in Lahore, which is yet another step forward in encouraging a conducive working environment.

Picture shows Telenor Pakistan VP Human Capital, Mr. Nayab Baig, Regional Director S&D Telenor Paksitan Mr. Syed Montzer Mehdi along with its employee and her daughter.

  • This shows the level of commitment, trust & the comfort which telenor provides to their employees. No doubt its a great company and undoubtedly they have the best administration team.

  • ummm dude have these people even worked at Telenor.. The worst HR practices in recruitment and selection … the worst HR team .. with the worst knowledge required to be in an HR team .. BCS hiring DIrectors that may even be PHD’s .. MNC’s usually have to match the policies of their Parent company at the head office .. its just all shiny stars and social marketing that u see here.. experience some serious organization and then move to Telenor .. its a babys game all around

  • Another interesting fact is that Telenor has had these day cares in different offices .. especially Karachi which inaugurated it like 2 years ago.. this is the marketing point and i can tell u .. everything u see here is scripted .. even that picture … while i worked there they made me give an interview to Aurora which passed through 7 levels of hierarchy before reaching Aurora .. and the videos that they made of the working environment to show to other people it was also scripted with content that u had to read of a slide that was running behind the camera… Bullocks i would say .. its a hell house

  • I just cannot understand such biased opinions about an organization . I agree such activities are done to promote a positive public image but is telenor the only organization doing that ? Telenor is no doubt the best employer in Pakistan right now , HR policies and initiatives are employee friendly and they set an example for other organizations to follow .

    I have worked in other Telco’s but their work environment and culture doesn’t even come close to telenor .

  • Shah im pretty sure then that ur corporate exposure is no greater than warid and maybe mobilink .. get out of this telco circle of destruction and u may see some growth and working wonders

  • i have worked with telenor marketing team and they were a pleasure to work with..i cannot say the same about their HR since i had very limited interaction. but i am sure there is always a lot more politics involved in HR systems

  • i will agree with Shah here..I have worked for all telco companies in Pakistan except for zong..Telenor was by far the best experience

  • Umair get a life . I am sure you are one of those Kafiroon kei company hai wala people . Dude telenor has been wining the most prefered emplyer award for the previous two years . I might switch anytime but still telenor’s culture is just awesome :)

    So the next time when you are knocking at your manager’s door , waiting for his permission . Just come and observe how people at telenor work :)

  • Such organization who cares about employees and people alwas grow and get loyal staff.

    I hope other’s will follow them soon and will spend some thing on employees as well rather then just filling their pockets.

  • In telenor they have very much open environment, officers , manger , directors even CMO , CFO etc they are all setting
    Under the same roof . If we talk about HR policies : telenor is offering best health insurance policy to their employees , LFA and many more thing …..I think we should encourage rather talking about their services and network . On this platform we should talk about employ satisfaction . They won best employer awards …….. people wants to join telenor .

    • The day care centers set by any company is restricted only for their female working staff having children less than six years of age. Any other female (employee or not employee) is not allowed to use so. However, you can find out private day care center in main cities of Pakistan i.e Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad.

  • MNC’s in pakistan are known for its policies biased in favor of women.

    female employees even if they are single, are given company transport, can leave early, allowed to be absent on the slightest indication of poor weather, security situation in city etc. the HR just doesnt bother about it.

    however us male employees are given warnings and expected to be present even in strikes.

    women have a flexible dress code, men dont. they are given lighter tasks, not required to move to different locations and so on.

    whenever there is a group task, a failure is always blamed on the male members in that group. women are just not reprimanded.

    women need to wake up and realize that they are being ‘pampered’ by the MNC’s. its not good for your own careers in the long term

    and now its the companies responsibility to provide day care.

    im fine with all of this, but women, please dont wonder why you fail to break that elusive ‘glass ceiling’

  • we had day care in actionaid and it did help us to attract more qualified female staff and even our male employees used to bring their kids. this happened back in 2003.

    with this, our turnover went down too

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