3D View of Rozee.pk – An Analysis

Rozee.pk is known as Pakistan’s number one Job website. There is no doubt that rozee.pk has grasped the biggest market share over the internet for spreading mouth of word for good jobs in the diversified industries like Information Technology, Telecom, FMCG’s, Pharmaceuticals and Insurance.

Today let’s analyze the No.1 job portal to know some interesting facts related to jobs offered via rozee.pk website.
As per rozee.pk website it states they have:

  • 6120273 (61 lac 20 thousand and 2 hundred 73) applicants registered to get jobs,
  • 45913 (45 thousand 9 hundred 13) vacancies are available for them.
  • 23707 (23 thousand and 7 hundred 7) Employers are ready to offer a job.

By above data, we can conclude that:

  • For every 133 applicants there is only “1” job available in the market.
  • Each employer is averagely offering only 2 jobs.
  • For each 258 employees there is only “1” employer.

Now, when you browse the rozee pk website to check the statistics of job offerings in major cities, only 1732 jobs have been offered from September 2009 till 14th December 2009 (that’s four months) in major cities of Pakistan like:


  • In Karachi there are 732 jobs have been offered via rozee.pk in last 4 months of this year, which makes 42% of total jobs.
  • In Lahore there are only 726 jobs have been offered via rozee.pk in last 4 months of this year, which makes 42% of total jobs.
  • In Islamabad the total jobs are 236, that makes 13% of total jobs.
  • Rest of 3% has been offered by other cities like Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Quetta and Peshawar.

Similarly, 785 jobs have been offered in the major industries of Pakistan via rozee.pk in industries like:


  • I.T, 631 jobs are available that makes 80% of the total major industry jobs.
  • Telecom Sector, 44 jobs are available that makes it 6% of the total major industry jobs.
  • Insurance sector, 46 jobs are available that makes it 6% of the total major industry jobs.
  • Banking sector only contributes 4% in the total major industry jobs.
  • FMCG’s & Pharmaceuticals both contribute 2% each in the total major industry jobs.

Points to Ponder:

As per rozeepk website statistical data, we may analyze the following points:

I.T industry is the hottest industry for job opportunities, it makes sense that universities are still offering the old school degrees like BSC Computer Sciences or BCS and bundle of I.T institutes have been operating to provide I.T related certifications and diplomas. One may also analyze that having an I.T education could be an edge in the market for getting jobs even in the recession especially when your skills prove you.

On the contrary, the high rise in the I.T industry jobs on rozee.pk could also be because I.T industry mostly uses the easiest channel for posting job opportunities, like internet job portals for posting jobs online as the most convenient way to communicate the relevant professionals.

In telecom and banking sector, the low percentages are observed because of certain reasons like:

  • Recession
  • No further investments
  • Law and order situations
  • Reference based jobs
  • Internal hiring’s
  • Outsourced to Recruitment consultants

Lahore & Karachi are still offering much potential in job opportunities than Islamabad in diversified industries on rozee.pk website.

We cannot ignore the power of Reference and networking based jobs are in hype and mostly companies even do not bother to advertise for the particular position. So, you may not find much jobs online than within your contacts or connections.

Disclaimer: This article is only based on the data available on rozee.pk job portal and NOT AT ALL representing the overall Pakistani job market or markets. Rozee.pk is only considered to be as sample for data analysis.