Internet Radio Streaming – So Easy ?

net_radioFew days back, I was searching for a website which happens to be about IT and Telecom – somehow I found it, and was greeted with music, which I first thought would be intro music, but not really, it was LIVE streaming of FM radio channel.

Although, I first heard the term called “Internet radio” back in 2000 when I was working with Radio Pakistan Islamabad and PBC had then launched its website. DG radio and Director News were happy enough to announce it – in a message they had said that Pakistanis, world over, will be happy to know about their country. But no one was expecting about the live broadcast at that time which is now possible, and that too very easily.

Coincidentally, I saw a banner on the net that was offering Internet radio streaming for just Rs. 5,000 per month.

When I contacted the given number on web banner, I came to know that we have to pay this monthly fee and any one can launch Internet Radio without any permission from PTA or PEMRA.

The company will offer free website in case of three month advance booking. The website will be designed and maintained by the company. Other then this you have nothing to do about the streaming, all you need is to hook up the radio channel and input it into a computer, that’s it.

Here is the website:

Although every big FM radio station is airing its live broadcast on internet, but point to ponder is if it is legal? If there are any rules for the Internet Radio or license for it or any one can do it without any permission.

Internet Radio is, by the way, out of the domain for “Frequency Allocation Board” as internet is worldwide and does not come under regional limitation. While the license for the radio channel is attributed to a certain region.

Like some FM stations are for one city. Only few stations of big groups are nation wide and hold the permission of carrying the broadcast form major cities of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

If we analyze the situation worldwide, we came to know that over 6000 Internet radio stations are there, globally, which are not run by the focus group but by the real people.,, and are the leading sites of radio streaming in the world.

It looks that there are new challenges of IT and high technology, along with benefits. This also reminds us to update our laws and regulations, which are mostly from British era.

If we look at PEMRA’s website none of its sections give any detail about the internet streaming. Although it is a continuous process and we may need some time to update our regulations, but it is said to note that IT and Telecom sector is yet to get a minister even after 22 months of the government.

  • MB

    It would be helpful i you can mention the source links as well so that if someone wants to he can start his work.

  • Mustafa

    It’s good to have internet streaming radio because you don’t need any antenna for it’s transmission and most of pakistani fm channels also stream live on internet.

  • ZunNurain Khalid

    Good one! But can you mention the name of sources?

  • Abu Asma is talking about this website:

    there are many more available…

  • Awwad Shahid

    chk out this site tooo……. free online radioo…… u need winap n shoutcast plugin! on baki site ke vdo tutor pe dekh loo……

  • why do we need to pay for shoutcast hosting? can’t we host it in-house? and what are the limitations and benefits of such hosting ?

  • Its cool to have our own radio but i think our country policies wil put many hurdles, what u say ?

  • Pak music

    I think their are alot of resources are available for making such service


    if you want to start your radio on internet then come at just in 3500/permonth limited time offer….. it is so easy now..


    no limitation on internet. i have worked with a big FM radio group of pakistan as IT manger. i was also directly deals the pemra exectives personaly. they said there is no restriction on the internet the whole world there is no restriction on the internet radio then why in pakistan? in this way there is no hurdle in starting an internet radio. no just you can start your own brand new internet radio from your home PC…….. Our team will definately help you in this starting of your radio……..

    wish u good luck

  • tommy

    Just wanted to say I really liked the post. You have really put a lot of time into your content and it is just wonderfull!

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