JAZZ Sim Lagao, Mazaay Uraao!

There are plenty of SIM Lagao offers around these days, here comes from Mobilink that offers upto 350 free minutes, in phases.

So the rule is that if you haven’t used your Jazz SIM since November 8th, 2009 (No incoming our outgoing activity), then you can get 50 upfront free minutes as well as Extra Bonus Minutes on recharge up to Rs. 100, every month for three months upon reactivation by sending an SMS to 550.

So, simply send an SMS and 50 minutes will be in your hands – but here is a glitch, you will have to use these free minutes with-in 5 days.

Read following terms carefully to further know the offer

Terms and conditions:

  • All subscribers who have not done any outgoing or incoming activity since 8th November, 2009 are eligible for this promotion.
  • Subscribers can win 50 free On-net minutes by sending an SMS to 550
  • image002The free minutes will be posted within 48 hours after a subscriber sends an SMS to 550, these minutes will be valid for 5 days. Free minutes will be posted on first SMS (to 550) only. If a subscriber sends multiple SMS on 550, he will be posted free minutes only once.
  • All those subscribers who send SMS on 550 and recharge their accounts will get additional free minutes bonus for three months, which will be equal to 100% of the first recharge amount of the month via Jazz load or scratch card. The maximum bonus on recharge given to a subscriber will be 100 minutes in one month. Example: A subscriber who loads Rs. 300 will get maximum of 100 minutes in one month
  • Each installment will be equal to value of 1st recharge transaction in the previous month
  • Feb – 1st installment equal to 1st recharge between 15th Dec-31st January
  • Mar – 2nd installment equal to 1st recharge between 1st Feb-29th Feb
  • April- 3rd installment equal to 1st recharge between 1st Mar-31st Mar
  • The monthly bonus minutes given on the first recharge of the month will be posted after 10th of the following month
  • For February bonus, only the first recharge after hitting short code 550 will be considered, for bonus in subsequent months first recharge of the month will be considered
  • Any recharge transferred through Jazz Share will be excluded from bonus award
  • Customers will be intimated about the posting of free minutes and bonus on recharge by SMS
  • Customers who have lost their SIMs can get new SIMs free of cost
  • This offer is valid till 15th January 2010

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  • I think this is good offer as i have a jazz sim and i think i didnt used it from september. Thanks for updates.

  • Qudsia Jamaal

    Mobilink is following Ufone’s advertising strategy and has gone off track with its own brand positioning with this new advertisement “Sim Lagao, Mazaay Uraao!”

  • Liaqat

    Have you watched Mobilink TV ad about SIM lagao offer? Don’t you think the concept, the style and the approach all are stolen from Ufone. Do you remember the fact that Ufone opted for funny, cool and humorous approach when Mobilink had been making very serious, grave and boring ads.

    Ok, I could ignore the theft if Mobilink at least had produced the ad well. But its execution is extremely pathetic and stupid. So the saying “Kawwa chala hans ki chaal apni bhi bhool gia” exactly fits on Mobilink.

    • Hasan

      You create a good relationship between Mobilink and Kawwa. Wesey mobilink kawwey se bhi syana lagta he.

    • Nashir

      Yes, mobilink people are wise because they don’t spend money to hire creative and innovative people. They just copy the idea from Ufone and show to the masses.

    • faisal

      Yar, it’s not only mobilink that imitates Ufone in advertisements but other companies also do so. Why do you only accuse mobilink?

  • Noreen Wahab

    Telecom sector caters for more than ninety percent revenue of all satellite channels but most ads create confusion instead of Providing information to the audience.Take for example the latest ad of Mobilink Jazz where one friend is found using the SIM of his friend which is clear violation of PTA laws as any the use of SIM which is not registered on ones name is a punishable crime in Pakistan.I wonder does this company endorse viewers to break all rules in the country.