HP Mini 110 – Review (Available in Pakistan)


As discussed in earlier post, we had the privilege of the Chef Special that very evening. Mini 110 was served in the platter. To me it was something new as I didn’t had the privilege of working on netbook earlier but most of the guys were aware so the discussion didn’t entered in the technicalities in the first place. Mr. Khalid himself quoted at one stage,”You guys are tech savvy, so I don’t like to take dive in binary world”. Indeed he was right to the core of this meetup. This meetup was not about HP mini only, it was more about connecting with bloggers.

Since HP mini was meal of the eve, so allow me to write a few words about the netbook.

A few words, as I say it,  because it already carries the weight of heavily placed presence on the internet. Geeky!! Much has been written about this specific netbook on internet. Most of the known websites have reviewed this netbook. To be honest, I read all of them to know the technical part of HP mini 110.

They all did the bench mark tests and the comparison evaluation to take into consideration the strengths and weakness. In the end all of them had the similar conclusion i.e. “Worth a dime!!” Now, I could have written all of those stuff by cleverly choosing the right content to copy from them but I didn’t. Thing is that I will write what I found in the meetup only. Not more, nor less!!. Truth be told!!


  • New in Town
  • OS – Nothing, Anything, Everything (Meaning that it can run without any Operating System, or even without Operating System)
  • QuickWeb
  • QuickSync
  • HP Cloud


  • Intel Atom N280 (1.66GHz) Processor
  • 1 GB DDR2-533 SDRAM (1 DIMM)
  • 160 GB 54kRPM SATA Hard Disk
  • 10.1” Diagonal SD Anti-Glare WD Display
  • Intel GMA 950 Motherboard
  • Built-in Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Integrated 10/100 LAN
  • Wi-Fi/ Wireless LAN
  • 5-in-1 Card Reader
  • 3 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery

OS – Nothing, Anything, Everything

You would be wondering by now that what kind of OS I actually meant by listing 3 flavors. Don’t think out of box. HP did gave us some good options in OS for which I give them 10/10 marks : – ) By Nothing, I meant that you can have the netbook without any pre-installed OS. By Anything, I meant that you can have option of anything from two Microsoft OSs (HP recommends Windows by the way) i.e. Windows XP or Windows Vista. Its on your discretion.  And lastly, by Everything I meant that you can have multiple OS on this very netbook without any issues. Atlease Mr. Khalid had tried it (He said so, if i am not wrong).


QuickWeb is one thing that fascinated us all. More than anything. The first statement what I uttered after hearing about this functionality was “Fit hai Yaar!!“.

HP gave the users an option of getting connected to the internet without even booting the OS. Amazing as it feels. But folks, thats real. In QuickWeb space, HP included some applications like Browser, Chat , Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Photos, Music etc.  Tools that we need when we connect to the internet. In reply to my query that would we be able to get the file from the hard disk, they said “YES!!!” If you still want to and need to boot up the OS and do some official work then you just need to click on START MENU in QuickWeb Space.

Now, How HP did this? Well, I will leave it for you folks. If you are really curious and want to get hands on this very netbook then you will surely surf the internet after going through the post and you will come across QuickWeb definitely. So, read out the technology behind QuickWeb and share with our valuable readers what you have learned. Right Folks?


QuickSync was yet another feature which was highly emphasized by HP team. During the meetup, we didn’t had the privilege of going through this feature but its worth trying after going through the introduction of this feature. Through this feature, one would be able to sync his/her netbook and desktop computers.

If you are a student and you take your netbook to Uni but you work on desktop computer back home, then you need to have this feature installed in order to sync the documents and emails between the two systems.

HP cloud

HP cloud was yet another ingredient which didn’t went through our tummies too. It was explained as “A feature through which you would be able to connect to HP cloud and share your works and services over cloud”. Plain and Simple as A B C.

Regular ingredients are what we find in every other netbook. So, there is nothing for me to go into boring discussion : -) Design was as beautiful as it should be. Great Keyboard touch and as light weight as netbook should be. Mr. Khalid at one stage gave us goosebumps by saying that he played War Craft 2 on this very notebook. Mouth Watering indeed!!!

Fella bloggers who had other netbooks and laptops had their arguments passed in favor of their in-use netbooks but HP tried to convince them with their own mini series netbook. HP mini 110 has Combo headphone/mic jack which actually is one glitch that I didn’t liked. Means, you won’t be able to speak through mic and listen through headphones at the same time. HP needs to change this seriously.

Before presenting you all with the evening menu RATE LIST, I will conclude with my two cents in favor of HP mini 110 and SHOUT OUT LOUD WORDS “BUY IT!!!”

HP Mini 110-1006TU: Rs. 30,500 (Exclusive Tax)
HP Mini Pink 110-1040TU: Rs. 32,500 (Exclusive Tax)
HP Mini Designer 110-1121TU : Rs. 34,500 (Exclusive Tax)

  • Yesss!!! It’s new and very affordable. I like it too but we can’t ignore ‘DELL Mini 10’, ‘ASUS Eee PC’ and ‘ACER Aspire One’ which are also available in the market.
    But, if we talk on sales, HP is getting it all.

  • @ Hidden Eyes:

    Could you please cover netbooks of other brands (DELL, ASUS, ACER, TOSHIBA) and compare ’em?


    • Yes, We’d highly appreciate your review on competitive netbooks!

      It’s greatly needed considering all-encompassing content on your blog!

  • Hahahahaaha

    “QuickWeb is one thing that fascinated us all. More than anything. The first statement what I uttered after hearing about this functionality was “Fit hai Yaar!!“.”

    where you were sleeping??? this feature is even available in asus mother boards ages ago.

    seems like some kid wrote lines like this

    “A few words, as I say it, because it already carries the weight of heavily placed presence on the internet. Geeky!! Much has been written about this specific netbook on internet. Most of the known websites have reviewed this netbook. To be honest, I read all of them to know the technical part of HP mini 110.”

    were you sleepy by the way ?

  • @ aamir

    Combo headphone / mic jack glitch

    means you can’t use headphones for calling, right?? or something else???

  • This netbook is good but i think if someone also share which netbook is better between acer, del, hp and asus then it will help better to buy netbook.

  • I did not buy a netbook yet but have a plan to buy in couple of weeks.

    After a thorough research on internet, it is came to my knowledge that all netbooks have same ‘specs’. So, the difference is only design and installed softwares.

    Someone may like HP, Acer, Asus or Toshiba but I like DELL Mini 10 personally.

  • I think the review part should be left to the pro’s like wccftech.com

    This review was more like propakistani was trying to please HP. I wonder why?

    This was more of preview than a review. No screen shots and no benchmarks. C’mon guys, who’re you trying to fool here. Moreover, rightly so, when the whole world has covered the netbook then you come and try to tell us that it is awesome… with a price tag like that, one should invest a little more and buy a proper notebook.

  • Not every body can afford Notebook. Netbook is designed specially for work but if someone doesn’t understand it, what can we do?

  • i m using ASUS EE PC 1005 HA, I think it is one of the best in 10 inch notebooks specially when you compare it processing speed along the 6 cell battery which gives more than 6 hours in working. so just spend little more to get ASUS HATS OFF.

  • Well there is new series from HP min which is Hp mini 311. Important thing is that it is 11.6 inch. 9 or 10inch have been flopped due to uncomfortable keyboard and other stuff. So now trend is for 11.6 or 12.1 inch netbooks

    • Netbook is famous for its 10 inch. 11.6 or 12.1 inch laptop blurs the price line between netbook and notebook.

  • Hi,
    The article about HP-mini is nice and informative, I got the the new version of this model with some new features, it’s really nice and lovely, the writer is a good writer, a little emotional though, I appreciate his kind information. Let me point out some grammatical mistakes he made in the passage, correction can be seen in the brackets, it is just to avoid confusion for learners and not for criticism. All the mistakes have been made in the same tense. Thanks
    1. new as I didn’t had (have) the
    2. so the discussion didn’t entered (enter) in the
    3. HP did gave (give) us some
    4. another ingredient which didn’t went (go)

  • I want to sell my HP Mini 110 with all accessories and bag. I purchased in 26000/= 9 months ago. Now want to sell in 18000/= excellent condition, working properly. 260 Gb hard disk , serious buyer sms me that I can send them pics. 03342021980

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