Cellular Firms Questioned Over Poor Service

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued on Friday show-cause notices to all five cellular operators over substandard service quality.

The operators had earlier been asked to improve their network after a Quality of Service (QoS) survey found their performance not up to the set standards, a PTA spokesperson said.

However, despite passage of reasonable time, all cellular operators failed to achieve the desired results.

‘As a result, the PTA issued show-cause notices to all mobile (phone) companies for failing to maintain the quality as per the license conditions,’ according to the spokesperson.

The QoS survey included quality of voice and SMS in 14 cities of Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Northern Areas as well as all major highways. The exercise was conducted by the PTA’s enforcement teams with the latest automated QoS equipment.

The PTA had been conducting such surveys throughout the last year and shared results of first three quarters with the operators with directions to improve their services. The final comprehensive survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Talking about survey results, PTA Chairman Dr Mohammed Yaseen said ensuring provision of quality services to the telecom consumers had always been a priority of the authority.

‘The PTA defines its targets and goals wherein QoS survey of all services remains one of the major activities.

  • pta should also take action cellular operators for there prepaid ureas.all operators charge fee when we top up our account in tehe name of service charges.
    on other hand companies also charge for balance and helpline call ????????????

  • Among All, Mobilink Is the Best Service Providing The ‘ Poorest Services ‘. Not Only Mobilink Make Dance It’s Subscribers When In Problem …… But Now Every Day Almost I Receive 4 – 5 SMS To Dial The Number And Listen To Their Juke Box, Or Dial 230 For Mobitunes Etc. Etc.

    Why Mobilink Don’t Introduce New Services Like Call Block ( And Others ) Which Others Operators Are Providing To Their Subscribers. I Think Mobilink Also Don’t Provide Any ‘ Web Base ‘ Interactivity Like Telenor / Zong.

    Also Why Mobile Operators Always Give Free Minutes / SMS To Those Who Who Didn’t Used Their SIM’s Before Any Specific Dates / Months. Why Don’t They Provide Such Blessings To Their Current Subscribers.

    Please Mobilink Stop Advertising / Introducing Old Services …….. And Stop Making Subscribers Dancing At ‘ Aur Sunaoo / No Samjhoota ‘, As Entire Pakistan Is Already Dancing At ‘ Governmental Tunes ‘ !

    • Kindly Add Telenor and Mobilink are wrost operators only the advitize too much that poor and illitrate and mostly people from rural areas caugth in their Tactics

  • As per my knowlege I think Mobilink is still on top of all mobile operators because you all guys have to check reports regarding the service quality and packages, telenor have worst issues to their network some times calls are diverted automatically they have to check this issue, it happens more than 5 times with me,
    All operators should have to maintain their quality of network not to go every ones door make advertising giving the name plates of home..

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