PTA Chief Seeks Foreign Investment in Broadband Sector

Dr Muhammad Yaseen, Chairman, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), has said the broadband sector in Pakistan is showing a positive trend towards growth and we are looking ahead for more foreign investment in this sector.

Talking to the media at an event the other day, he said the innovative wireless system had become successful, however, the broadband service on the PTCL lines had failed, because its old copper wires did not support this new generation service. He suggested that the Internet users enjoy the Wireless Broadband Service. “Though the PTCL has introduced the line-based broadband/DSL service to almost 100 major cities nationwide, we have received a number of valid complaints against inefficiency and disconnection of the PTCL service.”

He said the PTA had always been on the forefront to facilitate the broadband sector. “Now, we have three nationwide and one Karachi-bound wireless broadband/DSL service providers.”

Via The News