Ufone Call Summary Alerts

By Chand

Ufone is introducing this service called “Call Summary Alerts”, that will offer Call duration, Call cost and remaining balance at the end of each call – service cost is Rs. 10 plus tax per month.

Many customers may not need this service, especially those who don’t check balance more than once a day. For example, if you check your balance twice a day, it means 60 times a month = 60 x .12 = Rs. 7.2

By the way Warid also alerts its subscribers the remaining balance, at the end of each call – and this service by Warid is free.

How to subscribe:

Call 127 and follow the procedure to activate Ufone Call summary Alerts. After successful subscription, call summary will be received in following format as a flash message:

Call Duration:XXXXSec, Call Cost:Rs.XXX, Balance: Rs.XXXX.0


  • Monthly Subscription charges- Rs. 10 + Tax.
  • If sufficient balance is available, you will be subscribed.
  • If the mentioned balance is not available, Weekly Subscription charges- Rs. 3 + Tax will be deducted. If the later mentioned amount is available, you will be subscribed.
  • If the mentioned balance is not available, Daily Subscription charges- Rs. 0.50 + Tax will be deducted.
  • If you get subscribed on weekly or daily basis, at the end of the week or day, system will again try deducting subscription fee in the same pattern as mentioned above.

How to Unsubscribe

Call 127 and follow the procedure to deactivate the service

Update: Those who have subscribed to Voice Bundles, will not receive SMS alerts, until their bundle minutes are used

  • hassan

    bad news telenor soon to launch charges on CLI even

  • Saad

    Yaar pls dont say this k you guys are informing us this service before the official launch.. this news is already office and i had already read it 3, 4 days before on ufone official website. here is the link


    • Saad, that’s different thing. The one you are referring is Monthly call details on hard paper.

      On other side, we discussed Call Alert Summary via SMS in real time after each call.

  • Saad

    sorry i posted the wrong URL .. its

  • Yasir


    The day is not far when Cellular companies will charge extra amount for full signals.

    Half the amount for half signals

    and 1 signal will be free of cost.

  • @Yasir

    and then, they will start charging us on, every restart of our phone. Thumbs up PTA :p

  • Tee Emm

    Ufone Balance Alert Service (recently announced) does not work. Subscription charges were, however, promptly deducted when I called the number to subscribe to the service.

    • Yes, they didn’t work for me too.. i was wondering if its just me or…

  • imran khurram

    working for me…….

  • Sam

    Guys isnt it high time that we abandon ufone for another gsm provider?

  • eAhmadNawaz

    not working for me too

  • hasan

    people at ufone are such loosers and cheats! charging money for services and utilities which other operators provide for free!!! they are seriously cheap!!! charging for autobalance service when competitor warid provides it for free!! and thts not it, cheapsters first deactivated delivery reports on all ufone numbers and then started them again but on monthly subscription!!!!! seriously the guys are the depiction of a true pakistani business — cheats and lotera!

    • imran khurram

      dont worry sooner other operators will start…..
      ghar aai lakhsmee kesay bouri lagti hai…..

  • WARID offers this thing free of cost I think

  • hasanz

    I am an unsatisfied customer of ufone, i activated autobalance service after reading about it on propakistani the service charges were duly deducted but no autobalance service is being provided to me and i activated it 1 week ago and since then i have made 3 complaints regarding this to their helpline, but to no avail…if it were not for the 500daily msg package i would have surely switched to some other provider…if only zong’s network signals were any stronger in kaarchi then it would have been a good alternative

  • Azad Tahir

    that is also a new game for earning extra cash shit in foreign ye sab kuch ni hota hai wahan pe hmmm log 100 ka card purchase kertay hain or hme 110 ka balance ata hai na tax cut hota hai or jab call end karo to sari details free me ati hai jo yahan paiso me ati hai every one is robber here

  • Umar

    there is no use of paying such a srvice when WARID is providing us this without any extra charges

  • Umar

    even warid is not charging for the Blance inquiry and all the other companies are doing it without taking into consideration of the constumer needs..

  • yes warid is not charging fee for this service but warid service is different in this respect, they have not shown duration of the call they told only remaining balance.

  • Hello Friends .

  • Ahmed

    If you can 127 there is only one option “Subscribe” and no “unsubscribe” option.

    Same is the case with ufone website which gives information on subscribing it and not on unsubscribing.