Khan Wars: Free Online Strategy War Game for Pakistanis

Finally a very interesting online game, specially developed for Pakistan “Khan Wars” has hit the shores – where gamers can have some real fun, than what other online games have to offer.

No need to download anything; simply going to website, registering within 2 minutes, and all this is FREE & you are all set to play the game. What more would you expect?

Hmm, well guys, this is the first time that a game is in our own language and our own alphabets in Urdu, and above that, the game creators have taken into consideration to make 1 special nation in 9 nations named as ‘Pakistani’; so that is first time that some foreign company is considerate enough to give us a game where we can represent our own country, and have our pride and fun at same time while playing the game.

Khan Wars is pretty interesting, it’s a browser-based  and strategy war-game, where you have chance to show thousands of players online from lot of different places that “Yes, you are better than them” ; you get chance to make lot of new friends as well.

So, it’s a total entertainment in simple words. After all playing with our own nation in an online game and getting on high rankings against other nations sounds like good fun!

So, check out soon before the game gets flooded with lot of players and registrations close:

Happy Gaming!