Internet Society Funds EduScope for Pakistan – A New Learning System

The Internet Society (ISOC) has announced that it is funding community-based projects around the world to promote Internet access and education in underserved communities, to track and highlight the deployment of IPv6–the next generation protocol key to the Internet’s continued growth, and to address issues such as online identity theft.

As part of the ISOC Community Grants Programme, each project will receive up to US$15,000 for efforts that promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

Projects funded in this round include those aiming to:

  • Deploy self-contained, solar-powered Internet access kiosks to rural African areas,
  • Provide Internet access to and training for virtual classrooms and educational material to underprivileged children in Pakistan,
  • Propose a solution to the problem of identity theft and fraud relating to academic transcripts and diplomas, and
  • Educate senior citizens and the disabled in Harlem, New York City.

Named as EduScope, project aspires to compensate for the overall lack of resources (IT and financial) in Pakistani education by creating a virtual classroom at a street corner where underprivileged children can experience and explore the Internet; this will be achieved by embedding three computers on the boundary wall of a charity school that caters to the target community.

Based on the Hole-in-the-Wall concept utilized in India, EduScope will take the appropriate security precautions necessary for providing the system 24/7 out of doors. At the school in the Ghareebabad area of Rawalpindi city, school staff and children will be trained on using the system and use will initially be supervised.

Children will be able to access on-line virtual classrooms, children’s competitions, educational games and other online applications.

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