BlackBerry For Non-Corporate Customers…!

Well, common Blackberry myth is that BlackBerry is only made for corporate needs and can only provide functionality related to your everyday business and corporate needs. This is indeed that core functionality of BlackBerry is to cater everyday business needs of professionals within any relevant industry especially in old BlackBerry handsets.

While watching recent ad on the T.V that BlackBerry can be used for non corporate customer as well, yes, this is a shift in the idea of using BlackBerry and how cellular companies can target BlackBerry products.

BlackBerry has become multimedia and social networking rich device these days. Let’s find out the reasons, Why

BlackBerry usage has been shifted or can be shifted?

Because of Trend:

People now consider BlackBerry as a trendy phone, carrying it in hands. Though they only know how to use SMS and phone features, while rest of benefits are usually not in use.

Because of Social Networking Applications:

In Pakistan, Social Networking is much “IN” these days. People find easiest way to get social by using face book, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and lot of other social network applications.

BlackBerry offer all these facilities while offering it’s ALWAYS ON GPRS /EDGE Push based connectivity. While some symbian and other devices also offer such applications usage on their handsets, but BlackBerry makes certain difference while using these applications.

Because of Multimedia Applications:

Multimedia applications have added a value on usage of BlackBerry handsets and especially now BlackBerry users take pictures and share them with one click to their social networks.

Instant Messengers Connectivity (Always ON)

All of latest instant messenger are available on BlackBerry handsets and again with push based feature, like any one use on its desktop Pc or laptop.

Application usage while ON THE GO

Nowadays, using mobile application is more feasible then spending time on PC’s or laptops. People find it more convenient to telecommute with their hand held devices instead of dedicatedly sitting on PC or laptop.

At the end we can conclude that BlackBerry devices can fit hands of students as efficiently as they do with businessmen. However, if there come some special packages for students/general people with BlackBerry handsets, we may see non-corporate customers getting indulged with BlackBerry label.

  • Rajal786

    Hi dear reality bites I have a idea about using normal gprs/edge service on blackberry handsets without spending havey amount for bis plan I use on zong these days just 200 per month plan wich is very good for me and may be for others I like if u write topic on it hope this is one of the best topic on propakistani

  • taimoor khan`

    im paying 900 hundred on ufone its better dear the network of zong is not reliable i got email service and unlim ited cap

    but bro in zong u jus enjoy internet not other bb services

  • taimoor khan`

    u have to pay 1000+ in zong for using bis in zong

  • Khawar

    is there anyway that i can send and recieve mms on my BB 8900… without subscribing BIS…. Coz its very costly … i can afford it but i am not interested in using BIS.

  • asher

    how can i activate edge services on my black berry from rogers canada no mobile fone company is giving me these services untill i buy the fone from them

  • ahmad

    I use Telenor with my blackberry, and GPRS/EDGE works on my BB even thou i have not activated the Bis Plan …

  • A.Basit

    alcatel have social networking phone OT-800 with qwerty board only in 9000

    for details and specs check website




  • Hasnaat Ilyas

    Hi, I am using my Blackberry 9700 with Telenor!!everything works fine!!but having one major problem!! which is blackberry applications!!that is not available in Pakistan!! i wanna know how to access blackberry applications and how to download it!!!useful reply should be greatly appreciated.thanks….