How to use official & non-official emails on Windows Mobile

Email service can easily be used with windows mobile, Android and Apple iPhone devices. All you need is EDGE enabled above devices and some IT permissions in-case of official exchange server emails.

How Emails works on Windows mobile?

  • Get EDGE settings from mobile operators.
  • TAP or select SMS/Messages from menu on your windows mobile.
  • Select Options by tapping or selecting Menu in SMS /MMS window.
  • Now select accounts on options window or Account window may be default selected.
  • Now select New Accounts and give your web email address, for example: [email protected] and Password. You can also select save password option to avoid frequent password pop up.

If you get message window displaying “Settings found for like in the Gmail case” settings found for, then your account setup is 100% completed and ready to use by just tapping next in the bottom of window.

On the next window, it will ask you your name and later on it will display as your signature in the emails.

By tapping next, new window will pop up and will ask you for synchronizing time like every 15 minutes, it means sync ever 15 minutes with Gmail.

For configuring ISP based email addresses, you need to have Pop3 and SMTP server names from your respective ISP’s. Uncheck the Automatically get email settings from internet and set the manual SMTP & PoP3 addresses.

For Configuring Microsoft Exchange server you have two options :-

  • Connect with your office work station and connect your device active sync with work station, it will automatically synchronize if I.T department has given you permission rights. Please note that you will have to select attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings Automatically while giving email address.
  • On the other side, you can do this by having manual settings like exchange server name and permissions from IT administrator. Process is same like any other email – only you have to select Microsoft Exchange in your email provider drop down menu in windows mobile. Please also note that you need office work station User Name, Password & Domain Group from I.T administrator as well.

Important Points:

  • User can easily get settings automatically of the web emails like Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail by giving complete address in the box. Otherwise, they can also find these settings from the service providers’ website in settings or options menu.
  • For using any web email like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, You need to enable your PoP3 or IMAP access in your email account by accessing options of these respective web email websites. Or Just Google your query you will get the solution.
  • Unlimited EDGE Data Package plan is highly recommended for it’s usage. EDGE data plans are available starting from Rs.400+tax


In simple, you can get your every email account emails on your device by just giving Rs.400+tax to your mobile operator per month for unlimited EDGE data package. So with having instant messenger access, you can also enjoy your emails on the Go!

In next phase of article, we will discuss how to use email on Android Phones.

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