Qubee Promotion Offer – No Connection Charges

Qubee has come up with an exciting offer for new customers in connection with New Year Celebrations. They have waived off all the connection charges on Non-Wifi Connections and also dropped the charges on Wi-fi connection.

Here is the detail of the offer..

Connection Charges-Non Wifi: ZERO (Waived)
Connection Charges-Wifi Service: PKR (3,000) 1,500
Modem / Customer Equipment     Free *

1 months line rent as a refundable security deposit, payable at the time of signup

Here are Tariff Details

  • Mohammad Sabir

    Assalam O alikum

    sir i need comelet triff detail of (Qubee).

    Also inform me about your dealer-Ship Plan.


    • WiMax Baba

      Its crapy service

      • Munaeem

        It is an excellent service.

  • faraz

    i need to know the internet service quality of qubee is it good?

  • Asad

    Qubee is Awwsum ! I am also a user of it.. Check out http://www.qubee.com.pk or http://www.qubee.com

  • K-A

    Qubee is rocking , no doubt, we are installing it almost everywhere in Karachi.

    When You get best coverage, cheap rates(No Connection Charges, No Device charges, No CPE rent),24 hours customer support with quick response whatelse you need?

  • Asad

    Qubee should increase their bandwidth limit to 7 to 8 gb atleast for their least package like Wi-tribe..

  • I heard that qubee offers you free antena along with it’s service ?

    • Munaeem

      Yes, they do.

  • ***** Saad Ahmed Mobilez *****

    great service on quebee wireless net.

  • qubeerocks

    I have used both Qubee and Witribe and Qubee’s internet service is faster and better.
    It’s time to switch to Qubee!

  • Asad

    Qubee removes its data counter thing..we want it!

  • Qubee

    If any body want free wimax connection please contact below.


  • YKF

    Come on guys!!!! all these good comments about QUBEE IS b**L sh*T, I am using both wi-tribe and qubee, qubee really su*k big time, they have a stupid looking modem, big as hell. i guess all above comments providers are qubee sales agent…… agreed.lol

    • Munaeem

      It appears you are agent of their competitor.

  • Qubee

    If any body want Qubee Connection Contact below. 0313-3715160

  • Talha

    I have used wi-tribe and using Qubee. QUBEE rocks, great service…. Masha Allah

  • rehan

    i have cubee but it can’t working and ur help line number i m trying but no responce on that what is this…………..?????

  • saqib

    qubee is very bad connection plz dont use it

    • Munaeem

      It is a good company. Their signal strength is ‘VERY GOOD’ as compare to other WIMAX providers.

  • Km

    Qubee is quite good:

    I am using Explore 8, 4 Lan and Wifi connections…its quite good, normal download is around 130Kbps.

  • Km

    If anybody wants qubee on discounted rates, do contact me @
    [email protected]
    just drop your Number, address and NIC number, Qubee teams will contact you. At least 200 rupees discount I can provide

  • mubashir

    If any one want to take the net connection of Qubee in lahore. he can contant me on this number.03124133404

  • Salam,
    I want to install the internet connection at my home in Orangi town, Karachi. Plz guide me the procedure to get connection n rates etc.
    Plz also guide me regarding the equipment, either it would be with cable or the wireless set.
    I’m watitng for your reply.

    Orangi Town

  • Muhammmad Ali Tariq

    Free wi-tribe internet connection
    call : 0333-5304508
    Call : Muhammad Ali Tariq

    internet connection free connection wi-tribe connection connection internet

  • bilu

    ali i need internet connection in askari 14

  • Muhammad Ali Tariq

    ok i will contact you….i will call you to confirm the passward.

  • abdulwahab

    usb 750 mein unlimited or speed 1 mb/sec honi
    chahe, your service is good, Lahore CANTT.

  • Karim Javed

    Yeah excellent service with NO Customer Support.

  • QBEE Wimax Shuttle/USB/Gigaset Modem with Internet Connection.!!
    Experience the real internet you have ever used..!!

    Sales Office: 01716637474, 019127U09559 (Home service-Dhaka)

    * Monthly Fee + 15% Vat (BDT)

    QUBEE 256 Kbps 5 GB (850+128=978)
    QUBEE 256 Kbps 10 GB (950+143=1093)
    QUBEE 256 Kbps Sky (1,250+188=1438)

    QUBEE 512 Kbps 5 GB (1,250+188=1438)
    QUBEE 512 Kbps 10 GB(1,450+218=1668)
    QUBEE 512 Kbps Sky (2,250+338=2588)

    QUBEE 1 Mbps 5 GB (2,250+338=2588)
    QUBEE 1 Mbps 10 GB (2,750+413=3163)
    QUBEE 1 Mbps Sky (5,250+788=6038)

    Network: Dhaka, Bangladesh.(Home service)

    Sales Office: 01912709559, 01716637474 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

  • Aamir Hyder

    plz provide me complete tarrif of internet connection


  • Abdul Khaliq

    After installation and providing Qubee Connection no one takes the trouble of responding any call though one may like to enhance the facility. Does that mean a bad management !

  • Abdulrehman Shakir

    what qubee USB new package tell me