Survey: On What Basis do You Select a Mobile Operator?

We are doing this survey to calculate the strengths of a Mobile phone operator. We will try to find out which mobile phone company has customers with what reasons…!

We will also be able to identify the customers’ loyalty of a particular mobile operator; along with we will be able to dig our amount of customers having multiple SIMs.


However, after concluding this survey, primarily, we will be able to suggest a mobile operator to customers based on their priorities.

You are requested to fill this Survey: Here is the link

This survey will run for 15 days, and we are expecting 5,000 responses during this period.

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  • Zong is best in GPRS but now Weakly and monthly sms package a big fake that keep me away from china

  • My only basis is lowest price. Thank you capitalism for the amazing deals especially during these troubling times of war (price war) :)

  • Your form does not allow multiple options selected together, ie there can be more than one reason for using a single connections, like call rate + sms rate + delivery reports + free balance inquiry etc.You should expand options and make it possible to select more than one at a time.

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