Pakistani Banks pushing for Online Advertisements

Pakistani Banks have been quite popular in the print and media advertisement. Time and again we come across their brands in various shapes. Be it sponsorship, brand ambassadors or some other service they are offering. But making their online presence feel is something new from this sector.

Banks in the West have been using this form of interaction with the customers since long. They have been pushing for online advertisement and services in order to get maximum customers. But comparing their infrastructure with ours is pretty lame thing to do. So, if our banks are pushing it now, I don’t consider it late personally.


Banks have long been craving for their inflexible image to change. They want to interact with their customers face to face, more socially. So, exploring this side of marketing mix in our country is new to them. The broadband boom is round the corner in our part of the world so we might see the aggressive online marketing from banks in sometime near future.

Pakistani Banks have long shown their presence online by offering the services of personal account access and bill payments. But they never explored the ONLINE MARKETING.

On facebook, you would have seen in recent past the advertisement by Habib Bank. If you browse across pages and discussions, you will come across HBL advertising their Bank quite aggressively. They have been awarded ‘Bank of the year 2009’ by THE BANKER and they are trying their level best that everybody on facebook knows this fact.

We have also seen Bank Alfalah pushing online with letting us know about the credit cards. Bank Alfalah has long been pushing this product on other forms of media. But advertising their product on online media is something new from them too. But they are not there on social web right now. May be they don’t know the power of social web but they might show up sooner nor later though.

UBL has been in the scene for quite a time too.

Right now, these banks are just advertising and not offering any kind of specific service using online media. But we are hopeful that once these banks gears up to explore this side of presence, they will offer something new for Pakistani masses.

  • Yes thats actually good, some banks already are in internet banking, if they start accepting the credit card payments online by building the systems and their integration into site APIs etc, it would be really great.

    I am looking forward to a great future of online services for these banks if they start accepting the credit cards etc for websites etc.

  • Mostly well reputed bank still not providing e-bank facilities like Alflah Bank, I think, in this global village atmosphere, every bank start their credit card services.

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