Mobilink having Exclusive Rights over Yahoo Messenger on Blackberry

If you happen to be a Blackberry user and you have activated the Blackberry services then you might have known this fact.

But if you are not, then here is something new for you. Mobilink has reportedly got the exclusive rights of Yahoo Messenger service on Blackberry.

If you use the network other than Mobilink, then you won’t be able to SIGN IN over Yahoo messenger. The message will appear on screen that you don’t have proper service to activate it.

This move from Mobilink is beyond my expectation. Why would they get the rights of this service in the first place? People have the option of other messenger like MSN on blackberry. This move will also take people away from YAHOO platform too. Reportedly, this exclusive right will finish in 2010 and after that people will be able to use this service.

Mobilink could have opted for all the messenger rights and that’s where they would have got the edge. People who had this love for staying online would have opted for Blackberry service from Mobilink only.

Apology: This news was shared with me by Telenor employee who was officially given Blackberry. I tender sorry for any kind of mis-information. Totally my fault!!!

Thanks guys for correcting me up. You guys mean alot to us.