Unlimited Night Calls: Zong

Zong offers unlimited on-night call between 12 AM to 7 AM, at a fixed rental of Rs. 9.99 plus tax per day. So now make on-net calls, without worrying about number of hours – and call duration. There is no restriction of FnF numbers, as you can make calls to all Zong numbers.

How to Subscribe:

Send sub to “913” or dial “913” and choose 1 for confirmation.

PKR 4.99 + tax will be charged on first time subscription.

PKR 9.99 + tax per day

How to Unsubscribe?

Please call the call centre on 310 to unsubscribe.


  • This package is only from prepaid
  • as always, a limited time offer
  • Offer is for only on-net numbers
  • Taxes apply

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  • I don’t know why ZONG Marketing is unable to use their brain and launch something which is not launched before. They are in a practice to copy paste the tariffs of other Telcos and then to market them with a negative campaign.
    The first ad which appeared on media for ZONG was the best example of negative marketing. I on the other hand admit the fact that ZONG has to earn the customer database which is already owned by other Telcos as it is launched in the last but look at the example of Telenor they are focusing on their own moves in marketing not into price war not into media campaign war but they are cruising in their database for prepaid and postpaid customers.

  • rightly said!
    Telenor is doing great and coming up with good plans and good services, which is giving them edge over many operators!

  • salam dear ufone users..
    A very amazing offer for Ufone users, which is that they can use GPRS over their Ufone numbers for FREE. Remember it’s a trick, not an official offer from Ufone…

    A user has found this bug in Ufone’s GPRS network, and claims that it works fine. I personally tested it and found it working…

    Updated: September 13, 2009

    Homepage: wap.ufone.com
    User: ufone
    Password: ufone
    IP Address:
    Proxy: 8080
    Access Point: ufone.ppt.wap2

  • Today, Zong advertised in Print Media with a new offer which says that you can send as many as 20,000 text messages for Rs. 149 only (excluding taxes, with taxes they become Rs. 180). This limit of 20,000 SMS remains valid for only 15 days…! afterwards you will loose the remaining SMS quota.

    How To Subscribe:

    Advert says that this offer is available for all Zong Prepaid customers, you can subscribe to this offer by

    Write SMS -> SUB and sent it to 701

    Make sure that you have at least Rs. 180 in your balance!


    Rs. 149 (without taxes) and Rs. 180 with Taxes (Valid for 15 days only)

    It merits mentioning here that Zong also offers unlimited text messages with Rs. 3 per day, which is relatively easy for customers, as with that balance is deducted on daily basis…!

  • Telenor, Djuice launches another Package Day Night or ‘Din Raat’ which allows its subscribers to call to their Friend and Family (FnF) numbers at very low rates. Subscribers can talk to their FnF list for Rs. 2.5+Tax/Hour from 11 PM to 5PM.

    Djuice, is a prepaid brand of Telenor, Pakistan and specially targets the youth of Pakistan, and its slogan is ‘It’s Fun to be Young’. Please read carefully the rest of the articles before you plan to subscribe to this package.
    How to Subscribe?
    The subscription process is same i.e. write short code ‘MIGRATE’ and send it to 345 or call 345 and follow simple instructions.
    Users will be charged Rs. 10/- Inclusive of Taxes as migration charges.
    A daily fee of Rs. 1.99+Tax will be charged as well.

    Find below the pricing break up for different time spans of a day.
    Price PlanDetails Time Period Tariff
    Day Night F&F 11pm-5pm Rs. 3.5/hr (per hr charging)
    Regular F&F 5pm-11pm Rs. 0.50/30 sec
    Telenor Numbers 24 hrs Rs. 1.25/30 sec
    Other Networks 24 hrs Rs. 1.25/30 sec
    SMS 24 hrs Rs. 0.20/SMS
    Daily Fee Daily Rs. 1.99/day

    *Subscribers need to have minimum balance of Rs. 3/- to start a call

    *All rates are exclusive of 19.5% FED other than Activation charges.

    For more details, visit: http://www.djuice.com.pk/html/buy/dinRaat.php

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