Indian Propaganda Against Pakistan on Telecom Front

Time of India has reported that fraudulent calls are being originated from Pakistan that appears to be involved in lottery scams, victimizing Indian mobile phone users. Though newspaper admits that technology can be used to change the phone number.

Newspaper further claims that allegedly these callers from Pakistan have access to subscribers’ database of cellular operator Bharti Airtel.

In a general advisory to all mobile/landline users, Airtel has urged subscribers to avoid responding to suspicious calls from unknown numbers, especially those beginning with +92.

Now this is interesting that fraudulent premium IDD calls are being made from Pakistan against very low commissions, as described by Times of India. It said that fraudsters ask for DTH recharge which is way below the viable ROI for the model.

All mobile operators in Pakistan are offering in range of Rs. 6 to Rs. 10 per min call charges for India.

On our part, PTA must come in action and should investigate if any such calls are made in abundance to India or not? If yes then culprits must be shown the bars, otherwise, this claim by Indian operator should be dealt accordingly.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK