Coverage Maps for WiMAX Operators

When there is every map (digital & non-digital) available for you to guide you inward and outward of city, then there is a great need of coverage maps too.

The maps from operators which tells us that where they have service coverage. The localities, the streets & the houses!!!

We have four wimax operators in total. Some are aggressive and some are not. Aggression is not the agenda for today,folks!! Coverage Maps – it is.

So, starting from the oldest operator here, Wateen. Now, when I started locating the maps, I was having this gut feeling that Wateen must be there around on net. And it was there, for real. To be honest, it has the most exact coverage among the lot. You can check it yourself personally too.

It is so detailed that it shows up at your roof-top once you put in the right address.

Have a look at Wateen’s Coverage Map here

Second came, Mobilink Infinity. Now, its been awhile since its around but they didn’t made it up for people to check the coverage maps. We know that they are in Karachi only but where in Karachi? Whole Karachi? C’mon!!

Third came, Wi-Tribe. Now they are trying their level best to be market leader in near future but that needs some presence folks. You guys are not on the available coverage maps list too. Ohh!!! there is nothing bad in having presence in limited places. But don’t you guys think that this will ease the burden on call centers?

Fourth is Qubee for sure. And they have the coverage map on their website from day ONE. Bravo!! Now, its not as exact as Wateen but something is better nothing.

Have a look at Qubee Coverage map here

We have 50-50 percentage of coverage maps here. Non-Coverage-Maps-Operators, its your choice now because we know  “An ostrich with its head in the sand is just as blind to opportunity as to disaster

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