Pring: A Pakistani Social Network for Mobile Users

These days  social networks (over internet and mobile phones) are getting popular amongst Pakistani youth. Few days back I got an invitation on my cellphone, someone asked me to join “PRING” – A social network for mobile phone users. As I became a part of it, I find it very useful, and here i am with its review.

What’s Pring?

Pring is a social network using the modern technologies, Internet and Mobile Phones to connect you and your buddies; it lets you share what you’re upto with your friends via your cell phone or online in 140 characters or less.  I hope the following video will describe it more efficiently:

Who can Join and Whats the procedure?

Currently pring is running Open Beta Testing on Warid, Ufone and Zong.

You can signup here:

Once you are signed-up, you can use the service with text messages. , there are separate sms codes for each network for warid 9536, ufone 414 and Zong is 2323

During this open Beta, Pring is free, though this service supports a Twitter like internet account but you can use this service entirely via SMS.

You can register via SMS as well, here is the process

  • Try it, send HELLO to your respective code.
  • Pring will reply you with the following message: “Please register with Pring by replying with your name
  • On receiving this message you will have to reply with a valid username – Pring will then reply you with the following message: “Greetings user! Welcome to Pring. Sms HELP to get more information.
  • You can also join Pring by accepting invitation from an existing Pringer (say Aamir) e,g, Aamir writes “invite 03001234567” and sends it to 2323
  • You receive the invitation from Aamir: “Greetings! Aamir wants to follow your updates on Pring. To register, reply with your name.”
  • You will then have to reply with a valid username to start using Pring.
  • You can register with Pring by going to the “Sign Up” page and filling out the registration form. You will have to confirm your email address to complete the registration process. In addition to that, you will also have to provide the confirmation code being sent to you to your mobile number during the registration, to use the full features of the service.
  • You can use Pring online anywhere in the world. However, to use it via SMS, you need to have a cell phone in Pakistan.

Why should I use pring?

By using Pring you can stay connected with your friends, custom applications, premium services all via your handsets, Can get latest updates from your Twitter and Facebook accounts, Rss feeds, news about media, sports etc, Can follow other pringers, chat with other people using public prings, Pring’s philosophy is to enable everything via your handset in a way that don’t require internet. This works very well because many people still do not have internet connectivity but do have basic SMS and voice access. The service is free in this Open Beta, so why Don’t give it a try! Just Pring It!


  • For more information send Help to your respective code.
  • This service only works with Warid Ufone and Zong, until now
  • Please use your respective code for sending sms, otherwise it will not work and you will be charged.
  • For more info please visit
  • ProPakistani is not associated with Pring or e-Business. This article is just for reader’s knowledge.

    • First of all sir Warid is not a looser..and i dont know about Ufone and Zong..but i do know about mobilink, the biggest looser telecom company of Pakistan…the only thing they give you is signal strengthh which is totally useless..

      Warid gives you coverage connectivity and signal strength all together.. and warid has got the best voice quality

      • Ok I’m convinced! So, you’re offering Warid sims as well?

        And PringIt is made of a free CMS Django, which isn’t even a specialized social network script.

        BTW: There’s difference between looser and loser :).

        • Hello,

          I’m the tech lead on Pring and I’d like to clear a few things:

          1. Pring is independent, not backed by any telecom operator. Soon enough, we will be on all networks, inshAllah.
          2. Yes, we take pride that we are based on Django. Which is not a “script” it is a web framework and a really good one at that. We use cutting edge technology such as Python, Cassandra, Erlang, RabbitMQ, C++ & Java. Pring is a very large ecosystem. Stay tuned and you will see more!

        • if i am offering warid sims then you must be offering Telenor or Mobilink’s…true sir??

          and i know this post is about Pring and it should be independent and it is a commom sense which some people really lack..but Nash here people were blaming companies’ for coming up with this i thought should just pop in to let them know which company has got better services..

          and Mr you pointed out my inaccuracy of saying ‘looser’ instead of ‘loser’ ..sir i would like to tell you something: which is that people like you are keeping our generation and even our professionals away from forums and blogs coz they cant write well. and they have got writting issues..which i am sure i might also have…as nobody is perfect here..go to some international blogs and find out that people are having healthy discussions or they are just pointing out on others’ mistakes or inaccuracies..

          so just dont point out my mistakes and show urself as a ‘looser’ positive and encourage others if they are trying to make any difference here…

          Thank you sir

        • i m old user of pring. but i do not understand the benefit of pring. its my request to owners of pring that guide me and they should to do that they provide fast network to users. they should finished quota system because knowledge is vast & quota is very short. thnx
          i m waiting 4 reply
          my num is 03228500895

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      • i think twitter is best.i do not know about pring please tell me about pring on my cell number and follow me on twitter.Follow Malik_Asim786 send it 40404

  • Reviwe is Nice , But We need Detail Review,

    Why u edited the picture by pring showing mobile, I think it doesn’t suits ur image online, U are preaching others and you are copying somebody’s content and putting ur own logo on that.

    • We didn’t put our logo on it? This is called watermark, we put watermark on the images used in our articles because some people/blogs do 100% copy our posts. Message editing was done to suit with our website, if PRING have some objections on it they can mail us over this matter.

      • i Have Problem With My Pring Account Plz Help me

        yar main apni pring ID ko twitter sy Connect Karna Chata Hon Magar Nai Ho Rahi Or Home Screen Per Left Side Per Permission ON/ OFF Ka Option Bhi Nahin aa Raha, Setting Main Ja K Network Ma Twitter sy Connect Karta Hon Tou Error aa Jata hai, Help Me

        Or Han

        Facebook Sy Connect Ho Raha Hai Magar Twitter Sy Nahi Ho Raha, Main Twitter sy Connect Karna Chahta Hon Facebook Sy Nahi, 03453299196

  • Great job for our country by mobilink and telenor and doing good zong these days nice data packeges and good tarif and VAS at the other end warid and ufone isn’t good because there plan is not good they need some good managment .

  • Thank you very much indeed for covering us. Because we’re in Open Beta, we haven’t publicly announced our entry into the market yet. You can follow more details on our blog:

    Thanks everyone!

  • I think the name PRING is taken from international and very strong mobile software “FRING”… Am I right? No innovation, only copy in bad way.

    I wish we Pakistani could ever innovate some thing instead of wasting energies in copy pasting or following others. We should become tend setter instead of followers. :)

    • Oh come on. Does it really matter that pring sounds like fring?
      we should appreciate the efforts of the team instead of passing such comments.
      At least these guys are doing something and NOT STILL THINKING about a trend setter innovation.

      ps: I have no affiliations with pringit. Contrary I work for a company which has pretty similar product in market. My objective to make this reply is to appreciate the efforts of the team.


    • its very easy to point out fault in others, let us know when you have created a completely unique app/service, we would love to appreciate. Appreciate the work of others, instead of passing such comments, especially when you’re JUST commenting & not doing anything innovative yourself

  • I m using a Warid Connection. I port in from telenor and my code starts from 0345. First i signup pringit from web and i receive ur email. but in setting i can not set my mobile number. then i delete that account and signup through mobile. i receive the message that i m registered. but then again through web i can’t set my mobile number it says

    “Internal Server Error
    An error has occurred. We are sorry of Inconvenience. Please try again later.”

    So need little a help.

    • I m using a Warid Connection. I port in from telenor and my code starts from 0345. First i signup pringit from web and i receive ur email. but in setting i can not set my mobile number. then i delete that account and signup through mobile. i receive the message that i m registered. but then again through web i can’t set my mobile number it says

      “Internal Server Error
      An error has occurred. We are sorry of Inconvenience. Please try again later.”

      So need little a help.

  • Can any1 tell me, does this websit or Ufone charge for the notifications of Facebook which V get via PRING? PLZ tell me.

  • @Khurram: Totally agreed with you my mate…when people like those don’t have any thing to convince or making a stand out then they just point out the things which are really give a damn…but lol.

    keep it up mate. and yes I agree on this too…Warid is the best among all, no matter they don’t have much packages to offer in call or text but they got strong signals and voice quality.


  • ok also tell and clarify and show the monetary or billing method, scenerio, rules. for this service

    it is free from the pring side on internet
    but what about sending messeges and receiving messeges at the mobile end, they dont offer free balance inquiry , how could the give total free messege sending and then distribution to all friends and networks from pring.

    giving all info hiding billing info has become a norm, bills are explained later whan work has done and one has no choice but to pay it, no matter how fat the bill is, where as the billing bit was completly hidden, covered and deceptive in the begining,

    can someone clarify this with genuine, varified, relaiable, refrenced information


  • Salam.
    I have used pring and i have found it to be a very nice effort put up by these guys.i really appreciate it.

  • hello friends follow me in zong and u fone prings service 4 zong type follow kailash and send this sms on 2323 simple

  • pring rocks and the cellular companies which are supported and running pring services on their network are also capable to handle mass sms traffic so the person who is saying tht those companies are looser , infact he is a looser :)
    without thinking , without realizing passing comments is an old hobby of loosers :)

  • hi: me rani pring user u cn follow me simple type
    FOLLOW PAYAL01. my public msg is” live life so well that even death loves to see you alive

  • i like this service its a huge network for information shareing,chatting,entertainment and connecting with friends,but the most important thing iz that its free

  • i like only decent poetry,jokes and quoets but i dont like very sad poetry,stupid jokes etc every one can follow me in pring for decent chat and poetry etc my nick is payal01 follow na kia to mar dalon gy sub ko fair na kehna k dasia ni c

  • Asslam o Alikum
    i like poetry i m doing MA History as well as B.Ed and also having a medical Lab diploma. i like to chat with decent peoples

  • Go to creat mSg write NAKAM_BOYZ send it t0 414 uf0ne and 2323 f0r z0nG , theN recieve DaiLy QUizZz, STudY TipSssss, FasHIOn,FuN tRiCKs shOBiz,HIStorY, tOPicS&vieWS, GUpShuP,PoeTry neWz anD SP0rtz 4 freE ..!!!!!!!

  • i am user of this service.but its is slow service. some time i send sms and it delivers after half or one hour.

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  • i want to unsubscribe. tell me how can i do this…

    Mera demagh kharab kar de ya hay aaj. 104 SMS Today Aug 03 2010. :-(


    • aghar pring say mukamal out hona chah tay ho to off likh kar send karo ufone &zong 2323 warid9536 or aghar aik idd say tangh ho to unfollow space id likh kar send karo ofar walay tarikay par ya block space id name and send opar walay tarikay par thanks

  • Go to creat mSg write Ramay send it t0 414 uf0ne and 2323 f0r z0nG , theN recieve DaiLy QUizZz, STudY TipSssss, FasHIOn,FuN tRiCKs shOBiz,HIStorY, tOPicS&vieWS, GUpShuP,PoeTry neWz anD SP0rtz 4 freE

  • Salam to all. I m using pring ABOUT 7 MONTHS AGO. But i dont understand that why pring Block ids? I request to owner of pring that if u should block some ids then u should to tell the reason that Y have u blocked?
    thnX i m waiting ur Reply
    my id FARVA wid 8000+ friends

  • We should try to minimize or stop use of facebook and try to use Pakistani social communities. I visit a Pakistani social community its Kha Pe Kay ( I like it and join it. Check it..its very active community.Hope you’ll like it.

  • i have been using pring for almost 7 months. i has been blocked 2 times by pring i did’nt do any thing wrong, i don’t know what is the reason of blocking my account. my id name “idiOt”. if any one know that how can contact with pring admin. or if any one have pring’s office number so reply me at cell 00923215188174 or mail at [email protected]. thanx

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