MNP Users in Pakistan

Pakistan was the first country in South Asia to implement Mobile Number Portability (MNP), back in March 2007 within a record time period of two years.

Pakistan Mobile Number Portability Database (Guarantee) Limited (PMD) was established by the six cellular mobile operators to act as a centralized clearing house for Mobile Number Portability.

The porting activity has seen consistent growth, with over 1.14 million subscribers having availed the facility by June 2009 since the implementation of MNP project.

MNP usage has been on the rise, thanks to frequent offerings by cellular companies with price war on the edge.  The Porting activity picked up pace in December 2008 while over 70% of the total porting took place after the December 2008.

Below are MNP stats till June 2009, source: PTA

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  • I went to a ufone franchise to port in my warid sim to ufone on the very first day when MNP started, the staff there didn’t knew themselves at that time that whats the porting process, First they asked me that you should go to warid then after arguing they only asked me to fill a form and said that there is no need of new sim, i asked him that its not the way, u have to give me a new UFONE sim! Then the guy there called some one and told me to visit after 3 days until then they get sims + instructions from the main office.

  • Dear Atta,

    few error in graph, its Jan 09 not 08 further is may 09 not Nay 09, pls correct the smae, further, pls share the company wise port in and out share of each serving celular company in Pakistan.

  • Warid is not good for MNP in my city Faisalabad, as we move one signal tower to another, signal drops to zero, call GPRS and other transfers will disconnect.
    Also Warid MNP sims are not compatible with all handsets. I failed to use on N73 and N70, When I complained at Warid customer care center they said “Sorry we know that our sims have issue with those handsets, kindly use some other handset” and I replied “It is easy for me to change network either changing handset due to Warid”

  • I had a Telenor/Ufone Number but they have diffrent process as they do not want me to leave but at last Thanks to Warid 1K Business Center Lahore who helped us alot and now i am on Warid and i think its the best in rates of SMS as well as GLOW and network – it never drops

  • I dont think your woes end after porting out. Because all your calls still go to the original operator and hae to be redirected from there.

  • i wanted to portin again on djuice telenor,,i have subscribed on 28th jully 2010,,and still after 22 days(21aug 2010),,i m not completly ported in to djuice,,i wanna know the reason,,the people responsible for these r saying that i hav sum tecnical issues on my number,,thats y it is happening,,i wana know how much more time it will take????

  • can u pls tell me that when we go to ufone franchise for port in from warid how much they charge for the new sim????

  • there won’t b any charge for porting in….
    u can visit the required franchise 8 any time of the day..
    u just need 2 keep the cnic original and a pho2ocopy of the same at that time…..thanks

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