Wateen Grabs 200K customers, Wi-Tribe Bags 27,000

Wi-Tribe which was officially launched in Pakistan on 1st of July 2009, has brought 27,000 customers to its network.

It’s marvelous feat on their part as they did this in space of 6 months’ time. Reportedly, it was also the sales target of 2009 that was given to the team.

Wi-tribe also reportedly added maximum customers per day after the recent advertisement went on-air.

On other hands, the senior fellow Wateen has been reporting 200,000 subscribers’ figure, though we don’t have active/dormant split available with us.

Also to mention this figure has not been officially announced, however, recent press release indirectly quoted this figure. Also it is interesting to learn that Wateen celebrated its 100,000th customer in September 2009.

In addition to WiMAX subscribers, Wateen also claims to have 1.5 million calling card customers in the country.

Update: Wateen has 130,000 customers as of February 2009.