Zong Introduces a Revolutionary ‘Family Pack’ Service

Why we said Revolutionary? Because this is a step towards unlimited and unmetered calls on monthly rental – however, not on all numbers, but with-in a family or a group of three members.

With the Family Pack one person of the group of three is charged the nominal sum of Rs. 799 per month after subscription and all the calls among those three people are free.

There are no restrictions on how long the calls have to be and what time they are made, so family members can speak to each other without worrying about additional costs.

How to Subscribe?

One person, the one who is to be charged for the service, dials 930 and enters the numbers of the other two ZONG consumers to complete the group. After that all subsequent calls amongst that group will be free.

Note: The group is not ‘permanent’ either because subscribers can change their group members, or the other two numbers, each month should they need to.


Rs. 799 excluding taxes from one member out of three.

Awais Malik, Director Segment, Products, & International Business, ZONG, while expressing his views said that the new package was designed to meet the needs of families and friends who would like to keep in touch more regularly but worry about running up their phone bills. He said that ZONG is determined to provide packages appropriate for every segment of their subscriber base.

“There is no reason why a child studying in a different city should not be able to talk to his parents daily and for as long as they want. The Family Pack is another step in the ZONG philosophy of bringing people closer every second, every day,” says Awais Malik.