How to Decrease Wait Time during Helpline Calls?

Are you one of those who have to wait for several minutes before call center representative responds to your call? It often turns out to be very irritating particularly when help line calls are being charged and there are good chances that your call gets dropped (due to any reason) during this long wait.

Okay the fact is that not all mobile phone users wait for this long, for instance, you may have noticed that help line calls made by your father or an elder cousin is responded with-in a minute or even before, compared to your long waits during helpline calls.

This is due to call center routing policies defined by mobile phone companies (or every other call center), which results in to prioritizing their customers based on several factors.

Most important factor in case of mobile phone companies is obviously the average amount you spend per month. Another case can be that postpaid users are responded earlier than the prepaid ones.

We are not sure if these are the only factors that can impact the policies defined by mobile phone companies, but based on observation, it can be easily concluded that high paying customers are responded earlier.

By the way, these policies are in place in all centers, globally. So there is nothing un-natural or a inappropriate in prioritizing the call center calls – that’s how they increase the efficiency of call centers.

However, as a tip, if you wait for dozen minutes before call center guy appears, try calling from a high paying number or even better, a postpaid number.

If your problem is not of urgent nature, you may also try calling during off peak hours (late night), so that queue at call center is not long and you are are responded earlier.

Mobile phone companies can even enhance the performance, by tracking customers’ behavior, based on which they can prioritize their customers. For example, a customer who reports only genuine bugs, should be responded earlier than the one who calls every other day to asks for useless things.

for any business, its hard and harsh to categorize customers and this is why customer support experts remain busy in re-arranging these routing policies as an ongoing process. However, as mentioned above behavior based call routing can be optimum for any service organization.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK