Rasta.PK will Offer Real Time Traffic Reporting

Apparently Rasta.PK is first of its kind project initiated by collaboration of UTNT and Punjab Traffic Police that is aimed at providing real time traffic information to general public through website, SMS and other similar sources.

As I mentioned, the project has initiated, however, it may take some time to start offering the services. Currently, a prototype (or feature less) website is in place that reveals the kind of services that Rasta.pk will offer in future.

Features will include

  • Real time traffic information
  • SMS based traffic information
  • Live Traffic Cams
  • Live Chat with traffic experts
  • FM radio channel
  • Traffic TV

Looks, service will offer above mentioned information for Multan, Faisalabad, Lahore, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi in first phase.

Website says that Traffic update will be available after every 5 minutes during peak hours.

As website is not fully functional so no words on feature quality or the reliability. However, what we see is that if executed well, Rasta.PK is going to be a very productive and useful web tool for a general citizen.

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  • If this website turns out to be what is being projected, inshallah it would be a very useful resource for the road users.

  • Nice initiative, if implemented properly. I wonder when will it be rolled out in Karachi and other cities of our beloved country.

  • Jibran sb! Wake up. rail.pk hasnt been updated since April 09. Railway’s official website is pakrail.com, which is up to date till now.

  • Kashif sb! thanks for waking me up. I hope you are not part of wake up Pakistan. Well I don’t know about the rest of the website but you can see the real time arrival and departures at http://www.rail.pk/Arrival-Departure.aspx by selecting the station name from the list. BTW it is also linked from rasta.pk ;) Its all rubbish design but not to forget that these pages are built by their own people on duty. Regards

  • margaye hein yaar
    idher jabran sahab and kashif sahab aik dusray ko jaga rahay hein..
    aur udher baichari awam nokia 1110 hath mei liyay soch rahe hay
    “ab ispar traffic updates kaisay retrieve kijayen” =)

  • I sent an sms to their cell number 03434116073 with code “Rasta 12”

    SMS failed every time….. ;)

    So it is just a failed demo?

  • Have you contemplated introducing some video clips to the Rasta.PK will Offer Real Time Traffic Reporting post… I think it may boost the comprehension great work Take care … Rob Rasner YouTube

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