Webmasters are Selling Email Addresses – Caught Red Handed

Webmasters please don’t sell our emails – this is a rising plea of internet users of Pakistan, as the subscribers base is increasing; marketers sense this as an opportunity to better sell their products – and email marketing is leading channel of them.

Just recently we discussed that companies’ don’t care for the safety of personal information that their customers give to them, neither have they maintained any privacy policy.

But what customers are going to do if their personal information is deliberately sold to 3rd parties, despite privacy policy is in place?

Here is what Saad Salman wrote to us in an online communication,

Today I got an email from “Sadia’s Kitchen” ([email protected]) with their weekly menu etc to which I had never subscribed.

To almost every website I register to, I use a dedicated email address  forwarded from my personal domain, for example [email protected] for any correspondence with ProPakistani – and to my surprise the above mentioned unwanted email was using “[email protected].com” as my email.

This means that beliscity is not concerned at all for the privacy of their customers and is disclosing our personal information to 3rd parties. They are breaching the privacy policy (given here) contract between the company and the user.

We contacted Beliscity, yesterday through email and today on phone, to have their stance on the situation, however, we didn’t get any response from the company as of now.

Update: Beliscity’s owner, Abid Beli has communicated to us in following manner

Sadias kitchen is my own company I didn’t sell Beliscity.com data to anyone and its Beliscity’s new company but I send sadias kitchen newsletter thrice to Beliscity.com members since july 2009 just for intro that Sadias Kitchen also own by Beliscity.com and we offer lunch services too.

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