Rs. 2 for 500 On Net SMS Per day: Ufone

Ufone is offering this new SMS package, that allows 500 Ufone to Ufone SMS a day for Rs. 2.39 including tax where validation period is 24 hours.


Packages: Daily On-net SMS Package
Subscription: Rs. 2.39 (including tax)
No. of SMS: 500
Validity: 24 Hours

How to Subscribe:

To subscribe the Daily On-Net daily SMS Package send “sub” to 611

Step 1: Write message “Sub”

Step 2: Send to “611”

How to Un-subscribe?

The customer can unsubscribe by sending “unsub” to 8611. Un-subscription will be charged at Rs.2 + Tax.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This package is only valid for Ufone to Ufone SMS
  • SMS to all other network will be charged according to customer’s tariffs.
  • This service is available to all Prepaid Ufone customers on all packages.
  • Users can subscribe to multiple SMS Packages.
  • Daily On-Net SMS Package has highest Priority in case of multiple package subscription i.e. On-Net Package will be consumed first before other packages.
  • The package is valid for a period of 24 hours from the time of subscription, but if the number of messages offered is consumed before 24 hours then the service will be expired before the validity period ends.
  • The customer can check remaining free SMS by sending a blank SMS to 606.
  • SMS to short code 606 and 600 will charged at Rs. 0.50 + tax or a SMS from customer’s SMS package.
  • The customer can activate multiple SMS packages at the same time by sending a separate subscription SMS for each package. Both subscription charges will be deducted, remaining free SMS will be shown separately.
  • The customer will be able to send SMS even after reaching zero balance, as long as the subscription is valid (available free SMS and within 24 hours).
  • Upon auto-renewal of Daily SMS Package after 24 hours, remaining SMS from the previous day will not transfer over to the next day.
  • The remaining valid free SMS will be available till expiry time even after un-subscription.
  • If multiple Daily SMS packages are subscribed within 24hrs, auto re-subscription will be based on the last package subscribed.
  • Customers can subscribed to Daily On-Net SMS package multiple times, however, as policy only one package per day is allowed. If any customer is found subscribing more than one package, her/his MSISDN may be blocked.

  • not every thing is good/suitable for every one …. I think ufone is the only operator who has SMS bundle for every type of user ….
    – night package (300sms/night)
    – 500/daily all net packages
    – 8000/month
    – 1000/14day
    – 700/week
    and now they want to give advantage to their own customers by allowing them to send 500/daily on-net sms for just half the rate. It might not be good for those who do not even send 100 sms/day to all networks and they should not even care about this package but there are few who really need these type of package e.g. I know few ppl. who send more than 2000sms/day on ufone and this will just reduce their cost to half.

  • Pyaaray dosto, Aslaam O Alaikum. Aaj aap ko Pakistan k kisi bhi mobile fone number k baaray mein btaun ga k yai Pakistan k kon say shahr ka mobile fone number hai. Yai treeqa sms k zreay hai. Msaal k tor

    923331234567 i

    or es sms ko 689 pr bhaij dain. Thori dair tak aik sms wsool ho ga or us sms mein us mobile fone number ka shahr lika ho ga k yai FLAAn shahr ka mobile fone number hai. Yai service sirf Ufone pr frhaam ki ja rahi hain. Sms bhaijnay or wsool krnay pr koi charges nahi hain. UFONE muntkhib krnay ka shukria. UFONE tum hee to ho.

  • Worst SMS package ever. Shehzad! Stop praising Ufone blindly. Night package is rubbish. A tactic to confuse the customer and grab more money in the name of variety. secondly, weekly package is only available on Life package, which has additional daily charges and high tariff. Ufone will remain a looser.

    • Kashif sb. I am not prasing Ufone in general, I am using all 5 major operators for sending SMS (nearly 10000 SMS/day i.e ~2000SMS/day/operator) and (I know you will not believe but) Ufone has the best service as long as SMS is concerned …. it takes less time to send a SMS (~3-4 sec as compare ot 6sec for others) and error rate is smallest for Ufone. So I am not praising Ufone blindly :-)

  • Useless package as Ufone is already offering best sms packages. And guys I’m listening a rumour that Ufone gonna end Solid Offer no 2nd or 5th February. Is it true?

    And Amir bro I’m not receiving pro-sms-alerts from last week, have you also taken back the service?

  • Ufone is offering very good packages like recently announced Solid Offer but dont know why announce this package, maybe to ruine there good image ?

    Lekin baharhal kabhi kabhi ache logo bhi chawal mar deta hain. Lolz again.

  • And among those 2 percent, who like this package is Shehzad. No offence, but shehzad! you are a corporte like user of SMS package. Im talking about the rest 98% of regular people.

  • yeahi to meray bhai …. her cheez her kisi ke liay nahi hoti na …. yeah to woahi baat hoi ke na-beena beyth ker objection ker raha ho ke yaar new optics lenses ki half price wali offer ka koi faida nahi hai …. :-) bhai jin ki eyes hain un ko faida uthanay day tujhay kia?

    ap ko agher off-net sms kernay hain to ufone ke aur bhee packages hain na woah use karain na :-) jis cheez ka ap se koi concern hi nahi us main keeray nikalna to hum pakistanio ki paidashi aadet hai na :-) jesay kabhee vote to dala nahi per sara saal bayth ker GOV ko kosna ke kuch theek nahi ker rahi

    aub yeah sub main ne examples di hain in ko lay ker start na ho jana …. khair hain to hum pakistani hi …. kuch kahay bina to rahain gaaay nahi :-P

  • useless offer because who does only on net messaging? cheaper offers are available on all network by various operators.

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