Customers Not Happy with Auto Activation of PTCL Voice Mail

Just recently, PTCL re-launched its Voice Mail Service, a free service to for voice messaging while you are away from your landline.

This service is free and is offered in 42 cities of Pakistan.

Now the bad thing happened when PTCL auto activated this service, country wide, without letting their customers know and/or without their consent.

We know the fact that service is free, however, we can’t deny the fact that customers may not want to avail this service, for many reasons. Top of the list reason is that it costs a call to caller, when nobody picks the phone after a set number of rings.

This has happened before when PTCL had auto activated the Voice Mail service, then PTA took the action and had asked PTCL to advertise the de-activation method of Voice Mail.

We hope PTA will go one step further this time, and will direct the company to deactivate service on all phones, so that only those who want it can activate it at any time.

A penalty, in addition, from authority can keep PTCL away from doing such activities in the future.

To deactivate this service, dial #06# from your own phone or by calling 1236 helpline.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Few Month ago i Unsubscribe this service due to same reason because whenever i call home from my mobile this auto service attend my call and no one know how to use this service and caller has to suffer ……… basically PTCL activate this service with its negative intention and people don’t have awareness Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Yea Some Customers Are unhappy But i Personally Like This Service

    Because one of the Advanages Are When your On Call and some On Call you A beep Starts iN Call And you Know Some on Is Calling

    That Really gr8

  • Please get your facts. This relaunch allows PTCL landline subscibers to now access their voice mail from anywhere and any network. The service has not been activated on all lines and is optional for subscribers who do not have this service.

    The mistake of actvating VMS by default was done the first time PTCL launched this service on more than a milion lines.

    Now it appears that te company has learned its lessons and has only enhanced the features for those who find value in this service

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