Ban Night Packages, Right Now: Punjab Assembly

One of the Government’s bodies has finally realized the damages posed by night calling packages. Reportedly, Punjab Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution to put immediate ban on late night calling packages, at least in Punjab.

Assembly floor witnessed strong arguments on the bill which emphasized the harmfulness of these night packages.

Reality of night packages is not hidden now. We all know well how badly these offerings are hampering the minds and futures of Pakistani youth, who spend their nights on phone, thanks to very low hourly calls offerings by cellular companies.

If we look at global trends, off peak tariffs are always more incentivizing for customers. With low traffic during off peak hours, telecom companies give discounts on calls made during nights and so on.

However, in Pakistan, the idea of off-peak hour discount was executed in extremely dangerous manner. These companies offered extremely low priced, on-net hourly calls, which ended up with sleepless nights of the (young) callers.

But if you eye other regions, they offer such discounts on all type activities, be it a on-net, off-net, international or any other type of data or voice call.

So the intent of night packages by Pakistani cellular companies is somewhat clear now.

Khurram Hussain, a physiatrist by profession commenting on these night callers said that this habit is responsible for various mental and physical diseases. “Restless nights are naturally not healthy for human body, and these kids end up with serious mental and physical disorder, if they keep making night calls for long time”, he added.

Government, and the Telecom regulatory authority should have noticed this long ago, but it’s never too late. They must not compromise with the declining potential of youth against some revenues and taxes collected through these night packages.

Even the investors (cellular companies) should think about harms of the unmetered freedom they are giving to youth, for a long term business benefit.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK