Ban Night Packages, Right Now: Punjab Assembly

One of the Government’s bodies has finally realized the damages posed by night calling packages. Reportedly, Punjab Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution to put immediate ban on late night calling packages, at least in Punjab.

Assembly floor witnessed strong arguments on the bill which emphasized the harmfulness of these night packages.

Reality of night packages is not hidden now. We all know well how badly these offerings are hampering the minds and futures of Pakistani youth, who spend their nights on phone, thanks to very low hourly calls offerings by cellular companies.

If we look at global trends, off peak tariffs are always more incentivizing for customers. With low traffic during off peak hours, telecom companies give discounts on calls made during nights and so on.

However, in Pakistan, the idea of off-peak hour discount was executed in extremely dangerous manner. These companies offered extremely low priced, on-net hourly calls, which ended up with sleepless nights of the (young) callers.

But if you eye other regions, they offer such discounts on all type activities, be it a on-net, off-net, international or any other type of data or voice call.

So the intent of night packages by Pakistani cellular companies is somewhat clear now.

Khurram Hussain, a physiatrist by profession commenting on these night callers said that this habit is responsible for various mental and physical diseases. “Restless nights are naturally not healthy for human body, and these kids end up with serious mental and physical disorder, if they keep making night calls for long time”, he added.

Government, and the Telecom regulatory authority should have noticed this long ago, but it’s never too late. They must not compromise with the declining potential of youth against some revenues and taxes collected through these night packages.

Even the investors (cellular companies) should think about harms of the unmetered freedom they are giving to youth, for a long term business benefit.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • This should have been done a long long ago. But its never too late.. !!

    Late night call packages are not very common in oter parts of the world. Especially FREE nights!!??!

    Have you seen any INDIAN commercial claiming anything like that? ever? NO!

    I hope this movement doesnt get hijacked.

  • >> “Restless nights are naturally not healthy for >> human body, and these kids end up with serious >> mental and physical disorder, if they keep
    >> making nigh calls for long time”

    If it’s about restless nights, please also ban all sorts of night-time jobs, such as in hospitals, clinics, the entire call center industry and any other job.

    • mubashar don’t you think those professionals doing night jobs get proper rest during day time. but if you specifically talk about students, they spend nights on phone and then sleep in colleges.

      and waisay bhi, awakening for the sake of feeding family makes sense

  • Asslam-u-Alikum! If its done it wud b great but i tnk youth wud react in this so wat if v dnt react on our country decline coz of these politicains. V r dead basically but i bet v wud react on fon calls not on ‘Ata cheeni Pani’. Who cares if poor ppl die…………..

  • I also want to share some aspect. Any investor in Pakistan is do business only for profit not for providing facility to the nation. They don’t take care about there high profits may harmful for the general public.

  • Plese apply today

    And plese ban sms packeges right now
    Thanks to the punjab gov
    And plz other provence

    We need awake pakistan in the morning

  • Politicians should focus on key problems people are facing in this country. Nobody can force anyone to stay awake or sleep. Politicians always divert peoples’ attention from core issues. These illiterate politicians.

  • Even if we put aside the health reasons these night crawlers ahhhmm callers spend their time doing what?

    Almost all of them are calling boy/girl friends. What good purpose does that serve?

    Also, it’s forbidden in Islam to do activities like that. If you are a Muslim (One who does Islam, which is submitting yourself, your will, your desires to the Creator), you are piling up huge amounts of sins doing just that.

    People who think they should be given freedom of choice, well humans are not so good in choosing what’s good for them. History proves that. That’s why there are laws.

    I hope we wake up as individuals, Muslims and submit ourselves to Allah. That’s the only way of life acceptable to Allah.

  • wow. how lame. next they should ban all parks/fast food joints so young people can’t meet there; also go after all colleges universities too! maybe we can set up some taliban training schools here as well, with night shifts too!

    • Wow look at the other extreme. It’s not about Young people not meeting and not socializing. It’s about doing socializing the right way. The Islamic Way.

      • I’m not arguing about the right/wrong, morality, or physical/mental aspects of calling people at night, i’m merely wondering how our Punjab Assembly thinks this issue is important enough to be debated and unanimously accepted in a session. What happened to the 50% living under the poverty line, petrol gas prices sky rocketing, Atta cheeni shortage, they don’t seem to be realy problems to them i’d say.

        Hundreds of Punjab Assembly people gather on taxpayers expense, and discuss this crap – gimme a break!

        And as far as ‘socializing the Islamic way’ is concerned, enlighten me on that one!

  • this is just stupid … all the uncles would support it ofcourse .. when u dont have a life urself why would u want others to have one … our stupid parliament has nothing to do other then give decisions on such low value stupid things .. they cant decide on big decisions

    • Brother Umair, I am with you on the uncles in the parliament being incompetent to take the big decisions.

      But talking on the phone all night and being without energy next day is not exactly “life”, is it?

  • These pakages is very usefull for me in exams days. my all frends use these pakages for studz parpose … so plz plz dont do that we lost our combine studz ;-(

  • The award winning decision. @ Umair if the technology is benefit for knowledge and education its OK! Its not supportive for uncle, All PARENTS are concerned on this matter. We can’t support the various way for promotion of prostitution.
    Night mend for rest and sleep Not for wasting time on STUPIDITY. I guarntee mobile inbox of teens are full with stupid things!

  • yaar whats up with us gov aesi chezon k pechay kyun hai? Bijli, roti, kaprq inke koi aukat nai? In sab say koi mental?physical masla nai??

  • Good Decision :)

    most of things are being which are not good for Pakistan Future. like increasing prices of Petrol, sugar, electricity bills and other things etc. why Government not taking any action regarding these things. we are also waiting to improvement in all these matter. why government is sleeping.

    • i agree with you, because almost 90% politicians are sleeping like 70% population, we must wakeup and stand on our rights against all wrong actions which they taking day by day….Wake Up Pakistani

    • Government is not sleeping. They are always awake to suck blood of helpless Pakistanis. I don’t own any petrol pump, don’t have a sugar mill , neither have a share in any rental power plant but everybody know who owns them.


    • here is already a large number of taxes and you want to impose a new tax on the people of pakistan.

  • We celebrate freedom on 14 aug,but where is freedom?is this is freedom to ban people personal activities,

  • Stupid govt. Taking insane steps. Everybody know what is right and what is wrong. These loosers, illiterate, garbage politicians should be thrown out of assembly.

  • Stupid govt. Taking insane steps. Everybody know what is right and what is wrong. These loosers, illiterate, garbage politicians should be thrown out of assembly. Total insanity.

  • an adult knows whats good and whats bad for him, you cannot deprive us of our basic rights, we should be free to do whatever we want to do with our lives, these uncles in assembly are making money 24/7…engaged in corrupt activities and now they are worried about “YOUTH” of pakistan, hahah funny….if you really want to make a difference first of all declare your real statement of assets then only you will have the right to take such decisions. fakesters <— all of them…

  • govt should think about our future,they need to develop our quality of life not to destroy us,they need to decrease the prices of Internet packages and enhance it network.

  • “Hamesha Daar Ker Data Hun Main ” Government had to made this decision a long ago as it not only harming youth’s physical and mental health but also hitting our cultural values.

  • i think its better to makee youth mental counseiling not bannning any low call rates they will find another way to talk as we have the cheapest internet available .We should educate our youth for more productive use and actually make them busy so they never got the time for these activities

  • in logon ka dimag kharab hay pahlay he pura din call kar nahi saktay call milanay say pahlay sochna parh jata hay upar say har call pay itnay tax kat jatay hain balance load karwanay per alag tax balance check karwanay per alag tax phir b saukoon nahi hay in DASH logon ko or waysay b kon sa hum inkay baap kay payso say phone kartay hain jo in ki ***D jal rahi hay !!!!! THINK ABOUT IT

  • I don’t particularly use these night time packages but I do not agree with the decision. Night time packages are just another option presented to the consumers. The disadvantages of these are debatable as I can see many potential good uses of these packages as well. It all comes down to how you utilize this incentive. You can not guide the young generation by limiting the options they have, you do it by teaching them to make the choice between right and wrong.

    As far as the Islamic issue goes, yes it may not be preferable to some but this is not explicitly prohibited in Islam and there is no fatwa against it. So the option should be there who want to use it constructively and we should instead try to teach our young population the morals of right and wrong to make an informed decision, rather than enforce it deliberately. Next thing we know, the internet may be banned as the young don’t use it “properly” and it incentivizes wrong activities among youngsters. If you don’t get me, pay a visit to the majority of the internet cafes in the country!

  • There are pros and cons associated with everything, in my opinion may be 20% of ppl will be using it in positive activity. 80% of the ppl use this for inappropriate functions. downside of this offer is significantly higher than the positive aspect.
    night packages should be banned, i totally agree with the decision.

  • i am amazed at the decision and the premise it holds. Its like saying that all the youth are dumb and dont know whats good for them so lets tell them what to do. Secondly, no one has even bothered to look into data on who are the actual users of these services. Atleast some sensible process needs to be followed while taking such decisions. Please leave alone the lives of everyone and let people decide for themselves. Dictator mindset we have in this country is killing the free spirit.

  • AOA All,

    It is a good move which i appreaite a lot .

    The late night packages are totally targetting our young generation, like Lamby raat Lamby baat etc etc.

    This is all nothing but just a waste of time and precious money and above all the wastage of the energy and peak potential of our youngsters. It is thier age to learn and then do something worthy in the practical life later on.

    By such packages , they become menatally loose, lazy and slugish. They cannot exhibit mental toughness and show a solid character to meet the chalenges and combat the hard situations in thier practical livies. They totall become relax and ease loving. This strait does not leave them active for the rest of thier livies.

    Mobile phone is a good utility which i m stronly favouring to be in the hands of every individual irrespective of the age , sex or occupation. It is the requirement of every body nowadays and every body should have it . But its missuse must be condemned and discouraged.

    Best Regards,

  • Pakistan k baqi maslay khatam hogaye jo ye khatam karnay ka itna kera ho rha hai??? =p

    And all those who are saying k this affects students, well everything has its +ve and -ve effects. Government pehlay education ka standard to acha bnaye aur phr ye tension le k hum raat ko kya kartay hai. and if they are too cautions about us, to phr aik aur bill pass karo k student k pass mobile he nai hona chaye, saray sms bundle khatam honay chahye, raat 12 k baad internet nai hona chahye, gprs buckets khatam honi chahye etc etc etc

    THIS MOVE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Punjab Assembly has passed this bill through which telecom companies would be requested to take back their late night packages offered to their customers. The Lady MPA who presented this bill in the assembly was not right in her idea. I contradict with it. The facilities are not always either right or wrong. Their usage makes it right or wrong. For instance, a huge variety of Porn Sites are available on the web which is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. For the such reason, should we also block the internet service in Pakistan as this may spoil our young generation? No! We should be guided the right way of the usage of the facilities we are provided in this world which has become a global village because of these facilities. I request honorable Ms. MPA to review her idea.

  • I am loving punjab assembly for doing that…
    Few cable channels should also be banned and that “KHAWATEEN BILL” passed by muhsraf shud also be rejected…

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