Coverage and Quality is Pivotal in Network Selection: Survey

Network Selection survey was conducted by ProPakistani from January 1st, 2010 to January 31st, 2010. Purpose of this survey was to identify the network selection preferences of Mobile phone users of all cellular companies.

Key question asked was to “Tell the main reason for remaining with their current mobile operator”

We received 4164 responses from people of different ages, academic backgrounds and cities.

Survey result

Following results are purely based on the data collected through survey.

The survey included 95% male and 5% female participants.

The major age group that responded to the survey is

  • 18-24 years i.e. 52% of the total participants.
  • Next to this was from the age group of 25-34 years – 36% of the total sample.
  • Below 18 years and above 35 years both comprise 6% of the total responses.

City wise composition of the participants of the survey was as follow:

  • Karachi         26%
  • Islamabad    17%
  • Lahore          20%
  • Faisalabad     6%
  • Peshawar     4%
  • Other cities   27%

Academics of Participants

Which Mobile Connection Do you Use? (In case of 2 or More SIMs, participants were asked to select their primary mobile connection)

Do you have 2 or more SIMs?

  • Ufone         56% of participants using Ufone said they do have other Sims too
  • Warid         61% of participants using Warid said they do have other Sims too
  • Telenor     64% of participants using Telenor said they do have other Sims too
  • Mobilink   62% of participants using Mobilink said they do have other Sims too
  • Zong           63% of participants using Zong said they do have other Sims too

As the major motive of the survey was to determine the preferences of mobile phone users in network selection, survey included following reasons

  • Low On-Net Rates?
  • Low Off-Net Rates?
  • Hourly Packages (Night)
  • Hourly Packages (Day)
  • SMS Packages?
  • GPRS/EDGE Rates
  • GPRS/EDGE Speed
  • Better Coverage and Network Quality?
  • Better Customer Support?

And responses were as following…!

  • 37% of the users choose their mobile operator because of network quality and better coverage quality
  • 23% choose their  mobile operator because of  sms packages
  • 13% choose their mobile operator for low On-Net rates
  • 10% users believe that the reason they choose their mobile operator because of Low off-net rates
  • 6% choose their mobile operator because of better customer support
  • 11% choose their mobile operator because of hourly packages  (day & night), GPRS/Edge speed & rates.

Why customers of different mobile operators remain with their mobile operator

Following graphs are true picture of strengths and weaknesses of mobile phone operators. These graphs can be used by cellular operators to better plan their investments. Also the potential customer, before subscribing the service, can find out the pros and cons of a mobile phone company by going through following 5 graphs.

Age-wise distribution of the reasons for selecting mobile operator

Good news for mobile operators is that not all subscribers for network quality and coverage.  Their primary needs include catchy SMS and call plans.Meaning that no-extra investment on network, all you need is to offer in-expensive call and SMS package.

But hold on, that’s not the whole picture, as a very interesting shift occurs as the age increases.

I am sure segment guys would be pretty keen on following few diagrams. 


  • Mobilink customers are pretty satisfied with its coverage and quality. To target more customers it should focus on SMS packages.
  • The customers of Zong preferred it for good GPRS and voice call plans; they better focus on coverage quality to capture high ARPUed and mature market, as clearly mature people are more concerned about quality.
  • All mobile operators need to work on customer retention and developing customer loyalty as 64% of the participants said they have more than one sim.
  • All mobile operators need to focus on GPRS rates.

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  • that is great survey… lot of work… lot of analysis…
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  • ironically the only company which lost and continuously losing its Market share has been shown as choice of preference (U-fone)

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