Warid Revises its ‘Crazy Nights’ and ‘Crazy Hour’ Offerings

By Chand

Warid has revised Crazy Nights and Crazy Hours, where pricing has been hiked with some other changes in the configuration as well.

First let’s talk about Crazy Nites:

  • Daily rental has been increased from 20 plus tax to 25 plus tax – per day
  • Earlier package hours were from 10 PM to 8 AM as per our knowledge, however customer support said they were from 11 PM to 7 AM before, now they are reduced to 12 AM to 7 AM

Crazy Hours

  • Now during selected hours, calls made from Warid to Warid are Rs. 3.59 including taxes per call, which were free before.
  • Off Peak Crazy Hour (11 PM  to 5 PM) selection charges are Rs. 4 plus 50 paisa SMS charges and Peak hour (5 PM to 11 PM) Selection charges are Rs. 8 plus 50 paisa SMS charges
  • You can select maximum two hours in a day

New tariff is applicable from tonight.

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Thanks to Ghulam Mustafa for input for this story.

  • So the older one was the better one, these bottom line operators like warid really need to come up with some extra ordinary packages to grab more market share, reintroducing same packages with even less value is not gonna help!

    • I do not agree. From biz point of view i guess passing the maximum benefit to end user is far better than spending huge budget on introducing new packages. Ultimately it is in the benefit of end user.

      Anyways, i am of the view that regulator should block all late night packages to save youth of our country.

  • i think warid management is interested in earning more profits and not worring about customers retention, if u guys remember before warid 100rs card was valid for 6 month and now it is for 1 month,

    im thinking to mnp my all sims to ufone just bcoz of their 6 months validity for 100rs card,

    just confirm me one think if i dail

    my no will be transfered to ufone no, after that i have to visit to ufone office or not


    • @ Malik, what is your PKR usage per sim. I have never seen a person who do not even use 100 rupee card in 1 month time :p

      Anyways, i agree that validities should be matched with industry.

      • @ AA, im using warid post paid sim for calls and zong for sms

        the problem i have to keep my extra sims alive is that they are registered with banks and other related companies, so i dont want any of the sim to get expire

  • Only Crazy Hour Charges revised and it’s better for the customers who use to make call on only 1 number. If you call in between 11pm to 4:59pm you will be charged 4.50rupees+tax/hour and if you call between 5pm to 10:59pm you will be charged 8.50rupees+tax/hour including sms charges for short code 2742. Which were earlier 12.98rupees+tax including sms charges for short code 2742. So quite better but hard deal for customers using Conference Call.
    Above mentioned charges are for selecting crazy hour but you’ll be charged 3rupee+tax/call during selected Crazy Hour.

  • After offering so much craziness warid is going to be crazy itself by Revising all its packages and levying charges on previously free service! They should really sell the company if they can’t manage it.

    • Can you help the viewers of this site by providing the competitive offers available in market?

      I guess you are forgeting that warid was the last one to apply Admin surcharge & charges on call to helpline -:)

      • Yes, Now here is the situation,

        In peak hours you are paying 8+tax for subscription, .50+tax for sending sms, and 3+tax for 1 call, i.e. 11.50+tax, if you make more calls (Conference call) the charges go higher and higher, say you made 3 calls during the "Crazy Hour" that costs 17.5+tax
        on the other hand if you are using Zong happy hour and it will cost you 14.97 for 3 calls

        I think you got your answer.
        BTW warid charges .50+tax for dialing 321 + .50+tax for CSR assistance. Don’t know about other celcos, but that’s craziness :D

    • warid is going in a huge loss. They haven’t get back their investment which is due to their lastest investment in cellular industry. It is very difficult for warid to stand infront of their competitors.
      So they are taking such steps but unfortunately a common person can’t understand it.

      Cellular companies are shifting towards perfect competition.

      • @ Jibran,

        Does it matter to end user? being a subscriber i guess we should be concerned with quality of service, product offering & customer service. Warid is very good in all this. In fact all operators except ufone & zong have a very good quality network.

  • lamest package… whenever warid revise ther package…package become more bad as before..ie zoom

  • warid sux.
    they did the same with their zoom package
    service itehai farigh hai and warid call’s itself the best network. huh!
    whts next? charge on balance check??

  • Warid ek baat buhat lash hai k yeh apni service lash rakha hua hai .warid apni promotion pr itna kharch nhi krta lakin service update krta rehta hai.

    carry on !!!!

  • if warid wanted to finish crazy hour, it can do it. y is this drama needed . what a pathetic marketing deptt warid has?

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