PTCL to Offer Mobile Buckets

We are told by reliable sources at PTCL that company is going to offer Mobile Buckets for landline customers, or what they say, Monthly buckets for calling mobile phones on fixed rental.

Landline giant has been facing tough competition from cellular companies. Mobile buckets would be an effort to grab customers for making mobile calls.

Expected mobile buckets would be as following,

  • Mobile Bucket 1 RS.250 – 200 fixed to mobile minutes per month
  • Mobile Bucket 2 RS.500 – 400 fixed to mobile minutes per month
  • Mobile Bucket 3 RS.1000- 850 fixed to mobile minutes per month

It is likely that they offer further discount for calls made to Ufone, maybe hourly packages too – in near future.

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  • Yes its true yesterday i recieved a call from ptcl representative intorducng me to this and asking weather i would like to activate it or not. At that moment i didnt but after an hour i called 1236 and asked them to activate on my phone. They confirmed my order and notified me that this package will be activated on your landline from 1st March onwards.

    Thats great :)

  • PTCL needs to improve it’s customer services. As you rightly mentioned, PTCL is the “Landline Giant”, but unless they improve quality of service and revamp their customer services they won’t be able to compete. Why would someone waste his/her time on a useless service with no customer support.

  • I think this is more atractive if they giving straight away 30 second packeges like celluler companies and if they want to grow up think about line rent and cli charges

  • Seems like ptcl walas read the feedback on propakistani as recently I read someone criticising ptcl’s call charges for mobile networks.

    I have also notice that ptcl now comes out with interesting packages showing that the company has started caring about different customer segments.

    I really like these packages but I wonder why are there no ads about this very good offer that gives better voice quality at the cheapest possible rates for calling any mobile network.

    If someone from ptcl is reading this then my message for them to keep doing the good work and u will surely. Ne able to hit the jackpot

  • I called for activation but they said unless I get a call, i cannot avail of this service. :(

    Isn’t that silly.

  • Hi,

    Today i called 1236 and they confirmed that they are providing this service but only to those who are making many calls to mobile netwroks.

    Then i argued that i am PTCL customer since 1982, what that bull shit is? i should be the first one to avail this service then he told that he forwarded my request and after 8-10 days i can get a feedback.

    It’s not for all users but only for those who are making many calls to mobile networks, Wholly Bull Crap!

  • If PTCL reduce or remove line rent and CLI charges of Rs.204 i think it can make life difficult for mobile networks, especially if they reduce charges to mobile networks further. This is particularly true because wire have always superior quality than wireless and PTCL now is converting to Fibre Optic (ONU) which is far much superior wire.

    Another option is that they can increase minutes in the monthly bundle offer like Rs.1/Minute.

  • ptcl announced the package namely mobile bucket did not give the method to find out that if the customer had been used his package minutes or not. it should give this facility as soon as possible for customer’s facility.

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