Djuice Pakka Dost goes Internationl

After the Local Pakka Dost, Djuice now connects with your Pakka Dost living abroad. So if you want to talk to your best friend in UK? want to SMS your shopping list to brother in USA? djuice announces the International Pakka Dost offer.

Now all djuice subscribers can avail special rates to UK, USA & Canada on one number. Djuice customers can also avail discounted SMS rates on the international FnF number

How to Subscribe:

  • Dial *345#101#. Form the menu that comes up, select option # 2. You will be prompted to enter the international number. Please note the number has to be added with the code.
  • Dial 555 and choose the 7th FnF slot  Format for the number should be 00<code><number>. For eg: 0016462611054


  • This offer is valid for all djuice price plans
  • There is no subscription price for this offer (one time FnF administration charges or Rs.2 + tax apply)
  • Calls to USA (Landline + Mobile), Canada (Landline + Mobile) & UK (Landline only) will be charged at 50 Paisa/30 Sec + Tax
  • Calls to UK (Mobile) will be charged at 7.99/30 Sec+Tax
  • SMS will be charged 50 Paisa/SMS+Tax
  • The SMS & call rates will be applicable on one international FnF number only
  • Offer is valid 24 hours a day.