PTCL has its Own Sub-Standards

Disclaimer: I am myself affected by bad customer support of PTCL, so this post may go biased

I am using PTCL’s EVO service as backup for internet connectivity and primary broadband solution while on the go. I am using EVO for previous 6 months. Service is pretty seamless – if device gets signals of proper strength.

In this post, I will talk more about customer service, rather than service quality. Following are some of points that I witness every month when I pay its bill, and found them noteworthy.

  • PTCL One Stop shops, only outlets to deposit prepaid EVO’s monthly bills, are too little in numbers. PTCL has shut down many of its One Stop Shops in the name of cost cutting, so one has to travel a lot to get his/her bill paid.
  • PTCL’s EVO Billing system often remains down – so there are good chances that you are asked to come next day or wait for an hour or so to get the bill paid.
  • Customer Service Representatives are so badly trained, or I would say they are not trained at all to serve customers.
  • I am often given the payment slips printed on the back side of telephone bills, when asked CSRs say they don’t get the stationary from company.
  • PTCL’s cashiers never have change – you will have to pay the exact amount or otherwise offer the cashier to keep the change.
  • I don’t know PTCL EVO’s helpline – you will have to believe me that i am living without any customer support at all.

    Here is the reason: On very second day I bought this PTCL EVO device, i called a helpline number that was given on EVO’s Packing box. After remaining on hold for 30 odd minutes, i was told that support is available during work hours only, so try calling tomorrow.

    I was so impressed that i never called them again, and preferred to wait for the service to come back at its own, rather than messing with the helpline.

These are very minor things against very serious complaints PTCL customers have, for instance, disconnected phone lines for weeks, even months.

These days companies stay ahead of customers and solve their problems before they are even aware of, however, PTCL has its own trends.

Pakistan has tons of heads to serve, companies can have millions of subscribers – but you need to offer after sale support and services. No wonder PTCL’s revenues are decreasing, and it will keep going down unless the management starts taking serious steps.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK