Share Your Idea & Win A Trip to Dubai: Wi-Tribe

In connection with Valentine’s day celebration & Dubai Shopping Festival , Wi-Tribe has came up with a deal for online people.

By Online, we refer to people who use Facebook, Twitter and ofcourse readers of ProPakistani :-)

The deal is about “Share Your Idea of a Dream Valentines“. All you guys need to do is write down your idea of perfect dream valentine (if there is any,ofcourse!). The best idea will be selected by the company and the winner will get free trip to Dubai with his/her Beloved to enjoy the shopping festival 2010. The package includes Visa, Traveling and Hotel Stay for 2 nights.  The 1st and 2nd Runner up idea holders will get trendy laptops.

How to Submit Idea:

On ProPakistani, You can see the ad playing on the top of the page. Just Write down your stuff there. And Bingo!!

On Facebook, Follow this page and do the Festival.

On Twitter, RT @witribePK Retweet this & share your idea of a dream Valentines to win a free trip to Dubai.

You might be the visitor. Go and Kick some!!

  • aamir bhai ya phir is website ke jo bhi admins hain

    man cant you change your settings to once approved comment to always approved it isnt that some regular commenter would spam your blog :D its kinda lame that you have to wait for an admin or mod to approve your comment after you post it every time :)

    • We are sorry – its like that, however, this moderation is there to ensure extra protection from abusive and in-appropriate language (that happen to be so common). By the way, we are round the clock admins available to moderate comments – and on average hundreds of comments are caught and not published due to their offensive nature.

      I hope you understand my point

      • lol i get it many pakistani’s are bad and start spamming xD ….. as for me i have no experience bloging in a pakistani community so i wouldnt know lol the people abroad are not like that my experince tells me ! LOL

  • Well wi-tribe comes up with a very good and attractive offer specially for the ones who spend more time on internet…..wish k mera idea accept ho jaye nd dubai ka trip na sahi to chotu sa laptop hi mil jaye:P

  • Witribe is always late to the market be it service or campaigns. This Valentine’s day campaign should have started BEFORE valentine’s day by Feb 1st. Not AFTER valentine’s day! Witribe started this campaign on feb 15th which is ridiculous. Is Witribe sleeping or what?

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