Vulgar TV Shows and our Hampering Values

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the name of country we live in. This country has its own social values and norms that 99.8 percent of the population strictly follows.

I remember there was a time, when Anwar Maqsood was asked to not to write a scene where a brother and sister were supposed to be shot in a room with no one else present there.

Today, the situation has changed a lot – we need to think upon the customs our Television channels are preaching.

We don’t want to hinder the concept of enlightened moderation, however, when such moderation is causing the mental and physical health of our youth, it should be questioned by authority concerned, i.e. PEMRA.

I got this email from Imran, and I am posting it the way it was.

You might have heard about the channel ARY MUSIK – they are telecasting a program named “Living on the edge”. This is one of the the most under-valued programs ever produced in Pakistan. The host of the show asks girls to do in-appropriate and below the social value things on camera to prove that they are daring.

You can check all the videos on you tube. Moreover in the last season of 2008/2009 he asked contestants of the show to eat cockroaches. We Muslims are strictly prohibited to eat HARAM Things and this is the height of sins that a TV host should be asking Muslims to do – that too in front of camera.

Moreover there is a music channel named OYE TV owned by EYE TELEVIS ION NETWORKS PAKISTAN who also own famous HUM TV and cooking channel MAsala TV. The Channel openly telecasts songs in which girls highly expose themselves and kiss in front of Pakistani Audience.

I request everyone to lodge complaints against all these bad media people who are ready to go to any extent for earning money.

We, as citizens, can only raise our voice and let the authorities know about the issues.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK