Vulgar TV Shows and our Hampering Values

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the name of country we live in. This country has its own social values and norms that 99.8 percent of the population strictly follows.

I remember there was a time, when Anwar Maqsood was asked to not to write a scene where a brother and sister were supposed to be shot in a room with no one else present there.


Today, the situation has changed a lot – we need to think upon the customs our Television channels are preaching.

We don’t want to hinder the concept of enlightened moderation, however, when such moderation is causing the mental and physical health of our youth, it should be questioned by authority concerned, i.e. PEMRA.

I got this email from Imran, and I am posting it the way it was.

You might have heard about the channel ARY MUSIK – they are telecasting a program named “Living on the edge”. This is one of the the most under-valued programs ever produced in Pakistan. The host of the show asks girls to do in-appropriate and below the social value things on camera to prove that they are daring.

You can check all the videos on you tube. Moreover in the last season of 2008/2009 he asked contestants of the show to eat cockroaches. We Muslims are strictly prohibited to eat HARAM Things and this is the height of sins that a TV host should be asking Muslims to do – that too in front of camera.

Moreover there is a music channel named OYE TV owned by EYE TELEVIS ION NETWORKS PAKISTAN who also own famous HUM TV and cooking channel MAsala TV. The Channel openly telecasts songs in which girls highly expose themselves and kiss in front of Pakistani Audience.

I request everyone to lodge complaints against all these bad media people who are ready to go to any extent for earning money.

We, as citizens, can only raise our voice and let the authorities know about the issues.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • rightly pointed out!

    I wish PIMRA can take notice of such things as well rather than just taking action against stuff of politicians!

    • I totally agree with you that Pemra should take notice of vulgar material on these private tv channels instead of saving our dirty politician from being exposed on tv.

  • All TV channel in Pakistan (except WaqtNews, Sama and Islamic channels) are Indian and western orientied, they try to follow most of Indian channel.

    Aasaan Zoban may Hamary Media nay India media kay agay Haar man li hay… (All IzZ Well)

    • i dont like the program which are being telecast by famous channel which are telecast abroad as well like ary digital is telecasting a program by the name of nachley is this our religion? is this our culture? this should not be done in our country and we as being pakistani’s and muslims it is our responsibility to condemn such programs

  • But I think its too late now. Our new generation specially children of age 12-18 years known all “those” things and they keen interest to know them. Its all because of our parents and media. I personally have got experience once. I was very shamed what our children are learning from media. Wake up Pakistan!…These are all the conspiracies of Kuffar against us. They want that our young generation could get fall in the seas of sins and could forget their values.

    • even before this generation i would say teens knew about “those” things but did not express it as they do now a days its the time curiosity but do agree that it does need to be controlled also one time i was watchin show on ary digital “dum hai to entertain garo” and this 10/12 year kid was dancing to a indian song with alot of adult contnent and he said he knew what the words actually mean so it was kind of funny at the moment but really its shame it kids parents and ary for allowing this to happen on TV

  • Not only TV channels, most of our newspapers, entertainment websites/blogs/forums follow the same trend. Shame on us

  • PEMRA etc. are being controlled by unknown hands. Our media is just promoting Indian and Western Culture only. Its a big games against Paksitanis.

  • Absolutely true…….. Infact there is potential downfall in moral values of our society, in past few years, especially in Masharraf’s regime. Even PTV, Pakistan’s national channel, has changed its colors…..

  • also a lot of TV channels show a lot of indian films, songs, have indian actors on their shows for example nadia khan show, bollywood/entertainment news, and also pakistani singers/actors working in india. and also Pakistan is i would say the best “MUSLIM” country at the current time because if you look at any other muslim countries media a little bit ours is still in “Beta Phase” towards DOOM!!

  • If you saw the clips on Youtube for this programme, it contains such material that one feels so ashamed of our society; this is despite I live in Europe. One of the clip shows a contestant openliy admitting rape (because his xyz is in Army), another one a girl proudly describe the dare of slapping her mother because she didn’t like her boyfriend. This is no hidden thing, and despite all these things media persons and particularly anchors are in self denial that media only propagates the truth. Launching a complaint did’t in PEMRA went unnotice as expected.

  • Ahh C’mon what’s wrong with u guys .. i mean you can opt to watch PTV if u like to.. but mayn rest of us have life!!!

    • hey moodi,

      What if your daughter slap you and yell in front of media proudly that she is doing it right? Won’t you feel it disgrace? moral values destruction or in terms of disrespect?

      think about it positively even if you are a top rated Roshan Khayal.

      • Aurangzeb the Mughal Emperor – killed his brothers Dara and Murad, imprisoned his father Shah Jahan. Massacred anyone who could make a claim. He was religious fanatic, he hated music, dancing or any kind of entertainment. He was responsible for the downfall of the Mughal empire. He wasted the empire’s money useless wars. The closed minded people are the ones who are a menace. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was ‘Roshan Khayal’ if it was not for him, Muslims would have remained ignorant and backward.

        • Brother There is a great difference between roshan Kheyali nd Awargi . And in my oppinion Islam is the most moderate religion ever . And only in the case if u r so ignorant let me tell u that Killing ur brpthers imprisoning ur father massacring anyone who can make a claim is totally against the teaching of islam so get a life and stp blaiming Islam for wt Aurnagzeb did ! And for ur kind info Sir Syed Ahmed was Roshan Kheyal bqz he was more Islamic them Aurangzeb !

          • Auranzeb used religion or misused religion. General Zia did exactly the same. Islam is far more liberal than you can imagine. If you read the first verses of Surah Al Noor, translated. Read it as it is written. You will see that Allah is merciful even to those who have committed adultery or fornication, men and women alike. Islam is twisted to mean something which it is not Islam is the most permissive religion of all. A woman can divorce as many times she likes and marry someone else – she would only be able to do that if she finds someone she likes. there is a courtship period and then she marries. The twisted version of Islam considers such a woman of bad character. A man can marry four women at a time. The different sects in Islam are the result of how Islam is interpreted. But if people consult the Koran with no guidance from anyone, no support from anyone, no interpretation only then people will know the truth. But in schools children are reciting the Koran in Arabic, not knowing what is it that they are reading. It could be about ______ and the ________. We like to live in a world of lies because it fits with our pattern of existence.

            [Comment Edited]

  • amir bhai pemra to soh rahey hay
    unka kam ab sirf yeh rah gaya hay kasay news channels of band karay i hope pemra will take action

  • Why do you guys always have to poke your nose everywhere!…
    you don’t wanna watch such shows then don’t. Those who want let them…banning the shows and taking freedom from others is not the way to impose your thinking.
    Both the islamic channels and modern channels are running side by side, those who wish to be religious can always tune to the islamic channels its nothing like the modern channels have occupied space…
    so please live and let others live too


    • Here is not the matter of imposing someone’s thinking on community. It’s the matter of preventing our nation from the dark shadows of Indian and Western Culture.

      • stop using the mobile phone, the computer, the electronic devices which you use daily…its all made by the western world…

        • My dear Junaid using mobile phones and computers is not equivalent to adopting western culture. If we use all these things in a fair way then there is no problem.

          • Dear Imran… Pardon but nobody’s forcing u guys to adopt the western culture. If somebody is interested in the culture of west – its his/her act and others shouldn’t bother, they got no right! Peace!

            @Junaid.. you got my back on this!

          • Dear Moodi
            Adopting the goods of any culture is not bad but its totaly unacceptable when you yourself forget or undermine your own values. Back something that make you proud as muslim and pakistani, not something that make you ashame in your own society.

        • Junaid Shb ,,

          Evil, sin is always Sin in what so ever cover you try to present it .

          electronic items what soever u r saying are not sin but their use determines how lethal and hazardous they are for ourselves.

          WE must make use of these electronic items in the our interest and in positive way.

          As far as Waqar Zakka is cons, He is a very mis behaving person .

  • Bhai Pemra Wlay action kiun lein Hakumat to chahti hai k hum american bn jaen aur hmari ikhlqi iqdar tabah ho jaen

  • wow, the tolerance level of you people!

    you think people did not fornicate before the age of tv? do you think censorship is the best policy?

    i have been to pakistan, india and bangladesh, it amazes me how boys on the street taunt girls and what not, do you think this is all a result of tv?

    you want to talk about sharia law, fix the more important stuffs first then, as far as i know taking riba is way way bigger haram, how comes you dont raise your voice to stop it yet you are making a big fuss out of a girl showing skin, you know the islamic system right you are allowed one glance at a girl and then you are supposed to lower your gaze. Just cause you dont like someone you cant tell them to get lost.

    Look at what this suppression has done to Pakistan and Bangladesh i.e the previous generations, instead of preaching why something is wrong you guys go around saying this is bad so close it, you fail to realize that it is human nature to go against rules, this is why you must explain to the curious mind why something is wrong and what are the consequences.

  • move to iran or something man, if u cant handle it.

    ur raising this issue about some stupid tv shows which no one takes seriously(except some pathetic losers)and bringing up religion in this, i just saw a talk show on express news where the host showed that during the recent “BHAL SAFAI” of lahore canal, thousands of Quran pages were found dumped in the canal and now they were just rotting away, everyone knows that how much sewerage water is dumped into this canal, and people still throw their damaged Qurans in there. where is our religion now?? now dont go out blaming it on jews, christians and hindus for this act. they didnt do it, we did it, and everyone of us should be ashamed of it.

    now i would recommend to shut

    [Comment Edited]

  • Lets face it! people won’t go back to the time you talking about! they simply won’t! and it’s a fact. We are hypocrites! on one side, you are remembering times when bro and sis weren’t allowed to sing together (Nazia & Zohaib) and on the other side, your own class fellow girls or colleagues, when go to the Cinemas to watch Twilight, they simply start screaming like desperate animals on heat when the Hero Edward or even the other Wolf guy comes on screen! what kind of Hyrpocrisy is it? SO let it be the way it is! and yea, the Videos you mentioned, they are foriegn, mostly Indian :) not Made in Pakistan! so CHILL!!

    And a very important thing is, ISLAM or ETHICS are always there in heart, U can’t change it with channels, or media! If someone’s We are bad people, and our leadership is the what validates it !!

  • I am the same who emailed Aamir about this topic. Well I would like to appreciate first of all Aamir for writing my name in the post and secondly i would like to say to all those who are in favour of these vulgar shows that you people should leave your foolish thoughts as you people are the real miscreants in Pakistan. The Current Situation through which Pakistan is Passing is a mere result of your filthy minds. When Allah has prohibited us from eating Haram Things and has asked Women for Pardah then who are you to change these rules. Better revisit your attitude and We have to suppress all these people as they are spoiling our culture and 99% of Pakistani’s are against this vulgarity. You people have an option to watch English Channels then go ahead with them but better leave Pakistani Media pure and Clean from all these things. I think we should not leave this issue like this but should highlight this issue so that concerned authorities may find a remedy to this problem. It is our obligation to raise our voice for our Country.

    • Foolish thoughts, miscreants?? – mayne you went at par with that stupidity! All those suicide bombers who had ever blown themselves up killing innocents, you cant deny the fact that they hold the same mind-sets as yours!

      And the current situation thru which pak is passing is the result of all you narrow-minded people (mostly mullah) out there.. hear me say it loud!!

      you said: “When Allah has prohibited us from eating Haram Things and has asked Women for Pardah then who are you to change these rules.”

      Its good for you if you’re abiding to these rules set by allah — but you cant enforce them to other humans, or else you cant escape the fact that you guys really are the TERRORISTS –as the rest of the world is saying already!!

      And this is my obligation that i raise my voice for the freedom of the rest of us!!

      • Well said moodi.

        The prophet used to travel on foot do you, the sound of azan was via mouth and not by using loud speaker, disturbing the very neighborhood where people might be ill.
        you never said no to the perfumes did you!!!…even if you said whats wrong with the perfumes a minute smell to freshen the surrounding isn’t bad.
        you never said no to the purified water you drink, thats all western technology filters
        you never said no to people taking money on the name of zakaat and to those on the name talibs…buts whats the end result, corruption and terrorism…

        please change your mindset, its you guys and your thinking which makes the east bad infront of west…

        • I was watching this video of Imran Khan, in England, and he was so true that Pakistanis have a very unique habit… He said, when a politician (call him A) points out the corruption of other politician (Call him politician B), he instead of justifying his deeds, starts pointing back the corruption of the politician A.

          Junaid, bro don’t you think its un-fair to compare perfume with kissing scenes on nation wide TV broadcast?

          I would say, its more about our social values and norms than of western or eastern term.

          • @Admin: agreed I compared the 2 absolutely different things…but still if you feel like kissing is unjust you can always change the channel or turn the idiot box off…no ones forcing you to watch the kiss :P

            • Junair lol – well said, but i mean look – the way you are free to say whatever you wanted to, in same manner i voiced my feelings

              • @Admin: agreed on this…everyone’s free to speak, share and discuss, but those who try to force their thinkings is wrong…

  • It is very sad that the proper writters and thinkers have been eliminated in the Zia erra of Govt.
    like Faiz and other people as Zia was a person who had no mind of literature.
    The vacum created then was filled by such people who were once the milk sellers on the streets of Lahore became producers.
    The real minds and creative people were punished publically, they were tied and trashed for the anti-dectator policies.
    When the illiterate people will come to the place of writting and direction, they will show the vulgur scenes and productions.
    PTV and pakistan film industry were at the very great position with self-censorship thinking in the minds, People at that time gave very good productions , like Waris, Khuda kee busty etc etc, Hasseena moeen came up with good stuff, Magical tunnes by Nisar Bazmi and many more .

    The absence of these great thinkers from the main seat let the all and sundary to come in the driving seat and start vulgur productions.

    This is the bigest blow to our showbizz world .

    The Adds in those days carried the mesage in a very convincing and decent way.
    Also , in the film industry , the songs were such that hey boosted the theme of story of the movie in stead of slowing down the momentum of the filmin 60’s and 70’s.

    Whereas today , it is total non-sense in adds and show bizz.
    There is no art , it is all nudism and exposing nude nowadays.


  • This is a Telecom and IT news forum and you are discussing TV shows here.

    I think your rumour factory has currently no new Masala.

      • It’s your blog, you have the right to discuss anything. If you change the tagline from “Pakistani telecom and IT news” to “Pakistani Telecom, IT, and General News”, people won’t bug you. :)

  • I feel very sad when i see GeoTv telecasting Indian films. Indians have banned our channels in their country and we on the other hand telecast their movies. What a shame. Brother Imran has rightly pointed out Humtv. When i watched it for the first time i thought it to be an indian channel.

      • not every quote is applicable to everywhere… they’re imposing such culture upon us with a certain planning. Kbi Islami History ki study karo..aor ek Moslim kay dil sy socho to har cheez samj jao gay. Mai idr ye nhe kh rha k hum bilkol thek hn..sara unka hi qasoor h, mgr mojy ek cheez ka afsoos h k HUM HI IS GALT CHEZ KO DEFEND KR RHY HN

        • Imposing?? Ahh.. Man why you guys dont think before you speak, or do u people really enjoy confusing your minds? Imposing means to force someone to do some thing… and in this case its clear that Remote is by all means under your control. If you dont like it then just switch to some other channel. Nobody’s forcing you guys to watch or adopt those things!!

          • I’m not not talking about myself, I’m taking about those innocent (not mature) people especially children who can’t differentiate between good and evil, they just try to follow whatever they watch on TV. I never watch such stupid TV channels, neither I’m mullah, and never used to reply stupid people like you and never believe in personal attack, you’re just re-playing the part of Hassan-Bin-Saba, Mir Sadiq, Ibny-Sadiq etc, I’m sure you never header the name of these hypocrite people, I’ll ask you to study the history first, you just used to think with your stupid limited thought and always tries to defend other (Indian, Western, etc) point of view just to show that You’ve different school of thought.

            It is your rule “Live and Let Live” why don’t you follow it own, any why your here trying to convince me. Lolzz, I’m trying to convince you because I’m not following this rule everywhere.

            No more replies from me until you talk sensibly.

            Allah bless all of US.

  • those who are saying kay jin ki merzi hay woh daikhain aur jin ki merzi hay na daikhain, aisi defination kay mutabiq tu Pakistani main night clubs honay chiyey, sharaab ko legal kar daina chiyey, prostitution ko bhi aam kar daina chiyey…!

    Coz jin logon ka dil nahi hay woh nahi jayain, aur jin ka dil hay jayain.

    Daikho, app log yaad rakho kay app aik Islamic country main hain yahan aisay kaam hotay hain, par parday kay peechay, not in front of public or specifically on camera.

    All your accuses are so lame and i would rather call them childish.

    • FYI… there are already night clubs in the city for those who are desperate.. and Liquor is already being sell via proper shops to those who have license (govt issues to non-muslims) and Napier Road among many others is the place we call red-light district.

      I know i am living in a islamic country but it doesnt mean that sha’riah shud be forced upon me. being a Pakistani I am bound with the laws of this country and not religion!

      All of our accuses??.. Pardon me brother but its u guys accusing the Media, only if u know what accusing means!!

  • one more thing, not many in Pakistan would support such unethical shows. Only the host, its financers, and less than one percent so called moderated people may vote for it.

    And by the way, i am not Mullah at all

  • Yes thats true, media of our country are deep down in all these things, shame on them.

    But beside all these, we also think that are we MUSLIM? does we pray only ALLAH or we pray many more?

    ALLAH will neglet and forget all these kinds of sins and mistakes with HIS MERCY but not neglet SHIRK, which we does in all aspect of our life.

    We as a pakistan divided in sacts, like DEOBANDI, AHLE-HADEES, SUNNI or SHIA, and nobody wants to call himself MUSLIM.

    how can we progress in this world and after this world?

  • Dear all

    All that we need at this time is our own reconition as pakistani nation/culture.
    It is sad that we are ruled by the media with no imposition of any rules, no ethics and all commercial. They are promoting all indian culture. In CHORAHA geo news jawad ahmad was wishing a common culture of india and pakistan to be promoted as common asian culture to create market for music.
    How sad it is that we talk all against the iseology of Pkistan. Two nation theory was based on cultural difference. Now we again wish to be united. Why then killed million of people and wasted 60 years.
    Its too late. Our own youth will kill us if we ban such things. All the society is captivted by the west-influenced media and mobile companies. Its too late now, too late. . . . . .

  • Assalam-o-Aleikum,

    All music, female shows in which they are “bepardah” should be banned + all indian, english channels need to block forever. Nasal ko barbaad ker dia hai aur mazeed gumraheee ke taraf gamzan hain, we need same era that was around 1990-92 when only PTV and STN was present.Only news,sports and cartoons channels allow other than PTV etc.

    Its time to awakening Muslims and specially Pakistani muslims.

  • We shouldn’t forgo our religious values..get a life!
    rather than portraying our culture and norm..we are heading towards the wrong direction….
    ARY and other channels should have the guts to show the true image of Pakistan instead of attracting the audience by showing these unusual programs.

  • I really like the example of Anwar Maqsood. Those were the values that we were supposed to keep.

    Enlightened moderation is nothing more than “Kauwa chala Haan’s ki chaal aur Apni chaal bhi bhool gya”

    We would get nothing by following wester culture and vulgarity. We should revive the real muslim values in the country…


    Na Khuda he mila na wisaal-e-sanam
    na idhar key rehay na udhar key rehay…


    Aur jin logon ko modern ho ker kanjar banney ka shoq hai to wo na to iss duniya mein kuch ban saktey hain aur na agli duniya mein….. they are just a LOST GENERATION….

  • This is height of disgrace for all of us Pakistani that such things are happening openly n non of us taking it seriously. We people should discourage these type of activities happening on other channels as well and our ARBAB-E-IKHTIARAT take strict action against these channels.

  • Many amongst our educated class have become a prey to what is so called “Freedom of Speech” or westernized Democracy. My friends this is not what our homeland was made for, not vision of Quaid or Iqbal. Now dont you start mentioning about Taliban. They are a reaction to our such bad deeds, in same way as body create anty bodies in reaction to external change.

    I wont blame any particular program, the overall role of media showing Indian programs, dance shows, musical nights & worst indian movies is not a threat to youth only, its equally bad for all of us as one gets addicted to such stuff. Remember there is no end to lust except complete self destruction. Most effected are the children, when we talk about freedom of speech, we dont consider we are taking the Freedom of Childhood from that child. Had he got no right to enjoy his childhood? Why we want him to turn to adult so early?

    Its a state of self pity, we should open our eyes before its too late …

  • Assalam o alaikum,
    Dear brother please remember Islam is not bound to Boundaries…we are First Humans then Muslims then Pakistani or what ever,so Our Identity is Islam,If we will be rewarded Jannah(inshAllah)then it will be because of us Being Muslim,not PAKISTANI…so remember we are Muslim first then Pakistani,so we should ist follow the rules that Islam tells us,then any other constitution,
    for all out there talking about freedom of doing any thing…please for sake of Almighty Allah study Islam,
    It is Said in Islam that if you see any bad thing happening stop it by hands,if not possible then by your Voice,if this is not possible then think bad for it in your hearts and this is weakest condition of Imaan.
    O my muslim brothers going through the meanings of hadees where we see our self,we are not thinking bad things bad then were are we brothers.
    Also in 1970s RA funded indian Media with so much of funds just to overcome the Culture Identity of our Country that was so close to Islamic culture,they said then that we will conquer Pakistan with Media,no need to fight them,and nowadays we can see that yes they are successfu upto greater extent,ladies in our homes will become furious if we don’t allow them to watch StarPlus and other channel.A survey shown that,after starting of such channels in Pakistan the rate of family disputes and Divorces have increased to an Alarming level…

  • Also I read some brother was saying about some Taliban and Mullah stuff,doing some terrorist activity,then I will rather ask then to please do a little research on it before sying any thing,Ist search and study the 20 20 report that CIA have planned before 20 years,about all what is happening is Pakistan Iraq Iran or Afghanistan,do you know what is this Furious Taliban thing,every one know they are created by USA,if you people think that the operations going on in South Waziristan wana and places like this,are to free Taliban then please make this clear that instead of believing what ABC certified(American Broadcasting Certified) like Geo and others showing ask people whos whole cultivation is being destroyed by our own Army,ordered by our leaders just to get save there seats, to get sympathy of America,ask them they will tell you who are real Talibans and if they are the Bad guyz,where they were before 4 to five years,why they have spent 62 years with so calm attitude,why they always helped people there,why there were no any attacks that we have see in recent year,why USA have released Bait UllAh Masood from Guantanamobay paying some billions of Dollars for his bail,and why that we are hearing name of XYZ taliban tehrik every day,where were these so called fake tehreeks before all this

  • so my brother actually when you will go through the 20 20 report every thing will be clear to you that actually the most fierce force that USA have to face is Pakhtoons and so that are using Pakhtoon(our Pakistani army operations going on)to defeat Pakhtoon,as now when this whole belt will be free from all this Brave peolple,it will become much much much more easier for India o attack Pakistan from that side,ever thought why there are 17 Indian Embassies along the this Belt,ever thought that Afghanis who are pro Indians,when wear Turban and grow beard will look same like Real Good Taliban,ever seen that Programs on National Geographics that shown that US researchers discovered temporal Mind memory clearing chemical now for more then 25 to 30 years before,ever thought why young Soldier in Iraq are doing sucides,because they were injected with such chemicals and when the time completed and they realized that they were doing all this because they were programmed by intelligence to do so brutal Killing of Innocent peolple Even in Afghanistan,they starting doing sucides because of depression,so why can’t they use same chemical on our people or on Afghan Peoples,that seems similar like Pakhtoon.actually there are some 1000 to 1500 such brain washed people and showing their activity the real battle men are being martyrd,planned by USA executed by our army to clear they belt for USA,for india to intervien from there,USA gain access to the NAtural resources,to gain access to Gawadar port,to keep his upper hand on this Arabia sea region,as all of the fuel the USA is sucking from Middle east is taken via this route,and if China and Russia gain access to Gawadar port,then there will be no Upper hand to USA,and the max resistance that USA have to face was Pakhtoon that never gonna Allow USA to take over their lands,so all this shit is Being planned and we being unable to absorb abrupt changes taking things for granted from media what ever they are feeding us,Remember USA have think tanks whose only job is to think for USA domination and how to Disintegrated Muslim Unity,as you can see now USA is between borders of all Muslim countries,starting from Saudia and Kuwait,following Kuwait war that was planned by USA as well,between Kuwait and Iraq,now planning to attack Iran and forcing Iran to withdraw their Nuclear program,if they are doing this for peace,then Why the Hell USA have more then 10,000 Nuclear bomb when even 100 Bombs are enough to destroy the whole World,when Each bomb Cost Millions,and also have thousands of Hydrogen Bombs,when Each bombs can Nearly clear off the Whole continent and there are only 7 Continent…so coming back then they want to sit between Iran and Iraq that Iran is not Allowing,between Iran and Afghanistan,that Again Iran is not Allowing,they are already present in Afghanistan,beating Russia that was trying to gain Access to Sea,and then to Middle east,and then between Afghanistan and Pakistan,so the Only Resistance they had between Pakistan and Afghanistan is our own people the Brave heart Pakhtoon,about which they have said,as I have mentioned Earlier,are the most Fierce resistance to them,one of their Army cheif said,it is like Banging your Head Against rock to fight them,so they just started making our mind through media that these people are very Narrow Minded and they are doing such Terrorist attacks and Downing girls schools,so that peolpe like us who never want to take Pain of doing research on such topics,Instead we will research whole life of Micheal Jackson or any other BS,we take all this info as Granted and started having a sort of hatred for them and some of us had mixed feeling,then according to plan USA started their drone attacks and also forced ou army to Kill them on Ground,and we seeing all this,many of us have had no sympathy for them,so none of us Took any stand for then,USA succeeded in their Mission.seen How wisely all this is Being planned by the Think tanks and we took it as granted.that is what they are doing and will keep on doing unless we go back to the Teachings of Islam,May Allah all of us Hidayat,specially to me too,Ameen

  • Better to write directly to the concerned channel or to PEMRA instead of going public because it will only make aware those who till now were not aware of such programs. My point is that discussing such issues in these columns will only increase their veiwership programmes which obviously may not be the objective.

    There is no denying of the impact such viewership makes but most important is the upbringing of our children and the role of our parents and the family in it. Next comes the rule of law to curb any evil in a society and unfortunately both are missing which is why many ills are rampant in our society. However, an interestng observation by the initiator Mr. Imran made in his second post that “99% of Pakistanis are against this vulgarity”, amuses me and I’m wondering why then give so much importance to the remaining 1%…!?

  • WTF, U guys r so struck up, who said roches r haram. show me a single verse. n pakistan was not always called “islamic” republic it was never meant to be, this islamic ideology was trust upon us by hacking moron generals and politicians.

  • I think every programme on any channel which is against our values, culture and society should be banned. We should not concerned whether the channel is Pakistani, Indian or any other. We should see what they are showing to our viewers. Simply If showing good things acceptable otherwise not.

  • There used to be CENSORSHIP a few years back, where is it now ?

    and PEMRA is crap…..they do nothing!

    I guess we should file a complain in the Court for these immoral tv broadcastings…… that’s what a peaceful and concerned citizen should do. Drag them to the court and have our concern heard and ACTED!
    If i could….. i would file a complaint in the court against PEMRA and these immoral TV channels.

    • welll…… who’s stopping you?

      go ahead.. do it! :D

      hypocrisy is all we got! n all we shall do!

  • its something preplanned against humans who want to live a decent life. May Allah Help all of us…

  • Lolzz. today you people are yelling about all this stuff. have you ever thought while watching a news channel that should they be allowed to go in such deepth of every issue as they normally do. on one side you claim for media freedom no matter what sort of and on other hand when media getting very brave and doing every act bravely you start yawning about vulgarity. duh….
    there is alway plus and minus advantages in everything, depends what YOU chose.
    And by the way there are many other programes on different paki channels you might want to see once, then you wont be complaining about This one :d
    hansi ati hai mujay hazrat e insaan per,,,
    khata khud karay lanat karay shaitan per.

  • thats true, PEMRA and CENSOR BOARD are just crap. even PEMRA just earning from cable operators and channels, i mean after a war of different channels still PEMRA have no policies for cable operators. and if we talk about censor board, they wont take any responsibility for anything, even though few days back i was watching a news channel dont remember the name, where they were talking to censor board authority and that guy didnt answered any single question and keep telling i do what i do and i dont need any ones suggestions. thats the way they work.


  • @eXtreme-op, let me say one thing, actually my dear brother, if you scroll up and concentrate on question so you will clearly got dat the matter was not about the media bravery, actually it is our responsibility to fill out all gaps if created. So, media freedom was about to disclose aspects which were hiding from peoples, not about to cross religious limits. Nobody is allowed to do this. And it is now responsibility of our highly qualified censor board to urgently take any or even every possible step to stop these nonsenses because it is a matter of our teens’ future.

  • OK , THIS BULL SHIT, R U FAKE PAKISTANI PPL R MAD….PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS BELOW U SO CALLED PAKISTANIS…Waqar Zaka is make the best entertaining show ever in Pakistan history, see indian ppl rated this in their top ten list no Pakistani show has ever been so popular see this

    others too?



    the only thing is that Waqar Zaka is in SHOWBIZ and his job is to make entertaining shows , there is no culture or religion in entertainment ,

    ISLAM or PAKISTANI CULTURE DONT ALLOW U TO have such fashion shows and entertainment or allow u to have movies in CINEMAS , its a PAKISTAN Y THERE R CINEMAS AND INDIAN MOVIES , R U PROTESTING AGAINST THAT ?

    R U PROTESTING AGINST SHUTTING DOWN Style360 showing vulgar fashion shows?

    Either be a pure and true PAKSITANI and protest against the bigger evils or JUST ENJOY THE SHOWS instead of creating ur own Mosque and saying that Waqar cannot show this and that

    REMEMBER NO VJ OR HOST IS MAKING ANY GUD SHOWS AT ALL only Waqar Zaka and LIVING ON THE EDGE is what left in our entertainment Industry which can match any international show SO THINK ABOUT IT

    U PPL R DESTROYING THE IMAGE OF UR OWN HERO WAQAR ZAKA not understanding that its entertainment not religion


    U DIDNT REPLY ME abt the ISLAMIC and PRO PAKISTANI question i asked dude:)

    Read wht Im asking or may its just cuz u r getting paid to write shit abt legends like Waqar Zaka and LIVING ON THE EDGE

    Y U RUNNING COMMERICALS ON UR WEB? if u r so pro Pakistani:)???


    Its not abt freely speaking or not its abt discussing issues with logical reasons

    SO Y THERES NOTHING ABT Pakistani channels running INDIAN SONGS? specially vulgur ENGLISH SOngs???


    • Maliha, we are not paid for anything to write anything. Yes, we are paid for advert/banners, that you can see on this website.

      About other things – i ve answered similar questions in above comments already.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your opinion

  • and PLEASE can u tell me r u only here to write critizing stuff using the word “FREELY SPEAKING”

    if not so then Y u have never pointed out or wrote anything on VJ Waqar Zaka’s efforts abt running campaign against cyber crime in Pakistan cuz my own pics got deleted through him and my fake profile got removed on fb cuz of his show

    Hes the First HOST OF PAKISTAN who is sincerely helping ppl through XPOSED , catching ppl who upload pics of grls and videos on utube

    Is there any VJ or TV HOST doing such stuff for the youth?

    Practical help is wht we need not lip services like u r paying.

    see this, u should be spreading this Video everywhere specially on your website if u r TRUE and really a PRO PAKISTANI
    FIRST TV HOST TO TAKE ACTION Against hackers and cyber crime

    Lets be honest … WHAT IS ENTERTAINMENT or SHOWBIZ? logically ISLAM DONT ALLOW SUCH STUFF then y u r supporting anything , its not abt free speaking thing …its abt talking logic !

    So plz answer u dont support or write gud stuff abt anyone?if so y u have not written anything abt XPOSED OF WAQAR ZAKA ? just cuz that will not attract masala waley comments on ur so called PRO PAKISTANI WEB lolz

    hope to hear logical answer freely speaking Admin:)

    u r running a web on the name of PRO PAKISTANI so u should be thinking in a positive way.

    JEE ENTERTAINMENT ? is it allowed in ISLAM and so in our Pakistani CULTURE to have Fashion shows , INDIAN SONGS RUNNING ON TV? DRAMAS if so plz write where it is written or just say that on the basis of FREE SPEAKING THING u r free to create ur own MOSQUE and do whtever suits u and whtever is not suitable for u and someone else is doing then u will bring ISLAM and CULTURE stuff..rite?

    • The only reason he ever made an episode on “people who upload girls pics” was because some of his really appreciable pictures with his girlfriend were leaked.

      • @Hamad

        U r totally a looser , hes running this before all this cuz he helped me in deleting my fake profile from FB thx to FIA and Vj Waqar

        ALL LOOSER TYPE THINKING U HAVE , at ur own website u r writing that I am the director of waqar’s show and here u r …gosssh and deleting my comments from ur web shit

        The point is whtever Vj Waqar do u want to hate him

        U r an attention seeker trying to get attention by hitting on the respect of some one like Vj Waqar

        if u really care abt the culture make topics abt Zardari and Government

        Vj Waqar is in SHOWBIZ and showbiz is all abt entertainment , u cannot say that the kind of entertainment u like is what everyone should like and whtever u dont like u starts to compare it with porn movies etc


        U just want to pick negative points and pull the leg of someone who is going up.

        and by the way even if Vj waqar started all this after his own case wht do u think is he not creating awareness and giving practical help to all those who r suffering from the biggest youth issues these days?

        SHAME ON U, I hope FIA should take again action U and your website for creating stupid propaganda against a hero like Vj waqar

        • Maliha, better read above comments – and pls don’t repeat questions that have been replied already.

          Let’s keep the discussion live but in positive manner.

        • @Maliha, actually u know wat, u hav to concentrate on the actual question…. ok? and if u don’t, so please don’t b hyper…..! :)

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