Fly By – Pakistan’s First Flash Game on Facebook

As spotted by CodeWeek, Fly By, Pakistan’s first Flash Game has ultimately appeared on Facebook, and already  it has attracted more than 800 users from all over the world.

Fly By is developed by Web Sketchers, a team of individuals who graduated from FAST-NU Lahore in 2009.

The game is visually spectacular, rich in colors, and encompasses eye-catching 3D modeling.

The basic theme of the game is the flight of an aircraft through the city centre. The aircraft is flying low, and has to evade the numerous skyscrapers and hot air balloons that encroach in its path. The player has to maneuver the aircraft through these obstacles. As the player progresses, points are earned and newer levels of play are attained during game play.

Web Sketchers say they are going to add more features in coming days, based on users’ feedback.

Web Sketchers also intends to launch a number of new and exciting games in the near future under the umbrella of brand “Wesga”.

Link on Facebook to play:

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