Beware of Fake Wireless Broadband ISPs

Another day, and here comes another scam. We are told by multiple readers that there are some fraudulent people offering wireless broadband of 1 MB link for just Rs. 1,000 per month, even lower price in various cities.

These fraudulent groups are going door to door to offer their services. They claim to be representatives of renowned ISPs, and that they are offering special packages to home users at discounted rates.

It was told that group consists of well trained and educated youngsters. They carry well printed brochure and pose exactly like professional sales’ persons.

However, when someone applies and pays the dues – they are never given the broadband services, neither they saw those representatives again in the vicinity. We learnt that contact details of these sellers were fake and victims were left with no option but to repent over the situation.

We advise our readers to not to pay any penny to anyone, unless you are sure that salesman is authorized from the respective ISP.

It is alarming situation for ISPs, as this scam will impact their business strategy if they start door to door selling in coming days.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Very well issue is raised. Could any one tell that if they are selling fake devices, then how they activate service?

  • I got a call from someone claiming to be from PTCL last week offering the same package. Dont know how they got my ptcl number.
    Lucky me since i got burnt earlier by mobilink saleswoman (actual one!) who misquoted me the pricing and I was left with no recourse. Moral of the story – never trust salesman, also verify/checkup!

  • Thanks to propakistani team for high lighting this issue.Where is our Telecom regulator PTA?
    strict actions should be taken against such fraudulent people.

  • Yaar koi topic nahi hota hai tu aise he bundle mar daite ho tum log, relevant topics achay hotay hain per fake news mat chalaya karo pls

  • Borther, you seem to be not in your senses. If wireless broadband is not relevant topic then what is? Also, how do you know it’s fake news?

    • what i mean by relevant topic k koi aisi news nahe mili hai aj se pehle tak, kisi company nay aisa promotion nahi kiya hai k ab door to door sales team ayge ya what ever, broadband service koi toffee ya surf excel ka packet nahi hai k door to door ja k sale kiya jay usay, and no body is fool this much k woh waise he kisi ko pay kar daingay. sense less post according to my opinion

  • I agree with Faisal. Amir Bhai we read this site to get latest news about telecom industry. sorry to say but not to hear or discus rumors. i never listened such thing never any body told me. So please try to be to the point. Bring Tech news. For discussion made a blog site and let the discussions go there.

    • Faisal bahi, why in this world would i create such stories? People have reported me this and I have emails stored with me – that i can show to court if required. But still, thanks for your feedback, every word is counted.

      • Lolz!

        “Show to court” ?????

        admin will you go for a trial in a court over this? either you have taken the arg of faisal on heart. Try to bring latest tech news of pakistan either posting such “beware” posts. :D

        BTW in which Court you are gonna show the emails?

        • and one more thing plz ..


          the title of the this post need to be corrected.

          as written

          “They claim to be representatives of renowned ISPs”

          So Change the title and remove the “Fake Wireless Broadband ISPs”

          Cause the people/group are fake not the ISP.

          Its the same case like I my self start saying that i am the employee of warid and i can pay your bill with discount.

          Does that means one can say that beware of fake cellular companies?


      • admin bhai court main janay main kya rakha hai yahan he baat khatam kar laite hain :P maira point sirf yeh tha k jo bhe hai yeh hai tu rumor he, pehle he hum subha se sham hazar rumors sun sun k thak jate hain k ab yeh telecom rumor bhe sunain kya, mujhay laga topic bana hoa zabardasti ka is liye bol dia, akhir daily update rakhna k liye kuch na kuch tu post karna he hota hai na tu fake he q na ho.

  • Yeah propakistani should stick to IT & Telecom News only . There is another write, i don’t want to name her but she posts articles like this.

    1-E-payments Grow to Rs 4.1 Trillion in Q2 FY 10
    2-Women in Developing Countries Less Likely to Own a Mobile Phone
    3-National Wheelchair Users Cricket Tournament Concluded
    4-NAB Approves Reference Against Former DG Finance of PTA
    5-Ufone to hold Capacity Building Workshop for Journalists
    6-Senate’s Body Unhappy with PTCL’s Anti-Worker Policies
    7-Telenor Gives away Prizes to Retail Partners
    8-Mobilink Congratulates U-19 Cricketers on their Remarkable Win
    9-OVI Maps – Walk and Drive Navigation is Free Now

    There are so many I can post here but I am tired of copying and pasting here. Do you really have someone who regulates your website. Do you really think by populating your website with unrelated articles will catch more audience. If this is what you are thinking you might be right but honestly speaking I am losing my interest in propakistani website.

    And one more thing. Please discourage plagiarism.

    I really appreciate if you approve my comment now because you didn’t publish my last comment.

    • Aammuk, i wonder if ISPs don’t come under Telecom domain, then i would love to learn from you that what topics actually should i cover on this website. Also up mentioned list has topics related to the industry bro.

      Please! i mean i am unable to understand your stance.

      We don’t hold any comments. We even approve those comments with different names but with same IP address.

      However, i think its time for re-consideration of comment policy.

  • Hi Admin,

    Thanks for posting my comment and answering. However I think you read my comment so quickly that didn’t even look at what I said. I can understand you are busy and don’t have much time but you have to be careful when answering somebody.

    Your website is quite popular and I think you have big heart too. If you want to listen to only flattering comments then at least I am not the one who will do it. I remember I have appreciated your website in my comments as well when I found it interesting but not anymore. I do online business and I know how desperately I struggle to put more products on my website so it can look huge to the visitors. May be you are thinking the same way. May be it’s time you should promise us for better posts. If you just want to come back again with an answer to my comment, just to satisfy yourself, it is not property of an admin.

    Have a look at 9 examples I gave in my last comment. Now don’t say “National Wheelchair Users Cricket Tournament Concluded” is related to IT or Telecom. In case any one of the participants is IT professional, do let us know.

    And before re considering comment policy you better consider articles policy.

    Thank you.

  • And yes one more thing. You wrote “We don’t hold any comments. We even approve those comments with different names but with same IP address.”

    As a PTCL broadband user I get unique IP address every time I start DSL router. This IP is shared with other users as well. So it doesn’t make sense if you stop comments from same IP with different names.

    Hope you get my point.

  • I believe everything should be discussed here, even i think there must be one section related to international telecom news, that covers, new companies, merger and acquisition, new products, and consumer trends, the site shouldn’t be stick to news only. opinions, policies, trends, products, everything should be covered.

  • few days ago and yesterday a girl name aisha calling me that she is from qube ? isp and they are providing wireless equipment with 6 month contract and blan blan . but i says to her ok i will decide and i m in doubt but when i read the article on propakistani . thanx god and thanx also of propakistani . for saving me from faud people and loss of my money

  • I would like to tell u a real story. i was using ptcl from a long time with 2mb and student package. Now as they are not providing student package @ 2mb package so i tried to find out some cheapest internet connection on google. i came to a site there was a banner of getting a DSL connection. First i thought of ur rumor about such fake connection but then i called on the given numbers. The person confirmed about the offer and told me the process to get it. I done the deal as the packages are really affordable. The person came give me a router. took the money. It is a rcpt of linkdotnet. He was a sale man who is struggling to create sales. But overall it was a nice experience. once i thought of ur story but there was nothing like that. i show him ur article about fake sales. He was dissapointed. According to him, sales now a days are too tough and frind some one interested is very rare. but just to add some new posts to their site can loose em some customer. hope you will understand. i dont say that u are lying but there are other faces of the picture tooo which could be like a life to some one.

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