Pakistan Connection Blocks Telcordia’s Road to India

When Telcordia Technologies, a vendor of back-end software for wireless and fixed-line networks, sold its software to several cellphone companies in Pakistan years ago, “just as it has done in 14 other countries,” it never dreamed that would be a roadblock to future.

Today, millions of Indian cellphone would like to use the services of the Piscataway, New Jersey-based Telcordia to switch wireless providers while keeping the same phone number, also called Mobile Number Portability, but according to The Wall Street Journal, India’s Home Ministry has raised objections that “partnering with Telcordia could compromise national security, effectively putting the company’s plans on hold”.

The gamesmanship comes as India and Pakistan prepare for their first official diplomatic talks since the Mumbai terrorist attacks of November 2008 in New Delhi. Indians are tired of the wait.

The Journal reported that India’s is concerned about Telcordia’s “presence in Pakistan,” India’s traditional enemy, “according to notes from a January meeting of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, the government body that reviews foreign investments.”

via TMCnet