Warid Plans to Play Facebook

Warid has ultimately decided to take Facebook as a serious medium. Not through a conventional fan page with a simple game, while offering iPod Shuffle for the winners.


There is this one advert of Warid’s recent campaign – all you need is to complete the advert by fixing the picture. One who will complete the advert in least time will get the prize.

Looks application is still under development. We have seen couple of enhancements in previous 2 days, but it still lacks few things, for instance, application doesn’t recognize when a user completes the picture. You need to press the submit button in order to alert application for response. Top Ten Score button on front is yet to display the list of top scorers.

In terms of online marketing, such applications can be very handy. Good thing about Facebook games is that they can get popular with not much effort and time with invite feature (condition: If game is good and interesting).

However, we will have to see how Pakistani companies in general and cellular companies in particular will use online media for generating sales, instead of just reaching out the masses for building brand image.

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  • haaha seriously warid should forget about games rather reduce there rates and get the customers …
    until that happens ufone tum hi best ho!!!1

  • Ahsan you think this is funny but Warid is the best service provider that’s why Warid is now moving into Gaming applications and feeling relax.. and Ufone can’t provide us better service and wasting everyones time by creating funny commercials all the time. even Ufone doesn’t work properly in Karachi, huh!

  • Whats so funny Ahsan? Let me give you some facts. At the end of year 2009 Warid had a subscriber base of 18,847,315 user with a market share of 19.31%, while your favorite service Ufone has a subscriber base of 18,510,175 with 18.96% share, so here is to give you an idea of warid’s customer base compared to Ufone. Inspite of the fact that Ufone’s ever so funny ads cost them about Rs.2,829,082,446 to get aired, while warid only spent Rs.248,974,866 in the year 2009,
    So here is a comparison for you in terms of market share and strategy. So warid is playing the right tactics and spending the money where it should be spent!!

    • ok so 2010 wasnt a good year for ufone ok agreed , and another thing i never said that ufone had a better network than warid im simply stating that ufone has better call rates than warid and a better network than zong – someting like telenor – if you have been following these stats from sometime you would know mr. vasif that ufone and telenor have been competing head to head and warid and zong have been below them . so ufone has a bad year and looses some suscribers that means warid is better? lolz
      look im a pakistani and for me i have NEVER experinced any network problems with ufone and it gives me rates that awesome …. so why wouldnt i go with it? i say as i said before 90 % of pakistani’s would take “good” ( i said good , ufone has a good network :P ) network and awesome rates(ufone) against awesome network and shityy rates (warid)

      “So warid is playing the right tactics and spending the money where it should be spent!!”

      umm let me tell you what warid is doing , its not advertising , its charging even more than mobilink , its looting its customers so its taking extra money and not spending a penny , every time it introduces a package either it is a poor stupid revision of an old package or they increse the rates after a few days of the package working (example glow) …..

      you guys think id say any thing without thinking eh as far as ufone’s funny ad go i think they are by far the most successfull in pakistan!

  • Yes its right that Warid is Pakistans only best cell service provider. I doubt if Ufone is even in the race …. NOW UFONE should take care of ZONG rather

    • if a person has lends you a brand new note of 100 rupees would you pay him back 150 just cuz the note was new (warid)??? if someone else lends you 100 and the note is little old but usable (ufone) and asks for only 120 back who would you take ???

      for me its ufone :)

  • Warid is the best operator in Pakistan but if you need good qulaity food same meal one is may cost 50 and other 60 but much better quality i will definately go for 60 (if not 100 of above)

    For quality you have to pay

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