Folks, Forget About 3G: Hidden Message from Minister IT

I thought well before writing this post, let me tell you why?

Our readers may know that ProPakistani keep a notable distance from politics or political conversations, however, along with, we feel our responsibility to opine an un-biased review about those political comments that directly impact Telecom and IT industry of Pakistan.

APP yesterday asked Prime Minister’s advisor on IT and Telecom, Sardar Latif Khan Khosa, (who happens to enjoy the minister-ship as well), regarding government’s plan for 3G and about resistance from some cellular companies against 3G spectrum auction.

Guess what the Minister replied, he said

“Reconciliation was the vision of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and I am following the same. We don’t have any prestige problem. Some people term the government’s reconciliatory approach as retreat. But we don’t have any ego problem. Interest of the country is supreme for us. We believe in reconciliation and not politics of vendetta or victimization,”

What exactly, the Minister was talking about and what actually was meant by this – I leave it for our readers to decide. Share your thoughts with us in comments.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Reconciliation vision, The 3G plan Plus resistance of cellular companies Plus prestige problem of govt
    victimization etc…?

    Most funny, Also have no ego (Problem)

    In between these Red thin lines where stand the IT policy? IT is an vital thing for development in every feild of life for an nation.
    Since after Birth of Pakistan these sort of Devils Looting Pakistan and destroyed The ego of whole Pakistani Nation.
    If we were on our own as ecnomic power which delivers into Independent Forigen Policy further Results into Self constricted Stregic Defence Policy
    There would be no Afia Sadiqi

    (If she has done some thing wrong our courts should decide)

    No Talabans
    No So called ROSHAN KHAIL (NGO Funded)
    No Librials (who always here to tant on Islam)
    No Private Aramd Lashkars have own religious Agendas
    Insha Allha Pakistan will get Rid of these sort of mind set & People
    Time will come Insha Allaha

    Pakistan will be true Islamic state As per the definitions of Prophet PBUH

  • you are saying pakistan wil be an islamic state and giving the status of shaeed to a grand thief benzir bhuto what has hapen to vision of pakistani youth think my friends

  • Fantastic job aamir bhai. And the more interesting thing is that government is not interested in 3G. 3G will only be started when some one give hefty bribe to the govenment and percentage in profit and revenue.

    • Thank you Tehmas,

      Just to add, spectrum policy recommendations were sent to Ministry more than a year ago.

      Now the ball is in Ministry’s court, PTA can auction 3G in less than 2 months after Ministry’s approval

  • what the hell is this : there is no difference in Pakistani Actress Meera and this minister> both are same she cannot speek and he cannot speek correct just have to do:PPP LOLX

    • it felt very similar to inzi coming on stage and saying “Bismila irahma nira heem , first ov all thnx to ALLAH, yeah is boyz played very well is specially afridi batted well is a team effort”

      • LOL so true :D but id not like you comparing inzi to this government as there language matches but inzi as far as i know was an “honest” guy unlike this government , the fact that he was an awesome player aside :P

  • LOL, he probably thought he was being asked about some action against a beverage company or something. and once more let me say LOL . Laughing so hard puts cramps in my bally.

  • as i said before guys the current goverment heads have no but to gather as much money as possible and run away one day :)

    any one has any confirmations that is etisalat not allowing 3g ? or is pta too like the current government ??

  • What does he know about IT let alone 3G. Goof following goof :) don’t hold your breath we are not going to see 3G soon….even PTA auction it ……

  • hey guys…..wats up…….its realy a bit of fun reading about our pathatic politicions while sitting in the train heading towards work……..but its quite sure that we cant move forward untill we will get rid of these selfish and uneducated leaders…..but any wayz wat i belive the future will b outstanding of my country….we have to wait for a bit…..GOD bless u all.

  • As far as I know, most nations are adopting the switch straight from 2.5G (current system) to 4G systems, since no point switching to 3G if a more advanced mechanism is in place.

    Any thoughts on that one?

  • I personally thinks that this man does not know what is “3G”, so to hide that he is ignorant of this term even he is IT minister, he replied with these non-sense sentences which each and every minister speaks when he has nothing to reply! LOLx

  • Pakistan shouldn’t go to 3g
    World is moving to 4g, and i really feel great that Pakistan has World’s largest WiMax coverage..
    skip 3g, go for 4G

  • Very irresponsible heading of post by Amir Atta, as he does often. He displayed his own far cry imagination in heading and then says that I leave it for you to decide what is meant by the statement…. Foolish. Nothing like you said was meant by the statement. For God’s sake, dont spread sensations and dont add spices. I know you wont admit ur fault as always, but then again, Im trying to tell u to b responsible.

    • lolz dude responsible for what , whats wrong with its up to you to decide , its damn clear our minister for it doesnt know what 3g is to hell with him . i dont see any spices or for that matter butter in this post ;) i think you are a little melodramatic :P

    • kashif Sahib, rather than blasting Amir, try to read into the humor that he is using. If you cant let me explain – “The minister of IT does not know about 3G and if this is the case then 3G is not in the To do list of this government”. I hope this was helpful :)

  • while the Qs was being asked, I have a feeling that Sardar Sb misunderstood the word “3G Spectrum” with the word Reconciliation

    That is the only plausible explanation

  • I think;

    1. Either this is “height of intellect” and all the below given comments are true


    2. “height of straightforwardness”, and the minister is agreeing that some brawl is going over between the cellular companies where some are pushing the govt. to auction while others are restraining the govt.

  • He is reading the same script as of his other ruling party members. All is expected….

    Besides, I dont think Pakistan is in desperate need for 3G at all.

  • Shame on Mr. Minister.

    This is a public place, so it is not good to directly to abuse him,
    I dont know how these stupid peoples are choosed for this kind of important duties.

    Really shame on him.

  • Our basic problem is that govt. never choose right person for a job. They are chosen by political friendships. They work here just to get benefits for their own not for public. Once Mr. Atta-ur-Rehman was minister of science and he did the best work for IT. I am sure this minister wouldn’t know what is IT and its requirement. 3G is implementing nearby countries and our country’s ministers are fighting with each other just for nothing. They are time passing and not doing a beneficial work for public. We can only pray that Allah give them “AQAL” and also its our responsibility to choose right person…

  • I think this is our fault as a nation. we are responsible to ellect them and put them into assembly. First of all we have changed ourselves as this is fact, jaisi koum ho gai un per waise he hukmran musalat ho jate hai.

  • I think this is our fault as a nation. we are responsible to ellect them and put them into assembly. First of all we have changed ourselves as this is fact, jaisi koum ho gai un per waise he hukmran musalat ho jate hai.

  • This is another example of JAMHOORIAT in which people are counted not evaluated. Latif Koosa is just a lawyer and known corrupt person in judiciary. He or his elders like him what you expect to know about high tech termnology? To be a lawyer is good thing, but a lawyer must be a lawyer. This is as we go to a shoemaker for sewing a nice shirt!The people who elect such people must also be punished, how?

  • This happens when an Barber(naai) is appointed to fix PHP errors… my heart cry’s when i saw our IT minister….he has no background of IT and i am 100% sure he dont know what 3g means.. and dose he called evo or ego :D

  • Each and ever comment is worth reading but unfortunately APP picked the wrong person to ask the question. Though I am not Pro PPP but the fact is that LATIF KHOSA is currently working only and only as Governer Punjab. Our not so honorable Prime Minister Mr. Gill-anni is the minsiter of IT and TELECOM as well.

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