People at Wateen Got Multiple Bonuses and Increments

Wateen employees after tough time last year, when they had to wait for weeks for their salaries, are relieved with up to 6 bonuses and 25 percent increment in salaries, across the board. This is quite a news for industry in current situation.

We know that Wateen has grabbed good funding through IPO and recovery from telecom operators from home and abroad.

During the recession, this is going to boost the morale of workforce. We are not sure about any major expansion plans, but for sure Wateen is going to give tough time to competition, with good cash in hands.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I doubt this information is true for the following reasons:

    1. Wateen IPO hasn’t actually happened. The Information memorandum has been making its rounds but I don’t believe it has actually IPOed.

    2. The IPO is for a mere 2BN rupees while the company’s debt level over 200M dollars. Interest on that debt is simply staggering.

    Wateen should *right about now* desperately looking for a buyer like its older brother Warid.

  • i am an employee of wateen since 2.5 years. this news is totally wrong and reflecting false aspects. theres no doubt that salaries has increased but its only 5% not 25%. the bonuses are announced and will be given in form of wateen shares and will be handed after a year. majority of the employees at wateen are not happy with this decision

  • Looks like this article is Wateen sponsored , Amir Atta what is your source of this totally wrong news?

  • I am X wateen employee. I serve wateen for few years. This news is false. I am still in contact with my X colleagues and they told me the same thing which Mr.Amir said. Only 5% increment with bonus in share form..!!

  • Amir its not a professional approach from you kind end , you are just writing on behalf of one employee , wateen is a living parasite for its employees and the increase is 5 percent dear please ask your special source again as he would be making himself happy by spreading this rumour.

  • wateen gives no bonuses yet ……………to till date 20th march.
    it just a big rumors and nothing

  • i m employ of wateen and it is true we got bonus.if some one is asking that he dont receive any bonus then he must b fired from wateen.but it is 200 % true that we got bonus.

  • dear amir atta bhai

    for the sake of mobile subscriber right kindly
    issue a new thread. in this thread all propakistani
    reader complaint to pta that mobile companies do not issue a difficult package for example zong latest package. companies start simple package flat rate and does not contain hard rule. the matter you can create for this purpose.

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