90 Plus Data Centralization Projects in Pipeline at NADRA

There are around or above 90 data centralization projects in the queue at NADRA, which will ultimately enable all the data of several dozen departments linked with your CNIC number, told us high level sources at NADRA.

Orientation of projects is yet to be made public; however, NADRA is planning big to make all the data of the country to be linked with a single key, that is, CNIC number.

It was told that data centralization of government and semi government department will run in phases, ultimately linking all the departments with each other.

Stated simply, in coming years your CNIC will serve as National Security Number in USA, while this single identity will serve for tracking your academic, health, driving license, family, insurance, internet and so many other records.

This is revolutionary in terms of digitizing all the records of Pakistan, however, with vertical and horizontal growth, added responsibility comes on NADRA’s shoulders for keeping the warehouse safe, secure and flawless.

After this centralization, along with countless other benefits, at least we can hope to vote to choose a leader by SMS using a registered SIM and that would save the money to treasury plus making the voting simple, fast, and clean from doubts. (Thanks to Jibran for tip)

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • That would also help in catching tax thief’s, as all the property , bank accounts and other financial details will also be linked, this process had to be completed by 2010, but don’t know why its being delayed….

  • goood to know all about that, and its realy a good step to move forward………..cant tell u how happy i am…….because my country is progressing……….long live pakistan.

  • Nadra will become center point for all the data about Pakistanis. It would be nice if you do some story on security experts at work at NADRA (If there are any).

  • according to me Nadra management must take a keen interest in this serious matter because this is not a justice….
    i.e a supervisor who had joined Nadra in 2005 as a DEO later became Supervisor Having Qualification MScIT. Or BSCS Honors is still at 13500 but a sweeper who had joined in 2006 and still a sweeper is equal today….
    is this means the World’s Largest Database Holders Doesn’t Care
    1.About Their Officers?
    2.Doesn’t Care About Experience … See more
    3. Doesn’t Care About Their Employee’s Highest Qualification..

    Salary of DEO also Must be Revised Because DEO is the Person Who wasn’t even found a sec for Scratch On Duty.. Management Never Appreciated any DEO but Always in Search of Warning, Cautions and Transfers. :)
    i am sure after writing this i also will find something like that too :)

    info: NADRA Facebook Group
    NADRA Media & Communication Cell
    CC: Amir Atta (Propakistani.pk)

  • Good news but if the project is in the right hands. A BIG question mark. Seen a lot of excellent ideas being chopped and never getting past the fancy meetings

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