Digital Cable TV System Hits Pakistan

PEMRA has recently formulated fee structure and rules for Digital Cable TV in Pakistan. Authority is envisioning the completion of enriched Digital Cable TV network deployment till 2015.

However, it looks that the rollout is somewhat mismanaged and mis-planned by all the cable operators. It is apparent that either they are fully prepared to go digital, or they are contented with their current analog cable TV system. This is why they are not advertising the new cable TV system, but tiny tickers on the screens.

What we mean by digital cable TV services?

By Digital cable TV we may mean broadcasting TV channels on digital signal. If we keep end user in mind then, it may mean cable TV channel that we watch in analog transmission will be more enhanced in picture quality and sound.

The digital cable TV system will facilitate customers with 200+ TV channels inclusive of 80 analog channels. Analog channels can be viewed without the digital receiver they will provide for using digital cable TV services.

What involves in digital cable TV package?

  • STB (Digital Cable Receiver)
  • RSA Cables, commonly called A/V cables for connecting with TV.
  • Remote with batteries
  • 10 or 30 Meter cable from tower to home.


Like Analog Cable TV, Digital Cable TV pricing has no standard as well. Common prices that are being offered by cable operators are:

  • First Time charges would be ranging from PKR 4000-5000 inclusive of STB’s price.
  • Per Month line rent charges would be PKR 300 / 400 per month, this will include analog and digital cable charges.

What you should know before buying Digital TV Package from cable tv operator?

  • Existing analog cable TV will remain in the same place, while for digital service separate connection will be installed.
  • Ask for RJ-7 or Higher Grade cable from your cable TV operator.
  • STB Manuals.
  • Ask your Cable operator for STB Return policy (if any), like if you change your area then will it possible for you to use same STB in different area. As this could be possibility that receiver is encrypted with different module and can only work in the same area where you are residing.


No doubt, it is best step by PEMRA to take the ICT to the next level. Though, it is bit late as world is now experiencing more enhancements in the same arena.

While with that, PEMRA also need to provide guidelines to customer about the new services by publishing guidelines in media. This will not only help in educating customer about new services but will also help PEMRA and Cable TV operators in achieving customer trust about these services.

As just in my surroundings most of the people believe that digital TV Cable offered by local operators might get be blocked soon (As they don’t know it’s legally broadcasted) – along with there  are other fears in the mind of customer.

  • i think that it is a good step and should be more advertised. as you said that in other parts of the world people are ahead of this but you can not just jump from analog to those other services. have to go step by step but they should pick up the pace a bit!!

    • its not really too late!! many people do not realize that we might not be up to the bigger countries but we are doing a lot better than most of the world. also you can not just jump to the latest technology if you don’t have any experience with the old…

  • What rubbbih they are talking about.
    And making spend people 5 to 6 Thousands on this system why should not go for DTH
    No towers no cable etc…
    further this will also help to get rid of cheap local cable dance channels etc….

    • Well, Shafiq , i think DTH has it’s own benefits and digital cable has its own… but both are deliver on the same wavelength..though in Digital Cable TV STB are capable of Component Video Output and HDMI output. so more HD Tv kind of thing…but DTH STB DISh tV , BigTV, neother one are still one the same Audio Video Mode…

      so there is difference in transmission at the signal level…

      yeh no bounding in sense of DTH , but yes u have to pay much of amount to other country service provider…

      • Am not saying that we should go for some other country dth provider but we should have some local company or grup here in pakistan for dth.
        Look PTV is collecting huge amount thats is 25 rupees tax on each electric bill
        PTV easily can start its own DTH service

  • I am agree with Unis Khan and also want to inform that this system is working in Distt. Okara since 5 years with the name of “Do Aabba”. Their result is much better than cable TV service and also you can take this connection anywhere even in your village.
    I think many peoples forgetting that our major population living in countryside. They also have the rights to enjoy these services. And Digital Cable TV is best for it.

  • I agree with shafiq DTH is better than Digital cable. Cable is cable either that is digital or analoge. Every one khows tiat wireless is better than any wire or cable. In India there are many DTH operators i.e Big Tv,Sun Direct,Airtel etc. Our cable operators are using there Dish Tv & Tata Sky. PEMRA should go ahead and should took intiative to launch DTH service instead of Digital Cable. @Hammad “Do Aaba” is not an outstanding service, because its signals are very poor outside Okara and it has few chanles.

    • “In India there are many DTH operators i.e Big Tv,Sun Direct,Airtel etc. Our cable operators are using there Dish Tv & Tata Sky. ” – I agree with that 100%. I know some people that live near the border and there are companies that catch indian signals and transmit them. Bust since they are really close to the border the signals are very strong for them.

      But as you said to just launch DTH i really don’t think they can right now especially with the current situation and also it would take a lot of time first in my opinion they should perfect picture quality and everything to as MAX as possible with Cable TV then slowly make the transition.

  • i live in lahore muslim town my cable operator also giving digital servers and m much enjoing it they r giving 90 digital channals and it will be up til 200 after few months the digital box price is rs 4000 rep and monthly pay is rs 200 its 2 its 2 gud servers more then Analog servers they r giving many english movie channals on digital

    • yar main aisa wireless cable system apny city me lgana chahta hn kia ap mjhy apny cable oprater ka number day skty ho to mjhy pls us ka number send kr do 03318601886

    • yar main aisa wireless cable system apny city me lgana chahta hn kia ap mjhy apny cable oprater ka number day skty ho to mjhy pls us ka number send kr do 03318601886

    • yar main aisa wireless cable system apny city me lgana chahta hn kia ap mjhy apny cable oprater ka number day skty ho to mjhy pls us ka number send kr do 03318601886

    • yar main aisa wireless cable system apny city me lgana chahta hn kia ap mjhy apny cable oprater ka number day skty ho to mjhy pls us ka number send kr do 03318601886

    • yar main aisa wireless cable system apny city me lgana chahta hn kia ap mjhy apny cable oprater ka number day skty ho to mjhy pls us ka number send kr do 03318601886

  • If im not wrong the writer means by digital tv is DVB-T service, widely used world wide.
    Currently we use DVB-C (cable tv) technology, which is widely used by every cable operator in pakistan.

    some one spoke about dish tv india and other services, those are DVB-S technology, which is received through a satellite dish.
    while DVB-T works on the same cable which the local cable operators use, only you need a DVB-T box or receiver or a DVB-T usb stick for pc viewing.
    The channels are more and the quality is excellent on DVB-T.
    While this article scares people away from buying a DVB-T box (aka digital tv receiver), because a dvb-t receiver or box is easily available in karachi market as low as 1000 to 1500 rs or more cheaper, or buy a tv with built-in dvb-t reception technology.

    check wikipedia for more info on DVB-T.

  • in india there have many such facilities but unfortunately in pakistan these are very few opportunities.
    by the way it is a good step.

  • Stop it yaar
    In this modern era you are talking about analog and wire based services. Just go for DTH it is a solution of all these problems. with the latest DTH technology you can record your programs, an advance electronic program guide, all times country/region weather situation, many interactive services, minimum capacity of 500 channels and much more, just on your single set top box.But PEMRA doing nothing in this regard because our governments is against the freedom of mass media.

  • i will agree with you all that digital is better than analog but if you study internationaly digital pentration is 18% world wide where america who started digital in 1996 couldnt shutdown analog till 2012 because their 40% house still on analog tv and if you see their economy and our their is a big difference, and MY FRIEND ASAD BALOCH NEW NOTHING ABOUT DVB-T ITS STANDS FOR TEERSTIAL WHICH WE HAVE ONLY PTV CHANNELS THEIR IS NO SERVICES IN DIGITAL PLATFORM IN TEERSTIAL AND IT REQUIRES ANTTENA AT HOME AND CONVERTER BOX ONLY PEMRA SHOULD GIVE LICENSE FOR TERSTIAL SERVICES WHICH PTV HAVE SO IN THE END DIGITAL IS EXPENSIVE FROM ANALOG WHERE PEOPLE PAY FOR ONE TV AND RUN SEVERAL TV IN DIGITAL YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERY TV IN A HOUSE AND COST OF STB IS 24$ TO 60$ AND WE R WORRY ABOUT THE BASIC NEED OF LIFE THANKS REGARDS

  • first of all the current cable operators are totally bastards. we are in gulistan e jauhar karachi are facing a big trouble due to these. we re using Mpc and the staff who look after the cable is total ignorant and bastards. months are gone when they come to erect the cable.
    If i get the wireless, i will kick them out at their ass.

    • Yeah man I too live in gulestan e jauhar, and I too use Media Plus Communication, have to say that the cable here is pathetic! And they also show indian national geographic and discovery, :-( do you know of any wireless service in karachi that can subtitute that?

  • I am living in I-10 area of Islamabad, i called to my relevant cable operator for the provision of STB (Digital Cable Receiver) he was not familiar of that product, its amazing how can be cable operators educate to customers as they are also no any idea regarding the product………….

  • salam bro n sis im live in karachi yahan 90%KCS tv cable hy ye kcs ab kc kam ka ni hy kam k chenal b ni aate na clear aate hen kcs is poor service bcz na indian move chenals na new cricket n ten cricket zee spots zoom tv sopr sports khr ek bat men apko btata hun jo apko malum ni hogi k kcs k indian darame chenals sony clers star plus n discery star sports n etc bhenals total recoding chenals hen 4exp sony tv jo prgram ind k mutabik 100 bje aata hy to yahan 9.30 pe aana chiye byt asa ni hota qk chenals live ni dekhara ha kcs ap note krna mene to kai bar note kya hy kcs murdabad jbke dish tv wateen cable n geo ary zindabad

  • The solution is Smart TV, PTCL Smart TV. the solution for all of your problems.

    Just ignore the ignorant customer support of PTCL

  • salan ali
    KCS program live hi dekha raha hai sony star plus wagera par magar apne notice nahi kia hoga indian channels ab india ke telecast nahi hote due to restriction in pakistan they telecast UAE channels isliye timing change hai aur 2nd agar apke pass result proper nahi aa raha tu ap cable operator ko complain kare woh apka result clear karega .. KCS ka result clear hai they provide powerful result to your cable head-end apka cable wala apko proper result nahi day raha :)

    • salam naved hi slem nam h salan ghlti se tipe hogya khr janab kcs se meri koi duhmani ni but jo ghlt hy wo hy ap log most imp chenels o lgao ee cenema zoom tv m tv indian satr gold star news zee clasic etc zee tv zee spors n etc pz yar hm kc aur ki service lgana chate hen to wo khta k ejazat ni h to b tk kcs?ajse 5 6 sal pehle tv cable service bhtren t ab 105 chenal aate hen but 10 12 kam k pehle 50 60 aate thy 40 4 kam k hote thy

  • Digital Cable would be a refreshing change to what we have now. Having said that, I hope they start at least this the right way, with proper training, infrastructure and back end support for us. One thing that absolutely needs to go away is the hurry to introduce something new (and potentially good) and the lack thereof to make it work the right way.

    If we (Pakistan) cannot even get something this basic right, I don’t know what we can.

  • My Name Danish in karachi North Nazimabad humare home per Tracks Cable he us ka Reception ur channels Quality toa boht achi he lykin wo indian Channels sirf 3 dekha raha he un ka network kafi acha he mere khiyal se karachi main is type ka natwork 3 cable Operators ke paas he World Call,
    Setcom, Tracks lykin in logo ko mere khiyal main indian ur English Channels dikhane ki Permeation nahi he,

  • I am not satisfied in Pakistan Right to any Digital system on Cable TV
    I do not know about them is that Operators what is the Digital system Digital System are Hybrid fiber Coaxial (HFC) Network runs on.HFC Network 2way system the operate , However, with varying degrees of additional effort, the HFC plant can be readied for the successful launch of new services. These pre-launch network readiness efforts include work focused on the headend and the outside plant. Depending on the characteristics of the service, the customer drops may also require readiness consideration.

  • In Digital TV, we can’t run different channels in 2 or more tvs due to 1 Digital receiver and 1 remote, but in analog we can run it.

  • I am a cable operator in Karachi and using Media Plus Communication service and our provider has launched the Zabardast Digital Box 100+ indian, English and sports channels and pakistani’s channels are also if your cable operator is MPC, KCS, Imedia or Digi or Solo cable you can contact them to get digital box we have got a price from company that 4000 is digital box price and 200 will be charge for card and 200 will take cable operator to take care of your local issues. this is not fix price, change bhi hoo sakti hai depend on your local operator woh kia price per dayga .. 2nd Analog systems are going to be down everywhere government will implement digital service every where that’s why cable per indian channels band kiye jaa rhe hain aur digital box per active kar rahe hian …

    thanx for reading me

    • salam naveed agr koi zabardast digitl box use krra y so plz btae k ksa hy mtlb kon se mashhor indian movi chenlsn sports k kon se hen n news k plz rpl hmara mulle men kcs hy n mesi plu ks area mn chlraha hy

    • HI ,Naveed ,This is Matthew from China ,i would like to discuss with your further on the Terrestrial DTV in pakistan,pls add me skype :goodspeed981 .Regards ,Matt

  • mr sameer i like showtime network but afsos kcs wale unko aane ni dete hamare area mn hal mn mn mne mne khud dekha hy wo zee cenema star gold max zoom star news n 12 parsnel movi chenels jbke kcs in mn se kya dikha raha hy ye ap b jante hen naveed g mjy kcs se nafrat ni mjy nafrat inki sarvice n chenels se indin chenels b wo dete hen jspe pesa milta hy ads ka

  • world Call and set Com and Tracks Cable Network the in Karachi, except that the H FC cable
    Then MPC , KSC is a network, How to get Video on Demand
    Introduction can give please answer

  • Essential for digital systems. HFC Network. How operators and the introduction of digital systems can PEMRA should therefore all cable operators to give instructions to install the HFC Network

  • bhai ap sab logon ko batadun ke ye jo digital tv pemra lounch karna chah rahi hai ye against public hai iska box 5000 se 7000 tak hai starting price monthly 550 hain aur age jake aur barhen ge 800 tak aur sirf 1 tv chale ga dosre tv ke lye ek aur box ye sirf pese banane ki iskeem hai public ko iski mukhalfat karni chaye

  • agr koi zabardast digitl box use krra y so plz btae k ksa hy mtlb kon se mashhor indian movi chenlsn sports k kon se hen n news k plz rpl hmara mulle men kcs hy

  • What is the present status of DTH? Is any firm working on it? If yes, which one? What will be the prospects of DTH if Internet TV becomes more common? You may do a story on the subject.

  • Dosto, Main ne zabardast digital box purchase kya hey per us pe buhat bakwas channals ahin aur lene ke ek month bad in ki service band ho gai hey, Distributer ka kehna hey ka channal panel kharab hey. last six month se zabadast digital box band hey.

  • HI ,There ,how are you,I have some questions on Pakistan DTV system ,maybe some of you have keys :

    1.What’s Terrestrial DTV standard in
    Pakistan ?

    2. Is it allowed for Terrestrial DTV
    to operate in commercialization ?

    3. What’s your country(Pakistan)policy for
    Terrestrial DTV commercialization ?



  • Indeed,many of countries has switched of Analog signal and turn to digital ,this happened in last few years ,and still on going in some countries .No doubt this will happen in Pakistan soon . We are a well established manufacturer of STB /IPTV ,System Integrator (Head end and terminal system of DTV ) in China for almost 10 years .We looking for operators or agent who interesting this project to cooperator to push this project .

    As well know our two countries have a long term good relationship like the words
    goes “Long live the friendship between China and Pakistan” ,which was once
    again emphasised by our Prime Minister MR.Li keqiang on 24th May 2013 during his visit in Pakistan :”If you love China ,Please love Pakistan too “.Having such a
    good basis ,we here believe that a good deployment of DTMB will be fulfilled
    in Pakistan soon.’

    And you may realize during the 24th May 2013 Meeting between our two countrirs leaders ,they have decided to further deepen cooperation in all sectors which have mentioned DTMB project ,you can take a reference on this link

    Here ,we have rich experience on this experience ,which has already
    successfully deplyed our DTMB service in Costa RIca ,and Sri Lanka,on the other
    hand , we have government support on this project ,this make things easier and
    more convenient to processing .

    That is we will invest the infrastructure in Pakistan .

    Welcome operators to discuss more on skype :goodspeed981 ,or [email protected]


  • hi i m facing a major problem from my analog cable operator and i m sick and tired from his service so i need some other option in my area clifton block 1 khi but unfortunately i can’t get any other tv cable provider as i found it monopoly of the cable operator in my area that non of other cable operator can enter in my block 1 clifton area and we are bound to watch his pathetic service so i need help what can i do to get rid of this pathetic service and get a better service in my house plz do reply me

  • I live in Defence Phase 5 Area of Lahore.I have a problem of Internet plus cable TV.The Cable TV of Wateen I was using is now being converted to Digital from Analogue.They are demanding TV connection with Internet connection at alarming high price which I can not afford.I was using Wi Tribe for internet and Wateen for Cable TV.Now I am at a loss to know what To do as there is no other TV Cable service apart from Wateen in Phase 5 of DHA area.Can somebody help me to tell me what to do.

  • Ye cable wale mashori k liye stc box sale kartey hain phir ek do mahine baad sare pakistani channels chaltey hain sab harami hain madarchot

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