PTA Penalizes Ufone of Rs. 150 Million for Not Following 789 Procedures

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has penalized Ufone for selling SIMs without following SOP, told us sources at authority.

Decision issued by PTA said that Ufone didn’t follow 789 Standard Operating Procedure for activating new SIMs, resulting sale of illegal SIMs, told the source.

Determination said that one of illegal SIM sold by the company was used in a terrorism act in Lahore. Comprising of 17 pages, decision concluded with a strict warning to Ufone to not to repeat the practice and a fine of Rs. 150 million, that happens to be the highest amount of fine to any company in history of Pakistan.

Previously Mobilink lead the race with 60 million fine on quality of service.

We have asked Ufone for its viewpoint, and will update this story when and if we hear from them.

Update: Ufone has confirmed us that they have received the document  from PTA on the 1st of march 2010. It said that company will go through it and will  respond to it within the  given time which is of 30 days .

Complete Decision can be downloaded by clicking this link

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  • Now this money will be taken from subscribers

    Overcharged bills or Call Drop at night packages

  • Ufone has done something against national security measures taken by government.

    procedures choro numbers barhao, number one operator bun jao

    • that is a very good step taken by PTA. These telecom companies sux big time, they just don’t make the customers at ease by not abiding the rules of PTA. For God’s sake telecom people, make everything legal. It won’t cost you anything if you do the SIM activation via 789. Get the fake SIMs out of the markets and then do the Ads!

  • I think this is another monkey attempt by PTA. They seem to have lost the sense of proportionality….One can still get SIMs from other operators..just because ufone’s SIm was used should not mean that other SIMs are not available.

    PTA should focus on re-energizing the stale market conditions instead of making money.

  • Ufone is a bad company and how sad it is that they take their sales more imprtant than our Natioanl Security. They are using heaven budgets and their crew in Tv Ads keep doing bull shits all the times. PTA did a very good job to identify and make Ufone an example.

    Ufone – Shame on you

    • just for your information my frnd recently bought a zong sim without the need to activate it too ,

      just because ufone;s sim was used you cant just step up and say ufone is a bad company . and i dont understand how you say ufones ads are bullshit ? i mean they are the only pakistani ads that are actually watched by the people they are successful , or may you just like the ads of stupid creams saying “itna khubsurat ke khane ko dil chahe ” or stupid dance videos of telenor with no point . you look like someone on a mission against ufone xD

      i mean if you want to debate if ufone is a bad company or are there ads bulshit im here :D you should have facts to back you up like i do

      • talk about your product.. your network my friend.

        Ads are a secondary issue.. anyone can make them. Actual thing is your service, your network performance, your voice quality, your competetive packages offered to the end customer..

        Including “Shashka” doesn’t make u a good company.

  • Excellent decision by PTA. I beleive that operators should start taking procedures seriously. PTA’s procedures have no value in front of operators CXXs.

  • SOMEONE has been asked to resign for misleading Etisalat Group Management. Ufone ARPU is 3 US and they have shown 24% increase in profits. :))) whereas Etisalat group generate 48 US ARPU. According to international Press reports Etisalat has serious concerns over Ufone….

      • :) please read that again as the writer of that report is calling ufone as PTCL mobile operations and secondly the heading of the news is for ufone and in the matter below the heading clearly shows writer is mentioning ufone as PTCL mobile operations.
        Abt PTCL Mr Omran has already admitted decline in revenue where in case of ufone, ARPU is 3 US and in financial reports there is increase of 24% in profit..

  • too much fine!

    but then again, if some one is not respecting state and authority laws, it should be made an example to give a strong message to those who are planning to follow such practices!

  • ” If Mobile Snatchers Rob People, Mobile Operators Also Rob Their Customers “. Well Done PTA, Ufone ( In A Manner ) Is Robbing Their Customers.

    I Stopped Using Their Services, When One Day I Started Receiving SMS ” Dear Customer. Thank you for using ufone infoservices!” Even On Continuous Complains Ufone Never Deactivated ( Kept Re-activating It And Kept Deducting Amount ) …..

    The First Punishment Was Not Over And After Weeks, Utunes Default ( Choorail’ooun Waala Music ) Got Activated By Itself. Again Complains From My Side And No Response From Ufone Side.

    So, I Finally Decided To Switch To Another Service.

    If Mobile Snatchers Rob People, Mobile Operators Through This Way Are Also Robbing Customers, Activating And Charging For Various Services, Whether Customer Wish To Use Them Or Not.

    • you truely are a unique guy with unique problem , i have been using ufone ever since it started – all company’s have problems – but id say ufone never gave me an big problem

      ufone tum hi to ho!!! xD

      • Dear Ahsan,

        When I Was Facing Such Problem, I Searched Google, Found Out That Many Are Facing Such Problem.

        Similarly, My Friend Once Subscribed To Telenor’s Call Block Service, When He Tried To Deactivate It, Telenor Informed Him That It Will Be Deactivated And Will Be Informed Through SMS Within 4 Hours. Now After A Month, Amount Deducted Automatically. During Call, Representative Continuously Forced Him To Subscribe To Smart Tunes. On Replying Back ‘ No ‘ The Representative Seem ‘ Shocked ‘ : )

        Dear Ahsan, Almost Everyone Of Us Faced Various Kind Of Problems By ‘ Any ‘ Mobile Operator.

        • Adnan

          You are very right, actually Ufone has activated this on all numbers and seriously there is no solution even after contacting helpline. I think NKB is sleeping somewhere in other portfolio.
          So I have decided to launch official complaint against them in PTA and also to drop a note in Registrar Office CJ. For last couple of days I am contacting different anchors to do program on unethical practices by these mobile operators. Its not a matter of few rupees but when you multiple these few rupees with millions of your subscribers then of course it makes sense.

  • Its very good decesion of PTA. I hope warid will be or mobilink will be next, those can break the finr record of Ufone.

  • hello gays
    its a very positive step stand by PTA
    we will appreciates the steps of PTA will gone

  • Dear all,

    if you have any complaint regarding the facilities or service providing by any cellular company then forward an email with all the details to following email address of PTA

    [email protected]

    or directly on the PTA website


    Afsar Ali

  • Ufone is charging its customers against their will, at the rate of Re. 1.00 per day, for automatically subscribing them for info services. Though the customers who have never subscribed continuously receive messages to unsubscribe via a text message but that sms is replied by notifying customers that no services are subscribed. Hence the messages keep on coming without fail. To unsubscribe from the service for which you had never subscribed, you have to call the help line and go through the torture of waiting, listening to stupid menus and undergo the rudeness of Ufone Customer Servies personnel.

    • @ Dear MBK = Above, I Also Shared The Same Experience. Even After Complaining, Ufone Still Didn’t Solved That Problem.

  • Salam, to every one…as i observed the only organization in the history of pakistan in which peoples learn how to give respect to their customers and working like a family is UFONE…
    I always get good response from ufone help lines..

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