Mobilink Pays Tribute to its Employees [Video]

Mobilink’s today released a video, with a purpose to tribute its employees. Watch yourself below!

  • Bakwaass, sub jooth… You know what if you do not meet the targets at Mobilink Call Center they actually fire you with so little reasons, heck with Mobilinks a cheat video, They want moeny and take it to Chairman Suawaris who has built a network in Israle as well. What video shows is an imagination but the good part is they shown the figuers as how much money from innocent Pakistanis they are making and sending it out of Pakistan. Mobilink is a cheat, doing no good to our country and

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    • I am agree with sima aamir comments.coz she has decleared some facts by which the public is being cheated time and again.

    • Sima concerns are very genuine but a little bit unrealistic. All of companies are here to make profit as no body is going to invest for social welfare. Aren’t the fat and useless govt. institutions enough for social welfare. Its our govt. (who we elect) responsibility forcing these firms to follow the labor laws.

      For the person who has made and approved this video
      – Accept my appreciation for v. good initiative
      – The final comments were fantastic
      – But very pathetic BGM of Chors. Instead it should have background Mobilink own background music.
      – Moreover it shows some people whom Mobilink has already fired in 2009. Lets be fair with them and those who are watching.

  • It is clear that companies are practical and emplyees should be practical too. I suffered a lot in Pakistani so called multinational companies by late sittings and hectic work without even a single penny over time payments.

    Mobilink and many others multinational companies neither gives you proper annual leaves nor let you to apply for leave encashment against your unused leaves. They removed provision of Graduity/Indemnity payment also. All in all, only monthly salary for work from 9am to 9pm….

    contrary, now I am working abroad…. getting 30 days striaght forward leaves, 15 time higher packages than getting in Pakistani Multinational companies, Getting fixed minimum 3 bonuses, Leave encashment if not able to use my leaves in a year, Indemnity of 2 month salary is accumulating…means the total years I will work for one the time of resign..they have to give me number of years work multipilied by 2 salaries…also working with normal load…means works from 9 to 5 pm and every body closes PC exactly at 5. This is called working environment… Alas! Pakistani employers/mulitnationals are mostly exploiting employees..because Pakistani bosses mentality is to use workers like donkeys and nothing else.

    This video is only for marketing purposes, otherwise most of employees are effecting in all these companies. What employees can do..when market is saturated and unable to move from one company to other. Allah Bless our young force… Now trend to move from Pakistan to abroad has increased a lot due to these return oriented employers and cruel bosses.

  • Good video and i guess no one in the indutry have come up with such an idea, right? but seems fake because of the unimpressive and mediocre commentary… Mobilink is capable of producing much better…. it lacks passion and excitement which each employee should have for their company… but a decent effort! Make another one with more zeal and different commentator, his tone is very monotonous…

  • They always use to tell us about their investment but they never tell us that how much they earn from Pakistan :)

  • I liked the video. It’s good and inspirational. Something quite different as I haven’t seen a lot of companies doing something like this for their employees.

  • its good that mobilink started to show affiliation with employee but a lot of steps required to meet the international standards.voilation of labour right is obvious in pakistani companies.

  • Good Idea! but where is Zohair A Khaliq, don’t you think his contribution towards Mobilink’s success is substantial??? means Mobilink don’t remember its old family memebers…

  • Zohair Khaliq don’t have vital contribution in Mobilink growth. The real behind MOBILINK growth is AL F. Berry. He was a real leader and turned Mobilink from Financial losses to High Profits. He worked for couple of years 2001 to 2003 but during his phase, MOBILINK grown with rocket speed. He did restructuring in organisation. Made MOBILINK a leading company in Pakistan. Mobilink started loosing market share after Zouhair Khaliq came as President. He did nothing as such because at boom time, a weak leader can even keep some pace but LEADERSHIP test time is when company is trapped in Financial Losses and unable to came out of vicious cycle.

    Al F. Berry proved as one of best CEO of any big company. He was a guy who not allowed Sales team to sell JAZZ for 1000 to customers with off rent of 2000… when its price was 2999 (including 2000 tax)…but still MOBILINK achieved its targets and enjoyed maximum profits in 2002 and 2003. This is called real strategy. JAZZ was the most Famous BRAND in Pakistan in the year of 2002 and 2003.

    Under Zouhair Khaliq time, company lost all their valued Employees who were the back bone of company. MOBILINK became second PAKTEL because all flopped management joined MOBILINK. MOBILINK sold connections with fake IDs and at loss. Employees numbers are increasing and increasing but performance is going down. MOBILINK lost its biggest share and Telenor (who hired competent employees from MOBILINK) is growing so fast that will be Market leader in 2014.

    This is a true story. Why MOBILINK felt to make video on their employees instead of paying them good benefits and salaries. Why Mobilink had to close near to 1 Million connections that were entered on fake IDs… Number game is over now in Pakistan. Mobilink must understand and provide valued services to its customers. Stop hiring incompetent employees and concentrate on MObilink written VISION.


  • Saleem Khan, too long and too wrong. Mobilink achieved 10 then 20 then 30 million customers land mark under Zouhair’s leadership.

    • Better to go back and study history of Mobilink. You will find the truth. It is not a matter of 10, 20 and 30…. It is a matter of “Who Lead to Drive in This Direction”…

      Better to study history instead of getting personal with people.

      • yeah right! Lets go back in “history” and give credit to Allama Iqbal for Mobilink’s success since he thought of Pakistan in the first place. Had it been no Pakistan, there wouldn’t be a Mobilink either.

  • Dear Ardisher If monilink is getting something out from each pocket of 30 million customers, then guess how much are they making and how much are tehy paying in taxes and how much are they getting it via their CSR ? if you would knew the balance and had some wisdom and knoweldge you would surly had a rational knowing of the facts. Anyone is allowed to do business in our country and take money out of it but we should give a daamm as where would it be used ? The Owner of Mobink has given an interview recently when he was asked as what would you do with the money you have made so far, you know he said he will have it used to expand his business and specially to the state of Israle because he got a licence to operate there, intresting but its true. You do love any such company that is having the max stake in taking our money out of our pockets.

    Think like an honest Pakistani

    Think Again

    • Sima Aamir, you point is right but sorry to say that our Pakistani investors are mostly greedy and not customer centric. They run their business to make maximum profits in shortest time. This gap is actually fulfilled by Multinational companies then.

      See India and Middle East Market.. Telecom is in the hands of their own business men. They have maximum shares in Telecom and such kind of companies and running business successfully…where as in Pakistan, Whole Telecom and boradband industry in owned by outsiders. Our Businessmen first bring them selves to international standards then PAKISTANIS will accept their product.

      Being a wise customer, I can not compromise on quality and services. How can I select inferior quality (if made in Pakistan) instead of good quality product with slight high price.

      What is problem if one company invest in Isreal..when we Pakistanis drinks Pepsi, Coca Cola, Uses Unilever, Proctor & gamble… Can we stop usng these products just because the owners are Jews… Emotions are some thing else and Pakistanis are also not nationalists… like INDIANS>>>> who often prefer Indian products overs others….

      No offences…. :)

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