NSN Gets Wi-Tribe’s Network Expansion Project

Wi-Tribe has announced its network expansion plans for WiMAX broadband operations in Pakistan. For the purpose, company has awarded the services contract to Nokia Siemens Networks to provide a unique solution comprising of site delivery services and project management.

“Our aim is simple – to make wireless broadband a way of life in Pakistan,” said Sami Hinedi, CEO of the wi-tribe Group. “This means expanding our coverage to facilitate reliable wireless access anywhere and everywhere. Nokia Siemens Networks’ rich local expertise coupled with strong capabilities in site acquisition and project management makes them an ideal partner for our ambitious build out plans.”

“Wireless broadband has huge potential in Pakistan to significantly enhance the country’s overall broadband penetration rates,” said Saad M. Waraich, Country Director, Pakistan & Afghanistan, Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our end-to-end deployment contract with wi-tribe will ensure the operator’s network is up and running on schedule and that too with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).”

Under the services contract, Nokia Siemens Networks will provide comprehensive site build out services including project management, site acquisition, civil works, and logistics for wi-tribe’s Phase 2 sites. In addition, Nokia Siemens Networks will assume the complete delivery responsibility for the construction of the sites in order to ensure a faster roll-out of wi-tribe’s network and deliver a quick return on investment.

  • Any idea if they are just adding more towers to network in existing cities or going to add more cities to the network??

  • I think this is civil work project. no NSN equipment is going to install in said project. Correct me if i am wrong…

  • Yes, this is only a civil works project. NSN had stopped investing in Wimax R&D last year. There’s no business case for Wimax if you have to subsidize CPE costs. Motorola is the Wimax equipment vendor for Witribe.

  • One question arise in my mind that its brodband services will be availiable in swat nwfp or not if it starts here all the people will become glad spesially students.

  • this project will be providing blanket coverage to the existing cities and adding a couple more cities which will be announced soon.

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