Ban Proposed on Sale of Used Computers

The ministry of information technology has been asked to draft a proposal for a ban on the import of used computers and IT accessories, on directions of President Asif Ali Zardari.


Earlier, LCCI had requested the president to ban the sale of used/old computers.

If ban imposed, no vendor/seller will be able to sell used/computers in the market, eventually causing computer prices go high by 4 times at least.

Computer manufacturers are terming used computers:

  • high energy consumption devices
  • dumping ground of electronic wastage for developed countries, causing environmental and social damage
  • A hit on economy

While those opposing the ban on sale of used/old computer opine:

  • High PC penetration due to availability of used/old computers in market
  • Low priced computers
  • Cost saving through in-expensive (internet) communication
  • Increased awareness
  • Boost in economy for multiple domains, such as, ISPs, vendors, FMCGs, advertising, media etc

Clearly computer manufacturers, Intel being the leader, are grouping up to run this on-media and off-media campaign for ban on sale of old/used computers to capture their share – instead of investing into country for setting up a manufacturing plant in the country, like they have in India.

If a computer manufacturing plant is deployed in the country, it will not only serve local economy but will also bring down the prices for new computers.

Before any conclusion on this and imposing ban, Government must realize all aspects and that a common man may not afford to buy a reasonable new computer costing well over 20,000.


As per estimates, there are total of 14,00,000 computers in Pakistan, out of which 60 percent are used/old computers, 24 percent internationally assembled new computers while 16 percent locally assembled new computers.

More discussion on same topic is found here and here


Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) has rejected the proposal for a ban on the import of used computers and IT accessories, said a statment.

Munawar Iqbal, the president of PCA said that the move will benefit multinational companies dealing in new computers and increase their profits, take computers out of the range of poor students and affect livelihood of thousands of vendors dealing in used computers.

The ban would deprive poor students of their right to modern education and the country would lose millions of dollars in foreign exchange if the proposal was approved, he said.


  • I knew that it would be coming.It is fact that they are using our country and some other Asian countries their dumping ground but you can’t ignore the fact the new one’s assembled here are way too high for middle class people.
    Everything is very costly here now its time for computers.If IT sector wasn’t doing anything good now further a bad step.

    • every house has the right to have atleast one PC in this day and age.

      I think govt should subsidize one NEW low-power entry-level PC for every family. They’ve the funds (with our huge taxes) to do that.

      I too want older computers to go down. They are huge power hogs. Compare a 17″ lcd with 25watts power requiremetn to a 85-110 watt 17″ monitor. We’re very low on energy these days, and more efficient machines are more beneficial and better on pocket in the long term.

  • Its a good decision all these Develepod countries are dumping their used PC’s here wtf.
    These pcs are not reliable at all.

    One can buy NEW Intel ATOM in less then 15000.
    Its a dual core machine what else do u want in 15k.

    • Intel Atom is slower than most used computers, hardly as good as P4 CPUs. Many can’t afford even a 15k PC.

      • branded p4 2.8 , 512 ram , 60-80 gb hd, combo drive available in 6500-6800 .

        price aside. Branded p4 is a way better in performance then Atom, Atom is only good for data entry

    • first thing first, do you have budget of 15k?

      I recently (almost 2 months ago) bought Dell, dual xeon 2.8 Ghz (dual core) i.e total 4 cores, with 1 gb ram, 73 gb scsi drive, agp card, dvd-rom and other accessories for Rs.10,000

      can you tell me the price of any machinge with same specs ? and compare?

      I am keeping this machine on for well over 2 months by now (almost since I bought it) and it’s working perfectly fine without any trouble.

    • اگر زرداری حکومت نے پرانے کمپوٹرس کی امپورٹ پر پابندی لگا دی تو یہ بات 100 فیصد کنفرم ہو جاۓ گے کہ ان کو غرییوں سے کوئی ہمدردی نہیں ہے ان کو تو بس کمیشن کے ذریے مال بنے سے دلچسپی ہے. رہی بات ماحول کو صاف ستھرا رکھنے کی تو دھواں چھوڑتی گاڑیوں اورپریشر ہارن کی آوازوں سے زیادہ کون ماحول خراب کرتا ہے؟

      • بھائی ١٠٠ فیصد کونفرم ہونے میں کیا کسر ہے یہ لوگ عوام کے ہمدرد نہیں اس وقت پکساتنیوں کا یہ حال دیکھ کر خوشی تو طبلہ نواز مشرف اور اسکے ہم نوا کی ہے جو خود تو باھر عیسش کر رہا ہے اور جاتے جاتے زرداری جیسا تحفہ دے کر گیا

  • So Intel and other manufacturers have bought our .. ( you know well).

    Banning old computers will have two effects.
    Firstly new computers are out of reach of most of the people. We dont realize that people are even negotiating 3000 rs computers. Atleast a child can learn and use a p1 instead of not using it at all

    Secondly, there will be artificial price hike in the prices of new computers. The vendors wont be selling pathetic ATOM for 15k then. I am guessing an average pc will definitely cost at least 35k, like the monopoly of our AUTOMOBILE MAFIA. We get pathetic useless junk(cars) for millions since import of used cars is heavily taxed.

    Instead of getting bribed from industrialists the government should promote IT by reducing taxes on import of IT products and allow used components since in an underdeveloped poor country like Pakistan, majority of people cannot afford to spare even 10k for a PC.

    Developed countries are surely dumping their used and harmful stuff here which is a cause of concern but there are better ways to check that. Like assessing what is being imported and restricting certain very harmful or unusable items.

    Only God can save this country.

    Think of a thing, or even imagine anything and soon you will be taxed on that. Its a simple policy. Earn as much as u can in as little time available. The next government will be no better :)

  • Until and unless we will start producing locally manufactured and assembles computers (like intel set up a plant in India) , it will negatively effect the people of Pakistan.

    Government first imposed so much tax on imported computers and now they are putting a ban on the 2nd hand computers.

    Who knows then they will put a ban on piracy.

    Dont forget whatever I.T. work is being done in Pakistan is only because of these computers and piracy because we cant afford expensive new items

  • This government is going haywire they are going to take away every little thing that was cheap and make everything so expensive that we would not be able to afford anything

  • This is an extremely dumb move by the government. Used PCs are not banned anywhere in the world, not even in US or UK. But they prefer new systems because of very low prices relative to their earning. It seems this decision is being taken due to pressure due to western PC manufacturers.

  • If the government are thinking about Global warming they should have worked on traffic or even the waste of the other products.Why are you banning those things which are in some way benefiting your country.
    God save this country :)

    • as said by another fella, computer manufacturers are shouting about e-wastage and other things without any statistical data. It looks more like direct interest rather of environmental damages.

  • I don’t know what are the hidden agenda behind doing this but fact remains true, Pakistan is becoming more like an dumping place for all the world’s garbage such as, CRT MONITORS, OEM SYSTEMS, PENTIUMS those electricity whores & now USED UPS… Not to mention whats going on beneath government departments.

  • @YASIR

    Hahaha dude you’re funny you predikted something very well & i can second that > NEXT GOV WILL BE NO BETTER~

    Lord save us from these miserable creatures who’re governing us. Ameen

  • Used cloths (Landa Bazar) is allowed but used Computers being banned Govt Should Rethink!!

    Only CRT Monitors need to be banned

    If used PC/Laptops are banned it will have direct affect on students.

    One may purchase multiple PC for the children and all are learning through Edutainment.

    Used PC and Laptops must be allowed for at least next 5-10 years in the best interest of country. When our economy grows we may then consider banning

    Regrading e-waste theory, PC / Laptop pose less threat to environment as compared to benefits.

    Used computers are just affordable for Pakistani masses and don’t think with the mind of a multinational PC vendor

    Government should also consider about their vote bank. PML or Imran Khan will get the votes in next election if PPP Govt annoys the youth (who are main consumer of Used PCs)…

    Is it a conspiracy against the Present Government ?


  • Considering the fact that we don’t have the local computer manufacturing plants, this decision will have bad impact on economy by causing lots foreign exchange going out of country.

    Another way may be a flexible policy, i.e. banning the total junk old technology like old models monitors & LCDs etc but allowing some better stuff.

  • AOA

  • Anyway to protest? I am one of the big fan of used branded computer, and I always have used branded computers for myself, and they are much much better than the new ones IMO.

  • Aamir bhai can you conduct any survey for whether ban on sale of used computers should be imposed or not ?

    it’s being a long time to see any survey/statistical report etc…!

  • Oh man, I can’t believe my eyes. Just imagine zardari how many industries are you damaging with your decision.

  • I hope Ministry of Information Technology is going to consult Computer Society of Pakistan, PASHA, ISPAK, etc., while drafting proposal to ban import of used computers and IT accessories.

  • What about those site who are selling used computers????
    in my opinion its very difficult to ban it, New computers come at very high prices , this ban definitely will increase new computer rates.

  • Govt should not ban used computers and lcd,s as they are much cheap than new and very good for learning purpose.
    Despite this i am also planing to open used pc,s shop so gove this decision is not good for my business. Lolz

  • Not a good decision at all. Extremely effect the middle class and specially students.
    Govt is working for betterment of its people or working for creating more n more troubles in the life of common person…..

  • This decision, if taken, would be insane. Govt. should ask/pressurize hardware vendors to deploy manufacturing plants rather than bowing down to their wishes.
    This decision will only make sense when we have “Made in Pakistan” hardware with low cost offerings…

    another theory…most likely…
    I guess “someone” took the percentage in the forthcoming profit to these vendors…. ;-)

  • Its bad because most of us are not able to purchase new pc. many of us have bought old pc and started their business and getting success.
    if this policy applied most of people will be job less. and litracy rate will also go down.

    hope for best.

  • Dear all Salam,

    why this negative step to be imposed on our local public or middle class peoples.
    there is no such type of dumping to be done over there because each and every part to be utilized my technicians to the other accesries, there is no such type of dumping that is disscussed above,

    I want to draw on you attention Thousands of people are earning and run there home from this industry by the help of this local import / used /old pcs, they are provide to much cheap assitance to all of the computer users, we are easily get any part or assecries from market, on the opposite side if u want to buy new accessries u can pay 4 times hihg price of the same assessrioes,

    some on told about Intel ATOM, so i can clearly to tell him its simply a very low speed processing, its not ful fill our requirment and spedy work and at the price of intel atom we can easily bought a standard pc with geniunew speed,

    if this is implement then its such a very bad and poor step of this Govt. me and my Clegues are fully condem this Black Prposal for BAN IN USED COMPUETER,

    its not easy to explain how much they OLD computers are help full for us i m the user of computer since 1980 and i can run all type of desktop and Laptops, u cant belive on this How much great a differncce in the price of and new and OLD computer, if govt make ban on this, its mean they want to kill poor and middle class and make there childrens to be there servents for ever its mean they do not want a developed pakistan,

    persons who can make this type of purposal such a killers of our middle and poor class they dont have partriot with our nation and our country, why these black sheeps dont concider its they easily acces to the compter can litrate our nation and easily aware our nation.

    The persons who can told about wastage of electricity its mean they all are really idiots & foolish they cant concider a developed Pakitan, they want to back on dark ages,

    Now i fully condemd this Proposal, and request to all of u that to fully condemd this type of porposals,

    Allah Bless our Country and Nation.

  • Man! Welldone Mr. Zardari, you are icon of intelegence.Democracy is best revange, starve ppl.make sure poor man can not get any education.

  • Aslam alaikom.
    moniter is already banned in pakistan…
    and i hope k used computer nahi baned ho gay pakistan main.agar computer banned ho gay tooo pakistan main new computers ki price bohat high ho jay giii.and poor log or student afford nahi kr sakay gay..jaha used Pc 4,000 to 10,000 tak milta hai wah new Pc 25,000 to 50,000 ho ga…or ye sub es leay kia ja raha hai k poor student and people se computer or computer technology door raki jayyy…
    ply spot,vote and comments against banned used comouter..ok

  • Mr Zardari wants to completely remove poor people from the country.Leaving them with no option.
    Many of the offices,Printing shops etc etc uses branded Pc’s because it comes to their budget plus they also use UPS or generators and this adds extra charges to their pocket.
    Govt Cannot fix the loadshedding problem so whey they are making another problem.It will now leave them with no job.

    We should protest against this.

  • This man has got something in his mind…..

    Chill out !!!! Its time for Computer Shedding.

  • A sad day for all … essentially, the deal would force the price up and make the computer unaffordable for a large chunk of population. If you could all read about the sub-$100 computer fiasco and the PAKISTANI government , you would probably have a better picture of things to come. Shame on the Government !!

  • The _____ “M”adari probably is getting a BIG %age out of this one too. When the ____ will we get rid of these ____ (all included; PPP, Sharrif’s etc…)

    [Comment Edited]

  • Banning used computers is another wise decision.
    1 Pakistan is use as dumping station, PAK means CLEAN, so why waste to be brought in, beside radio-active substances omit from these products.
    2 our economy is suffered and we have to approach IMF for loan.
    3 Pakistani awam’s mind set changing and our culture gradually start demanding those unnecessary tit bits which they can not afford.
    4 computers are hazardous for environment by omitting heat as well consumption of ELECTRICITY.
    5 finally, our people waste their precious time in sitting in-front benefiting knowledge, & education, which is sar-maya of rich class.
    6 poor class has no right to keep computer they should concentrate on work only. understand!

  • Actually this topic needs debate. It is confirm that developing countries are being used to dump old computers. But still here we have room for improvement in policy. Atleast totally ban used PI, PII,PIII. they are totally crap.Impose time duration limitation on imported items just like in case of cars. Don’t import CRT older than 2-3 yeras, computers older than 1-2 years. In this way we will have old but decent computers in low price range and dumping ratio will also decline.

  • I though intentions of Mr. Zardari is not a hidden truth. Every one knows him well. today after all this happening with Pakistanis we have to say Thanks to Tabla Nawaz Musharaf for giving us NRO + ZARDARI. i am sure today he’ll be the happiest man on earth. wait for more this is not The End :)

  • Typically …

    PIII consumes less electricity than PIV

    PIV consumes less electricity than Core 2 Duo

    Everybody needs a computer

    So we should use computers that consume less electricity

    To save electricity Core 2 Duo and other high wattage computer needs to be banned instead.

    Do we need Core 2 Duo etc for general usage like internet browsing, email and even basic learning ?

    What do you think ?

  • Why does all of us think for short-term, and then blame ourseleves with low resources.
    @webmaster and guys who own this website
    This is an excellent website providing an insight of Pakistan’s telecom industry, Why dont u expand and categorize an International column. So that ppl of Pakistan can compare atleast our neighbours.
    Dear Pakistanis,
    China is leading the way, they brought every big investor and through Joint-ventures, they made electronics available through-out the China, (although with pollution and bla bla accusations but IT/Telecom and industry is like booming ever strongly), India has around 7 High-tech cities,
    Where do we stand?
    These r our neighbours, and not to forget THE JAPAN.

    Mr.President, why would u even bother to bring professional investors especially for IT, we r faaaaar a head arent we, even compared to INDIA.

    World changed but sadly, we all r still stuck in hollow shells. Arent we talented enough to catch up with world’s pace, atleast with our neighbours, I hope Pakistan would also start producing her own computers/phones.

    Let me quote
    “Clearly computer manufacturers, Intel being the leader, are grouping up to run this on-media and off-media campaign for ban on sale of old/used computers to capture their share – instead of investing into country for setting up a manufacturing plant in the country, like they have in India.

    If a computer manufacturing plant is deployed in the country, it will not only serve local economy but will also bring down the prices for new computers.”

    • چمچہ ہو تو ایسا یہاں پر بات حکمت کی بدنیتی اور کمیشنوں کی ہو رہی ہے. اور جناب پاکستانیوں کو سبزباغ دکھا رہے ہیں بھائی یہاں کالاباغ نہیں بنا یہ سبزباغ کسی اور کو دکھاؤ. ان چوروں اور لوٹیروں کو پاکستان کا خیر خاہ
      ثابت کرنے کی کوشش نہ کریں تو بہتر ہو گا

    • جاپان اور انڈیا کی مثالیں نہ دو ان کا حکمران اور اپنے دیکھو

  • when there was BENAZIR,she bought new mercedes for her ministers, but never thought to remove taxes on bicycle parts and motorcycles.
    than came NAWAZ SHARIF, he made the motorway for big people but not constructed and upgraded gt road as it will not provide profit to him and the mony he gathered from that.
    came MUSHARAF, in the begining he was devoted to bring change. but chaudry borthers said to him, yea ap kia ker rahey han sir gee. jab dusroun nay loota hay awaam ko tu hum pichey keu rahain. yahan k loge ap ka kuch nahi bagar saktey, come with us and let us loot together so the first initiative was taken by them was that every motorcyclist should wear helmet so that the more helmet sold the more profit they gain. later shaukat aziz suggested that we should sumugle flour out of country through this we will have plenty of profit so musharaf sab walked on that way and the flour prices reached to sky.
    Now the honourable president Zardari is in action, he is well known through out the world, his repute is known. he first introdused unislamic taxex on the poor people of pakistan so that he could gain much profit, later on he rejected to build kalabagh dam becuase if they construct the dam they wont be able to charge higher prices per unit from every pakistani. and now he is upto ban the import of computers. it is not that he is doing this for the benifit od country but for his own business.

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